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=Websites for the people &lt;span style=&quot;font-size:50%&quot;&gt;(People like you!)&lt;/span&gt;=
Imagine a world where ''everyone'' can publish online. Without censoring, popups, or banner ads.  And you wouldn't even have to know html!  Thats right, just good old-fashioned publishing.  Help us accomplish this vision, make BluWiki your home on the web.
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=Keep this site free!=
*Donate to the wiki
*Even a few dollars help.
*Help keep ads off the site.
*Feed a struggling entrepreneur.

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| [[File:Face-angel.png|link=BluWiki:Site_support]]
| '''[[BluWiki:Site_support|Click to donate]]'''
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=Create a Free Wiki Site=

*Build a website that your visitors can edit
*Create as many wiki pages as you want
*Share it with your friends and family
*No banner or pop-up ads

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| [[File:Wiki-new.png|link=]]
| '''[ Click here to start your own website!]'''

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&lt;div style=&quot;float:right; width:185px; font-size:85%; text-align:center;&quot;&gt; BluWiki now has a Facebook page - '''[ click here]''' to join it!&lt;/div&gt;

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=== MediaWiki Upgraded ===
We just upgraded MediaWiki to the latest stable version available. It was a pretty big jump in terms of versions, so if you're experiencing any change in functionality (errors, stuff not working properly as it was, etc), poke [[User talk:Cmelbye|Charlie]], [[User talk:Nathan|Nathan]], or [[User talk:Diego79|Chris]].

This upgrade came with a lot of improvements to MediaWiki, and we're planning on deploying even more features in the coming weeks. Thanks for using BluWiki!

=== New Facebook page ===
BluWiki's Facebook page had to be re-created due to circumstances beyond our control. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Feel free to join the current page.

==BluWiki on IRC==
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| [[File:Face-crying.png]]
| Need help?  Having trouble with BluWiki?  Join #bluwiki on somebody's almost always there.

==Coming soon: [[BluWiki:Automated MediaWiki Installations|Automated MediaWiki deployment]]==
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| [[File:Community-portal.png]]
| Get a unique MediaWiki installation on your own subdomain. 

==Need Help?==
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| [[File:Help-browser.png]]
| Find example BluWiki sites and basic editing help [[Help:Contents | here]].  If you've never created a site on BluWiki before, check out [[Help:Build a Site]].

If you need further help after checking the help area, please ask your questions in [[Help: User Help]].

==About the project...==
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| [[File:Emblem-favorite.png]]
| What is BluWiki?  Learn more about this site [[BluWiki:About | here]].