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The Reformed States

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People's Democratic Republic of the Reformed States of Eurasia
Flag of PDRDDRSE [[|115px|PDRDDRSE Coat of Arms]]
(Flag of PDRDDRSE) (PDRDDRSE Coat of Arms)
Motto: All for One & One For All
Anthem: All Hail The Dictators
Location of PDRDDRSE
Capital Prague
41°43'′ N 44°48′ E
Largest city Berlin
Official language English
 • Dictators
Dual Dictatorship
 • Total

12,396,619 km² (1st)
(January 1, 2006)
 • Total
 • Density

(Official INSEE source)
63,587,700 (1st))
112/km² (68th)
 • Total
 • Per capita
2005 est.
US$15.823 trillion (1st)
$50,000 (1st)
HDI (2003) 0.967 (1st) – high
Currency Mighty Dollar
Time zone N/A
Internet TLD .pdrddrse
Calling code N/A

The Reformed States, officially The People's Democratic Republic of the Dual Dictatorship of the Reformed States of Eurasia, is an Empire centralised in Europe with boundaries stretching to parts of Asia. It is ruled by the Two Glorious Leaders JSI and JLW. It shares borders with various North African and Asian Countries and the remaining states of Russian. The Reformed States is a fascist state encompassing all previous European States (excluding Russia) and minor Middle Eastern countries.

The Reformed States have devised plans for the expansion of the glorious empire further into Northern Africa and various Middle Eastern States. There are indications of reports that the citizens of these countries are crying out for The Reformed States to annex them, which The Great Ones are only happy to do.

"Unification" occured in Year 17 of our Leaders after The Great Ones took advantage of the power vaccum present in Berlin. After acheiving minimal power in Germany as a result of the power vaccum, The Great Ones were able to springboard their plans which resulted in the control of his neighbouring states. The Great Ones eventually made a glorious return to Berlin to assume power and annex the country as a state of The Reformed States, creating the empire as we now know it.

The Reformed States has now taken control of the European Union after its joining in Year 17. Once joined, it was soon evident that The Reformed States WAS the European Union. It is the most powerful and economical richest nation in the world, making it the only remaining world power.


The fascist state is run by the beloved leaders JSI and JLW, heroes of their people. The Reformed States is technically classed as a theocratic dictatorial oligarchy, as its citizens idolize and worship its dual leaders. This was never asked for by the leaders, although they encourage the cult of emperor worship in the same way as ancient roman rulers. Recently JSI travelled to the ancient land of Vietnam on a diplomatic mission. He was received by Ho Chi Min and General Giap, who handed him an AK-47 in the elaborate tunnel system surrounding Saigon.

Legislative System

Supreme Majestic Highnesses of Unmatchable Wisdom and Kindness, Kings of the Jade Moon, Masters of our Glorious Domain, Eternal Ones, Chosen Leaders of our Pure People, High Commanders of our Bejeweled Lands, "They Who bring the Light from Darkness": Dictate laws and policies generally. The 72 High Administrators: Oversee implementation of laws, decrees and policies. The Writers of a Thousand Hands: Add laws to the constitution Gestapo and Storm troopers: Enforce and enact laws.


The history of the Reformed States officially begins with Year Zero (1989 years after the birth of Christ), the year in which the Magnificent Leaders were born. The Reformed States did not actually come into being until Year 17 in which the glorious empire was conceived and created by JSI and JLW. Only the forces of Italy and Germany dared oppose the onslaught of the Great Ones. In early Year 17, the respective representatives of these countries; FJD and von Gruenewald met for diplomatic talks with the Leaders. Things quickly escalated in the heat of argument, and almost instantly a major World War raged across the globe. The forces of the Reformed States easily triumphed over their foolish foes, who are now preserved in carbonite like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back, as a reminder of the power of the PDRDDRSE.
The officially appointed historian of the Reformed States is John Cambell. He originally collaborated with John Musgrave, however Musgrave was soon purged for the grand crime of high treason and dissent.


Children lucky enough to be born into the pure cities of Prague, Berlin or Paris recieve the finest schooling in the world. The genius of the leaders has resulted in the creation of an education system modelled closely on the Spartan Agoge. The carefully selected boys, after attending seven years of Standard school are trained to become physically strong warriors, skilled in battle and able to overcome superior numbers with inventive tactics. They are also taught to ultimately honour their magnificent state and leaders. Girls are educated in 'the female arts'.

