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9 Lives Coupons

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About 9 Lives Cat Food

9 Lives Cat Food is a product of Del Monte Foods of San Francisco, California, one of America’s largest producers and distributors of food and pet products.

The Del Monte brand was originally used in the 1880s for a premium coffee distributed by an Oakland, California, company. Since then, the Del Monte company has been well known for its brands, employing innovative marketing techniques and emphasizing the high-quality nutrition of its products.

Del Monte and Contadina are two of the company’s “people food” brands. In addition to 9 Lives, some of Del Monte’s pet food brands are Meow Mix, Pounce, Nature’s Recipe, Kibbles ‘n Bits, Milk-Bone, and Gravy Train.

The story of 9 Lives’ mascot, Morris the Cat, began in 1968 when talent scout Bob Mardwick “discovered” an orange tabby in a Hinsdale, Illinois, animal shelter. Mardwick paid $5 for the cat who was scheduled to soon be euthanized. Not only one of the luckiest cats in the world, Morris has become one of the most famous as well. Known for his “finicky” nature, Morris is 9 Lives’ “spokescat” for optimum feline nutrition.

9 Lives Products

9 Lives’ products include both dry and wet cat food. 9 Lives’ dry cat food comes in a variety of formulas, each providing the proper nutrition for cats of different ages and lifestyles.

Daily Essentials is ideal for cats of all ages. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that help to maintain a healthy coat and skin, high-quality protein for strong muscles, and taurine for clear vision and a healthy heart.

9 Lives Indoor Complete is formulated especially for indoor cats. Lean chicken and salmon, along with B vitamins, help indoor cats maintain a healthy weight and metabolism. Garden greens and natural fiber help to effectively control hairballs and prevent litter box problems.

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Specialty Products

9 Lives Plus Care Tuna & Egg Flavor is especially formulated for older cats to help maintain their urinary tract health by reducing urinary pH. Plus Care also contains vitamin E and selenium to help keep a cat’s immune system healthy and plenty of fiber to aid in digestion.

9 Lives Long Life, another excellent formula for maturing cats, contains antioxidants that help to maintain a healthy heart and healthy immune system. Calcium and crunchy kibbles promote healthy teeth and gums. Long Life is also rich in natural fibers to ensure that nutrients are effectively absorbed in digestion.

Wet Cat Food Options

9 Lives also offers a variety of wet cat foods that provide complete and balanced nutrition. 9 Lives’ popular Ground Entrees include the classic Chicken Dinner, as well as Chicken plus Beef, Seafood, and Tuna Dinners.

9 Lives Tender Dinners offer favorite feline flavors in gravy. Tender Nibbles come in choices of Real Beef, Real Chicken, or Real Chicken & Liver. Tender Carvings include Real Beef.

9 Lives Savory Shreds with Real Turkey in Gravy feature tender chunks of meat in a delicious seasoned sauce. 9 Lives Flaked Entrees are packed in a rich sauce. The varieties include Real Flaked Tuna, Real Flaked Tuna & Cheese Bits, and Real Flaked Tuna & Egg Bits.

From time to time, 9 Lives offers promotions and special coupons. The customer can visit 9 Lives’ website to register for e-mail alerts about these offers. The Del Monte company also invites customers to subscribe to its promotional news by registering their full name and e-mail address at delmonte.com.

There are other ways to realize savings on 9 Lives products. The website CatFoodCouponsDelivered.com grants the customer free membership by simply signing up with an e-mail address. They’ll periodically send cat food coupons and other offers. Closely affiliated with this site is the ShopatHome.com website, which also offers 9 Lives coupons to customers who join by registering their e-mail address with a secure password they can use each time they login to shop.

Another site, MyPetSavings.com, enables the customer to print off two coupons for $1 off any two 9 Lives canned food four-packs.

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