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March 5

-We are considering using a "hook" giving a more personal scenario where someone might experience interference or where it could be a problem for you.

We found a bunch of links at http://openspectrum.info/

Some new FCC studies on unlicensed:




One of our advisors wrote this article:


March 3

Is there a congestion problem in unlicensed networks? (edited March 5)

-Yes there is. At the least there will be and it will concern you b/c it is an integral part of people's lives. But it can avoided.

- Wireless Spectrum for Dummies

   --Wireless (Patrick)
   --Licensing Policy (Patrick)
   --Interference (Jake)

- Summary of the arguments/data

   --U. of Colorado paper (Jake)
   --some of Golmie book & paper (Jake)
   --Anectodal Examples (Paul)

- Possible Solutions / Future Directions

   -- Golmie book (Jake)
   -- There will be a problem
   -- Engineers need to be conscious of interference

Feb 27

To Do:

-Contact Nada Golmie (Patrick)

-Contact ECE people to set up group meeting (Jake)

-Contact industry people (Paul)

-find Ofcom report


-summary of where/(to)who/when inteference problems occur

-assess future of wireless networks (how to reduce congestion? cognitive radio vs more spectrum)


-talking points for policy makers and bloggers/journalists

-addition to RED project

-website/poster: problems, future, how it affects you

Some useful links:






Feb 25

ECE faculty whose research and/or experience have something to do with wireless communications:

Tangul Basar

Bruce Hajek

Yih-Chun Hu

P. R. Kumar

Dilip Sarwate

Christopher Schmitz

Rayadurgam Srikant

Nitin H. Vaidya

Venugopal Varadachari Veeravalli

Pramod Viswanath

I don't know how much help any of these people will be to us, but if we get the chance to talk to just one of them about the wireless spectrum, I believe it will be more insightful than reading literature or sifting through Google for hours. Jake, I know you are an ECE guy. Ask around to see who would be able to provide us with the most relevant information. It would be best if we didn't waste all these people's time, especially if they can't be of assistance anyway.

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