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Ten News is the news service of Network Ten in Australia. National bulletins including early, morning and late news are presented from Ten's high-definition studios in Pyrmont, Sydney, TEN-10. Its one hour flagship local metropolitan bulletin at 5.00pm is produced in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. Ten News draws upon the resources of BBC News, CBS News, ITN News, APTN and Reuters for select international coverage. A number of other news and current affairs programs are produced by the network including Sports Tonight and Meet the Press.


Ten News introduced the concept of hour-long, co-presented news to Australia in the form of Eyewitness News in the late 1970s. The 1980s, however, was arguably the network's most successful period with its local Sydney and Melbourne bulletins often rating highest for their timeslot. After a number of names for the service, Ten has eventually settled on naming its bulletins Ten News (following the use of others such as Eyewitness News, Ten Evening News throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s).

A major change to the service occurred in January 1992 when all five of its local bulletins were moved to a First at Five timeslot.

Ten News has often been described as a 'training ground' for some of Australia's best-known television journalists. Some of the best-known reporters and presenters who launched or spent a major part of their careers at Ten News include Jana Wendt, Kerry O'Brien, Katrina Lee, Ann Sanders, Steve Liebmann, Tim Webster, Ron Wilson, Anne Fulwood, Juanita Phillips, Liz Hayes, Jo Pearson, David Johnston, Chris Masters, Larry Emdur, Eddie McGuire, John Gatfield, Kay McGrath, Graeme Goodings, Sharyn Ghidella, Laurie Oakes, Geraldine Doogue, Jennifer Keyte and Mike Munro amongst others.


National Bulletins

Early News

Ten Early News is an hour-long national news bulletin, broadcast live from Ten's Prymont studios on weekdays from 6.00am to 7.00am. The bulletin is presented by Ron Wilson while Finance segments are presented by Frank Coletta (Monday and Tuesday) and Belinda Heggen (Wednesday to Friday). Other fill-in presenters include Kathryn Robinson. In February 2009, former Ten News Sydney anchor Ron Wilson replaced Bill Woods as anchor. Woods now anchors the Sydney 5pm news alongside Sandra Sully, standing in for Deborah Knight on maternity leave.

The bulletin began from January 2006 and features a number of segments unique to its timeslot, such as morning newspaper headlines from the country's major papers. The bulletin provides a more traditional alternative to breakfast programs Sunrise on the Seven Network, and the Today Show on the Nine Network, both of which air during the same time slot.

Ten Early News is essentially two half hour bulletins, run back-to-back each containing news, sport, finance and weather. Many reports from overseas affiliates CBS News, BBC News and ITN are featured, and crosses to Ten's Melbourne and Canberra newsrooms are used frequently to cover overnight news.

Morning News

Ten Morning News is an hour-long national news bulletin produced from Ten's Pyrmont studios in Sydney. The one-hour bulletin airs at 11.00am on weekdays, and is presented by Natarsha Belling from Monday to Wednesday, with Ron Wilson presenting on Thursday and Friday. Belling and Wilson also read the news updates for 9am with David and Kim at 10.15am. Fill-in presenters for the morning news are either Frank Coletta, Belinda Heggan, Kathryn Robinson or Bill Woods.

The bulletin includes daily special reports, including Monday's Sports Report with Mark Aiston, Angela Bishop's Entertainment Report and Friday's Sports Report with Neil Cordy (or Rob Canning).

The morning bulletin typically includes a 5-minute newsmagazine story from US network CBS.

Ten Late News and Sports Tonight

Ten Late News and Sports Tonight is shown at around 10.30pm weeknights, but often later on Fridays. The bulletin is currently presented by Kathryn Robinson while Sandra Sully fills-in on Ten News Sydney. Brad McEwan presents the Monday-Thursday edition of Sports Tonight. On Fridays, the Late News and Sports Tonight air as separate programs, presented by Kathryn Robinson and Rob Canning respectively.

The Late News was first shown as part of the network's coverage of the First Gulf War, when it chose to use its exclusive access to CNN to show a 30-minute national news bulletin focused on the build-up to the war in January, 1991. It was initially hosted by Eric Walters and titled Ten Evening News: Crisis in the Gulf.

Previous names for the bulletin, in line with various other bulletins produced by the network, have included Ten Eyewitness News: Second Edition and Ten Second Edition News, usually with the presenter's name in the title. Walters presented the late news until April, 1991, when Ten undertook a major overhaul of its news programming.

