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Once upon a time people liked this moron, then he got even more fucking stupid, and even the newbies started to hate him too. A conversation with him under one of his 'new' names.

[fan-fkn-tastic] .::.BeN0.::.(6) Professor Gigglepeppers!!! says:[fan-fkn-tastic] stop pretending not to be here and msning me<<<<<why?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<cos we know youre here twat\
[stuka!] that doesn't answer the question
[fan-fkn-tastic] subsy
[fan-fkn-tastic] FUCK OFF
[fan-fkn-tastic] jeez, ITS THE NET
[fan-fkn-tastic] GET OVER IT
[MutantParty] bloodsausage.
[fan-fkn-tastic] youre just a shit stirring child
[stuka!] i wanna know why you chose to be an asshole to me last night
[fan-fkn-tastic] fuck off
[fan-fkn-tastic] i'm not interested in a single word you have to say
[stuka!] haha
[fan-fkn-tastic] go and lie some more
[fan-fkn-tastic] or do you wanna admit you told me bullshit about what elba suppsoedly said???
[stuka!] find it funny that you think its stupid for everyone else to make fun out of a 15 year old and now you're doing the same
[stuka!] ???
[fan-fkn-tastic] because i didnt realise why they hated you
[fan-fkn-tastic] now i do

Rofl, I'd like to know what this proves. It doesn't show anywhere that I'm stupid, apart from what, changing names? Wow great going. INDIE is always dead, what fun is there to do? All people do there is talk about "getting laid irl", and if it's not that, it's completely pointless shit. I needed something to do for self entertainment, if you don't like that, well uhh..Who's problem is that? Not mine. GG for this topic, though.

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