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2007 Charlatan General Election

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Election Name Charlatan General Election, 2007
Country Charlatan
Type Parliamentary
Ongoing no
Previous Election 2006 Charlatan General Election
Previous Year 2006
Next Election 2008 Charlatan General Election
Next Year 2008
Seats For Election All 473 seats in the Sorcherting
Election Date October 17,2007


First Party Second Party Third Party
Leader Nicolas Minassian Mattias Ekstrom Greg Kinear
Leader Since May 2007 October 2006 October 2006
Party National Party League National Republican Party National Democratic Party
Leaders Seat Soucek Ambertown Henderson
Seats 209 195 69
Seat Change -81 -23 -47

After the Election

Title Prime Minister
Before Election Cassandra Ponti (Acting)
Before Party National Party League
After Election Nicolas Minassian
After Party National Party League

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