The departure of Walters, who had been fronting two bulletins a night, prompted Ten to create a sole late news host position and a more separate, stand-alone program. Anne Fulwood, at the time a newsreader on Good Morning Australia, was chosen to host the relaunched Ten Second Edition News. The program gradually introduced its own elements, such as weather with Ray Wilkie and business with Robert Gottliebsen. Its straight news style was a clear point of difference with initial rivals, Seven's Tonight Live with Steve Vizard and Nine's The World Tonight with Clive Robertson, quickly drawing attention and viewers.

Over the next few years, rival networks Seven and Nine introduced their own late night news programs, such as Nightline and Seven News Late Edition, witch have both been axed, which initially competed directly with the Ten Late News. Since its launch, Ten's Late News has been the most-watched late news bulletin in Australia, and is currently the only to air at 10.30pm.

Ten Late News has been presented by Sandra Sully since late 1995. In 2007 Kathryn Robinson began presenting on Fridays. In late 2008 she was replaced by Belinda Heggen, who is also the main fill-in. In 2006 The bulletin was merged into the late weeknight edition of Sports Tonight from Mondays-Thursdays, currently hosted by Brad McEwan. Previously, Ten Late News also aired on weekends, presented by the previous afternoon's news presenter until the Saturday version was axed in 2004, and the Sunday edition was axed in 2005. Sports Tonight Late Edition also aired before they were axed in their respective years. An early weekend edition, shown at 5:30pm and hosted by Rob Canning is still shown to this day.

Belinda Heggen regularly fills in as presenter of the Late News, whilst Rob Canning or Adam Hawes fill in on Sports Tonight. Ten Late News includes a daily cross to Commsec's Tom Piotrowski, for a finance update.

Weekend News

Ten News weekend bulletins were originally presented in local editions for each major capital city in line with weekdays, however was merged in the 1990s to a national edition, currently presented by Natarsha Belling. The bulletin is broadcast into Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adeliade, with Perth viewers receiving a localised bulletin presented from Sydney by Natarsha Belling. On Saturdays the bulletin is followed by Sports Tonight, presented by Rob Canning. However, on Sundays Ten News Weekend includes a local sport report, presented by Rob Canning in Brisbane and Sydney, and Kelli Underwood or Ian Cohen in Melbourne and Adelaide.

On Saturdays during the AFL season, Melbourne and Adelaide receive a half-hour bulletin at 6.00pm presented by George Donikian, shown in place of the national bulletin seen in Sydney and Brisbane. Sport for the Melbourne and Adelaide bulletin is presented by Rob Waters.

Previous presenters of the weekend bulletin include Tracy Spicer and Bill Woods.

News at Five

Ten produces five separate evening news hours which broadcast at 5pm. A separate bulletin is produced for each of Ten's five main markets; Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide bulletins are broadcast statewide through their respective state via Southern Cross Ten, while the Adelaide bulletin is the only bulletin not produced from its market city, having been produced from Melbourne since 2000 due to cost-saving measures.


Ten News Queensland is presented by Bill McDonald and Georgina Lewis from studios at Mt Coot-tha. Sport is presented by Peter O'Dempsey and weather by Amanda Fitzgerald. Traffic reports are presented from a traffic helicopter by Jayce Barker, and a national finance update is presented by Jacqueline Maddock.

Fill-ins for the bulletin include Emma Dallimore, Max Futcher, Lexy Hamilton-Smith and Scott Beverage (News), Wesley Dening (Sport), Amanda McLeay, Chloe Simmons and Amelia Charlton (Weather).

Ten News Queensland has three remote bureaus: Gold Coast (Nicky Haydon, Amelia Charlton, Simon Hooper) Sunshine Coast (Nicolas Boot, Sarah Horsley) and North Queensland (TBA).

Former long time co-anchor Marie-Louise Theile left Ten News on December 14, 2007 to spend more time with her family<ref>Theile quits to read bedtime bulletins | The Courier-Mail</ref>.


Ten News Sydney is presented by Bill Woods and Sandra Sully from the network's Sydney newsroom. Sully is filling-in for regular presenter Deborah Knight, who is on maternity leave. Sport is presented by Brad McEwan, weather by Tim Bailey, and traffic by Vic Lorusso with a finance report at about 5:27 with Jacqueline Maddock .

For almost eleven years between 1995 and 2005, the bulletin was presented by Ron Wilson and Jessica Rowe, until Rowe moved to present the Nine Network's Today. She was replaced by the network's US correspondent Deborah Knight in 2006.

On Friday 30 May 2008, Tim Webster stepped down as sports presenter and was replaced by Brad McEwan.