Achievements and Plans

A young Citizen Smith welcoming the PDRDDRSE troops into London with the traditional salute

It has been suggested by the most severe (and consequently most deceased) critics of the Reformed States that little has been achieved in its brief reign. This has been acknowledged by the entire universe (with the helping hand [see Iron Fist]) of the Great Government as wrong.

The specific achievements of the Great Leaders and their Cultivating Hands are far too long to list here, and any such list would instantly and irreversibly crash the entire internet. Some examples of The Great Works are: the rebuilding of major cities Berlin and Prague, along the lines of plans originally laid out by architect Albert Speer, the completion of the Thousand Mile Satellite (the design of this satellite was aided by head of Scientific Research and Development, Chris Pearson, working in cooperation with the Superb Leaders) which will be launched in the Quater of Happiness (see Calendar of the Reformed States), the relocation of the Great Wall of China to provide a barrier against the hostile North African Peoples, the lucrative mining of the Red Sea, the lucrative draining of the Lake of Hidden Nazi Gold, the lucrative discovery of the Fabled Mayan City of Gold and the invention of the Super Ray Gun, ten thousand units of which will have been produced by the coming JL-mass.

Plans for the glorification of the Holy State by its 'Revered Feared and Beered' Leaders include; the construction of The Two Massive Pyramids, the reconstruction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the penning of the Great National Symphony, the expansion plans, the completion of the mysterious Project R, and the invention of the Really Big Super Ray Gun.


While the official religion of the Reformed States has no name, it is sometimes called "The way of the three pillars" and "The sevenfold path to enlightenment". In the religion, the Leaders are held as supreme creators of the Holy State, to which everything else is inferior and irrelevant. The religion is based on the three pillars; "Love the leaders", "Thank the leaders", "Obey the leaders". All citizens of the state ascribe to the religion, even if they were allowed to know of other religions, they would be pure and wise enough to maintain their unwavering faith in the divine way. The Holy Book of the Reformed States is said to be a manual of the board game Risk as well as divine strategies created with the great wisdoms of the leaders. The high priest of the religion is Generalissimo Wong- a loyal devotee of the states.

Holy Book

The mysterious and fabled second holy book is a subject of much speculation amongst citizens of the reformed states. Some claim that it holds all the secrets of the empire, others that it tells of how to transcend the barrier of death and to live forever. All that is known is that the Divine Leaders have read it and know its secrets.


The Reformed States is renowned for its artistic excellence in all fields of culture. It has a strong musical tradition, as well an ancient and classic visual arts tradition. Every year, the greatest artists and musicians of the Reformed States present the result of a year's toil at the Magnificent Cultural Festival. The winners of the event are chosen by their Supreme Highnesses, and showered in glory all day, before being invited to dine with their Highnesses. Creators of anti-State or anti-Leader "art" receive severe penalties, as they corrupt the pure wellspring of Eurasian culture.

At the heart of culture in the Reformed States is a strong tradition of brewing. Beer, wine and spirits are all brewed by citizens and professionals alike. It has been rumoured that the Brilliant Leaders brew their own brand of Golden Nectar, which transcends labeling as a beer wine or spirit. This divine drink is said to actually be perfect, everyone who drinks it would love it straight away. Each 17 and 50 years, ten randomly selected citizens are invited to The Golden Dome to participate in tasting of the fabled liquid as part of the Beuno Festive d'Eurasia.

Festivals and Holidays

The Beloved Leaders JSI and JLW joyously reward the hard workers of the Reformed States with festivals and holidays throughout the year. Every year in January, a half-week celebration is held to commemorate the glorious rise to power of the Reformed States. Every 17 years the ceremony is extended to an entire week, so that the glory of the Leaders can truly be appreciated by all the citizens of the Reformed States. During the State Holiday, champagne flows, dancers, jugglers and fiddlers line the streets. At this time, no citizen is permitted to have sadness in their heart, lest their selfish bad mood be allowed to infect the truly happy citizens. The Magnificent Cultural Festival coincides with the equinox, symbolising the zenith of European art. On the 25th of December, an alternating holiday is celebrated. Odd years celebrate JL-Mass, even years celebrate JS-Mass. Every 17 and 50 years, the two are celebrated together.


The Economy of the Reformed States is unsurpassed. This is due to three factors; The glory of the state, The commitment of the workers, and The magnificence of the leaders. These three work in combination to create an economy that destroys all others through mere association. It would be incredibly foolish for any other countries to attempt to rival the unparalleled brilliance of the state's economy.

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