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2009 Charlatan General Election

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Election Name Charlatan General Election, 2009
Country Charlatan
Type Parliamentary
Ongoing no
Previous Election 2008 Charlatan General Election
Previous Year 2008
Next Election Next Charlatan General Election
Next Year Next
Seats For Election All 370 seats in the Sorcherting
Election Date October 18,2009


First Party Second Party Third Party
Image Nestor.JPG Belling.JPG Dominic West.JPG
Leader Kelly Nestor Natarsha Belling Dominic West
Leader Since September 2009 September 2009 September 2009
Party National Conservative Party Swords and Sandals Party Liberal Labor Party
Leaders Seat Brown Taylor Storey
Seats 233 72 65
Seat Change
Popular Vote

After the Election

Title Prime Minister
Before Election Brad McEwan (Acting)
Before Party National Conservative Party
After Election Kelly Nestor
After Party National Conservative Party

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