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Project A,AA,AAA,AAAA,AAAAA,AAAAAA,AAAAAAA,AAAAAAAA, otherwise referred to as A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A, or A^36 (pronounced A-thirty-six) will be held sometime during Christmas break 2007. This VGOC gathering will mark the first large scale regrouping of the Brotherhood since the members' respective departures to various universities. The name, of course, makes excessive use of the VGOC naming convention, and acronyms, in an attempt to satirize, well, just about everything that VGOC stands for. But I don't much feel like going into the deep and meaningful drives for social change, so I'll just get to the humourous part.


The essential breakdown of the name is thus:

  • A (The first letter in the Latin Alphabet)
  • AA (Alcoholics Anonymous (World-Wide recovery programs for Alcoholics) or American Airlines (Duh) or The Albuquerque Academy (A Scool in New Mexico)
  • AAA (American Automobile Association (Guys who fix Cars) or the Agricultral Adjustment Act (American Farm Subsidy Legislation circa 1933) or Attack All Around (A Japanese Eurobeat Band))
  • AAAA (Size AAAA (A Small Battery) or Quadrupal A (People too good for Minor League Baseball, but not good enough for Real Baseball))
  • AAAAA (The American Association Against Acronym Abuse ('nuf said))
  • AAAAAA (The Amorally Altered Aeroplane, Airplane and Automobile Association)
  • AAAAAAA (Some moron just expanded on the name of the near identical AAAAA group. What a bunch of Pussies. I would have said it stood for the Association for the Appropriate Armament of Armies Against Autocratic Aristocrats)
  • AAAAAAAA[[1]] (aaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 ok, there's really no reason for this mother fucker to be in here. Screaming just helps to relieve to stress of midterms)

Essentially the name can be taken to be any combination of these Acronyms, at some point in the near future I will write (or get Bobby to write) a program that will randomly combine arrays of the letter A into a long string of senseless abbreviations until then, use your imaginations.

Project Planning

Well, uh, basically, I'm really starting this plan early for a few reasons. First, excessive pressure on the part of Michael "BBH" Zhang, who only responds on msn long enough to say host VGOC before disappearring mysteriously for 20 minutes and then logging off. Second, though honestly peer pressure is enough to make anyone to do anything, I apparently had no lab this morning, and so have 6 hours during which I have absolutely nothing to do (I could do homework, but, uh, no). Hence, to avoid depressing myself over how much valuable time I'm wasting half asleep watching DBZ: Fusion Reborn on YouTube, that I could spend, say, hitting on beautiful young women, I am distracting myself by writing this exoribitant plan for our much-looked-forward-to Christmas VGOC.

Jia-Yeah fuck ever since dbzfan got his videos removed theres only stupid AMVs of the same fight scene with the same shitty screamo music. Sickening.

So, yeah, I have officially called dibs on christmas holidays. Now Wayne cannot jump in and decide that he will randomly be hosting our returning friends. Hahahaha!!!!

Wayne-booze at my house Dec. 20 party till dawn.

At present, it's nearly November and Christmas is 58 days away (I think, my math skills aren't what they used ot be), which will allow for plenty of flexibility, and ensure I can get off work. So I am going to create a Facebook group shortly (say, in about 20 minutes) that will contain a brief discription of this event and a link to this page, as well as instructing the invited to redirect themselves to this page and add their name to a list following, as well as the date upon which they will be returning from wherever. Of course, any VGOC not on FB who is returning, or who I forget to invite,or who happens to stumble upon this page before reading the event invitation on their Facebook Wall is more than welcome to attend. Anyway, Enough Rambling, here's the list: (those already added by me, please bold your name to confirm what I've written)

Official date is now Dec. 19th, it's a wednesday, all must attend you will be here, apologies to those who won't, I will make it up to you by letting you beat me in Halo 3 at Chun's.

