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2012 is an upcoming year, but it is also a controversial project in the form of a small web page, that can be accessed by anyone.

The project was inspired by Draglide Community, particularly a discussion about the middle eastern crisis and possible outbreak of war, leading onto the end of Earth.

The project is a countdown web-page, that counts down accurately (to the second) when Earth will end, according to the Mayan Calendar and other references and research.

The world, according to the countdown and from the Mayan Calendar, will end on December 21st 2012. Though it is also believed that this is an error and could be 23rd December 2012.

Many other significant events will happen in 2012.

Information & Research Given

The page came with some information about 2012 and the catastrophic event/s as of 26th January 2007.

Original format kept: The information on the 26th January 2007 (may now have changed) read:

The world ends (supposedly) on December 21st 2012. 2012 (MMXII) is a leap year and is the 2nd year of the 2nd century according to the Juche Calendar. The Mayan Calendar marks this as the end of the modern world and the rebirth of a new one, thus making current life forms extinct. It is the end of the 13th b'ak'tun Cycle and will mark a new Cycle according to the Mayan Long Count Calendar ( December Solstice happens on 21st December 2012. There is an error in reading Mayan count and although 2012 is believed to be the end, there is also another date; 23rd December 2012 which could possibly be the end of the world, though widely unbelieved. The Da Vinchi Code also suggests that the bible secretly encoded information about the worlds end in 2012 due to a comet collision, though it will not be the end for future generations of life forms. Mayans believed the end of the cycle would occur due to sudden war of the world. In some religions and even atheist prophecys suggest that the third anti-christ will rise and set out troops upon Earth. The Orion Prophecy claims that the Earth magnetic field would reverse in 2012. The theory of Global Awakening occours in 2012 to all humans, creating a Noosphere. The Novelty theory suggests that alien invasion and/or solar explosion/s could happen in 2012. "The Last Judgement" is supposed to occour in 2012. Alternative to negative belief it also thought that humans will enter enlightenment or idealism of perfection and positive thought and actions. People who believe humans are not Earth-native (e.g. came from space millions of years ago) believe that our alien ancestors will arrive again in 2012. Buddest Monk, Ram Bahadur Bomjon, apparently stated that he would return in 2012. The worlds oil will peak in 2012, and permanant blackouts will occour on Earth. John Titor suggested that a catastrophic event would happen, similar to the parting of the red sea. In 2012 the Earth will "support" 7 Billion humans (proven by a US Census). The last solar transit of Venus will occour, the next will be 2117 and then in 2125. Annular Eclipse will occour (not annual, but annular) in 2012. "433 Eros" is a Near Earth Object that will be the second largest to pass Earth and will pass at only 0.17 astronomical units or 16 million miles from Earth.


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