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2011-12 Gosh Bosh

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Pleptune Basketball League
1187.20-1133.95 1-0 1W v. Kentucky Waterfalls
817.20-1179.65 1-1 1L v. FLAGRANT FOWLS
895.10-756.05 2-1 1W v. Spurred On
567.80-681.55 2-2 1L v. KrisCanHumpMeKimK
525.15-1073.25 2-3 2L v. Vaughan Phantoms
863.45-1150.00 2-4 3L v. kudos
865.50-911.40 2-5 4L v. Supersonicless
805.35-1044.95 2-6 5L v. Yoshi's Dynasty
526.90-495.15 3-6 1W v. Spic and Span
824.70-855.00 3-7 1L v. Centex Zebus
1072.80-1042.50 4-7 1W v. jUmPn' Up n'DoWn
906.20-937.45 4-8 1L v. sacredsinner
848.85-1256.55 4-9 2L v. The Kim Possibles

2011-12 Roster
through 14th December 2011
drafted players in bold
Dwight Howard C
Danny Granger SF/PF
Andre Iguodala SG/SF
Danilo Gallinari SF
Jason Terry PG/SG
Austin Daye SF/PF
Emeka Okafor C
Tyler Hansbrough PF
Marcus Camby C
Josh Childress SG/SF
Ben Gordon PG/SG
Ersan Ilyasova SF/PF
Taj Gibson PF
Mike Dunleavy SG/SF

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