On 9 December 2008, it was announced that veteran presenter Ron Wilson will be moved to the Ten Early News from 2009, with Ron Wilson to be replaced by Bill Woods. Ron Wilson's final news bulletin was on Friday 16 January, 2009.

Substitute presenters for Ten News at Five: Sydney include Tim Webster (News) and/or Sandra Sully (News) and Neil Cordy, Rob Canning or Tim Webster (sports) and Catherine Kennedy, Frank Coletta, or Angela Bishop (weather) and Amber Muir (finance).


Ten News Melbourne is presented by Mal Walden and Helen Kapalos from the station's Como Centre studios. Sport is presented by Steven Quartermain and weather by Mike Larkin. The bulletin also includes traffic updates presented by Vanessa O'Hanlon.

The bulletin was formerly presented by David Johnston, who was replaced, after his move to HSV-7 in 1996, by Mal Walden. Jennifer Hansen, co-presenter of the bulletin throughout this period and part of, with Mal Walden, one of the longest-serving news duos in television history was replaced in 2006 by Helen Kapalos.

Fill-ins for this bulletin include George Donikian (News), Christi Malthouse (Sport) and Kellie Morgan (Weather).

The Melbourne bulletin is screened throughout Victoria and Tasmania. The bulletin has been produced from the Como Centre since 1992; before which it was produced in the old Nunawading studios. The set underwent a revamp to the current look in 2008.


Ten News Adelaide is presented by George Donikian and Rebecca Morse, from the network's Melbourne studios. Sport and weather, presented from the station's Adelaide newsroom are presented by Mark Aiston and Jane Reilly. The bulletin is also broadcast throughout regional South Australia and the Broken Hill region of New South Wales through WIN Ten in the Riverland and Mount Gambier and Southern Cross Ten in the Spencer Gulf and Broken Hill.

Adelaide based reporters Esther Lindstrom and Peter Sellen are the current understudies for Morse and Donikian while Sports Director Corey Winguard fills in for Mark Aiston. Ten are yet to announce an understudy for Jane Reilly with news presenter Esther Lindstrom also reading the weather over summer 2008-09. Reilly's previous understudy, Jodie Blewitt left the network in 2007 to pursue a radio career.

Previous fill in news presenters have included Belinda Heggen for a few weeks in late 2008, Mignon Stewart (nee Henne), Max Futcher, Katrina Schute and Deborah Knight. Rob Popplestone previously filled in on sport while Melody Horrill was the fill in weather presenter.

The bulletin has been presented from Melbourne since 2000, as it was claimed at the time that converting Ten's North Adelaide studios to an HD set-up would incur too much cost. In mid 2007, however, ADS-10 moved to new premises in the CBD. Initially, Adelade based presenters George Donikian and Nikki Dwyer moved to Melbourne, with Dwyer eventually resigning in 2001 after she decided to move back to Adelaide, to be closer to her family. She was replaced by current Nine News Adelaide presenter, Kelly Nestor who resigned in 2006 to pursue a career in the US. From 23 June 2008 onwards, Ten News Adelaide remains as the only state bulletin not to be presented from its state capital.


Ten News Perth is broadcast from the network's studios in Dianella, a suburb of Perth. It is currently anchored by Narelda Jacobs with Tim Gossage and Michael Schultz who present Sport and Weather respectively.

When news production was shifted from Perth to Sydney in 2001, then-presenters Greg Pearce and Christina Morrissy commuted to Sydney to present the bulletin. Morrissy later resigned from these duties after suffering deep vein thrombosis on a flight. She was replaced by Celina Edmonds. Pearce later resigned to return to Perth (Pearce now presents National Nine News in Perth), while Edmonds resigned to spend more time with her family. She now presents mornings on Sky News Australia three days per week. Following their departures, Tim Webster and Charmaine Dragun became the main anchors of Ten News Perth from 2005. After Dragun's untimely death on 2 November 2007 , Webster became the solo anchor and continued to present the bulletin until May 2008.

On 18 January 2008, Network Ten announced that studio production of Ten News would return to Perth. . Ten originally moved production of the Perth bulletin to Pyrmont in 2000, citing high costs of converting the network's Dianella studios. The network denied that the move was related to the death of Charmaine Dragun.

On 27 February 2008, it was announced that local reporter Narelda Jacobs would anchor the bulletin. Jacobs began presenting in May 2008. On 23 June 2008, Ten News Perth presentation originated from the Dianella studios for the first time in eight years. The Perth bulletin is the only Ten News at Five bulletin not to use the dual-presenter format.



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