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Exercise 3.4. Modify the make-account procedure of exercise 3.3 by adding another local state variable so that, if an account is accessed more than seven consecutive times with an incorrect password, it invokes the procedure call-the-cops.

(define (call-the-cops)
  (display "Forgot your password feature, Ouch")(newline))
(define (make-account balance password)  
  (let ((auth-token (sha-digest password))
        (failed-pass-count 0))
    (define (good? pwd)
      (if (equal? (sha-digest pwd) auth-token)
          #t #f))
    (define (bad-password-message)
      (set! failed-pass-count (+ failed-pass-count 1))
      (if (>= failed-pass-count 7)
      "Incorrect password")
    (define (withdraw amount) 
      (if (>= balance amount) 
          (begin (set! balance (- balance amount)) 
          "Insufficient funds"))  
    (define (deposit amount)
        (set! balance (+ balance amount)) 
    (define (dispatch pwd m) 
      (if (not (good? pwd))
          (lambda (arg)
          (cond ((eq? m 'withdraw) withdraw) 
                ((eq? m 'deposit) deposit) 
                (else (error "Unknown request -- MAKE-ACCOUNT" 
    (if (symbol? password)
        dispatch (error "Error, password must be a symbol"))))
(define a (make-account 3 'unforgettable))
((a 'doh 'widthdraw) 1)
((a 'doh 'widthdraw) 1)
((a 'doh 'widthdraw) 1)
((a 'doh 'widthdraw) 1)
((a 'doh 'widthdraw) 1)
((a 'doh 'widthdraw) 1)
((a 'doh 'widthdraw) 1)

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