List of VGOC Returning for Christmas

  • seanacton ~ Well, uh basically, I didn't leave (But my finals end on the 18th)
  • Chun ~ Attending
  • Nick ~ Didn't Leave
  • Katie Lin ~ busy. BBH!!!!!!
  • Wayne ~ Wayne is a Bitch and has gone to Penn State to BBH us over Christmas, so he's not coming)~ Why doesn'y my last name get put on here like Katie or Carolyn? Or, so it's just female favouritism, huh, Sean? AINT THAT RIGHT. Fine then. Be that way. As if you knew more than 1 Katie or Carolyn that hung out with us. Fine then. Obviously I'm the only Wayne you know so it makes me that special. So, your attempt to make me feel like the rest of "them" has backfired. Yea. That's right. I just totally reversed your psychology and now you're TOLD. See, you even attached a last name to yourself so you can distinguished from all the other ordinary seans that you know. Yea, geez, sean acton. You totally just got told. Hah. See, it's not nice to try to generalize your friends. See how your plan always backfires, because I'm just good like that. Just completely fabulous like that. That's what you get for HURTING MY FEELINGS. Not that my feelings are hurt, because I'm obviously more special that people with last names. BBH!!!!!!
  • Rocky ~ He will apparently be dropping in for a few hours. maybe.
  • Bryan Balaton ~ LOL, nearly forgot about this MoFo, but he also didn't leave.
  • Michael Zhang ~ December 17th
  • Master Ken Jin ~ he's a master, so I really shouldn't say it, but, BBH!!!!!!
  • Chucky ~ Not back in time. sorry BBH!!!!!!
  • Li will not be returning for Christmas BBH!!!!!! --- ahhhhhh noooo thgis one sounds fun, halo 3, ahhh havent had a good mafia game in so long, hope u guys hf, happy holiday - LI
  • Oleg ~ Staying with his Asian GF, elizabeth. now that's some serious BBH!!!!!! though seccretly , none of us blame him for not wanting to spend an awkward christmas with Alex and Lydia. ugh.
  • Bobby ~ Yes, I will come. ~20th, but that's like a full travel day, so I will be available on the 21st I think. Yeah. Last final on the 19th. 5 days after my penultimate final. What stupidity. I guess I'll just use 120 hours to study for CS. Right. Blargh. Oh yeah -- I can stay for about TWO WEEKS because Waterloo starts on like the 7th. Pretty awesome, actually :) Arriving after teh fact. sorry, man. BBH!!!!!!
  • Jiajia ~ Technically my last final is on the 15th but my plane ticket is booked for the 19th. We'll see if we can change that. If not I will rip a hole in the fabric of time and warp back. Thats right, they teach you that here.
  • Rachel ~ showing up late cuz she's BBHing us. literally.
  • Michael Fulton ~ Will be phoning in that evening. Is not able to return from Japan, will be BBH!!!!!!ing instead.
  • Nathan ~ Though I am still in a dark corner of the earth (Wendys) I believe once I return from the portal of hell I will still be within Saskatoon
  • Hank ~ Showing up.

T Minus 58 Days

K, So no official date has been set yet. Odds are no one will want to do this on Xmas or Xmas Eve, as there are usually large family dinners. But I'm all for either the day before, two days before, two days after, three days after whenever. But being a generic kid I'm very indecisive. So this would be a good area for VGOC input. When do you guys want this? How long are we talking (I prolly good for overnight stuff, maybe up to two days, or do we want to try another marathon like Ultima)? What will we do? Do we need Booze? Who will bring said Booze?

In my mind, The week right after I finish finals would be Ideal, perhaps even the night of the 18th, cuz I will really need to wind down. I think we all will. So yeah, your thoughts on activities, times, places, food, drink, etc are more than welcome. Please feel free.

uhh, the 18th???

why not, say, the 23rd?

Cuz Hope's is on the 23rd.

K 19th is final

Time Frame
lol, 36 hours?

Ok, final time 4:00 pm. I'll serve supper. yummy. and y'all can stay as long as you feel welcome i suppose.


  • Mafia
  • Budokai Tenkai'ichi 2 (Possibly 3 if Nathan is sneaky enough)
  • Halo Mother Fucking 3
  • Flags
  • Grounders
  • Sitting around not doing anything in particular
  • Time Splitters
  • Smash Bros. Melee
  • Blowing Shit Up?
  • Star Wars Marathon.
  • Cooking Out?
  • Watching Movies!!
  • Food
  • Karaoke if Wayne can set it up in time
  • anything else that kills brain cells

More Bold Text Fuck bold, go italic!

<wayne> Is this going to be a sleepover? It should be. It should be 7 sleepovers. --Mr D 22:41, 29 October 2007 (EDT) </wayne>

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