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Abuelos Coupons

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Abuelo’s is a Mexican restaurant in the United States that offers numerous Mexican dishes and quality beverages. Abuelo’s means respected elder or grandfather in Spanish. The restaurant was first opened in 1989 in Amarillo, Tx. so it has been in business for over 20 years.

Restaurant Style

There are 39 Abuelo’s restaurants located across 15 states in the country. It began as a popular restaurant in the Mid-West, but Abuelo’s is quickly growing to include all areas of the country. The main office is situated in Lubbock, Tx.

The restaurant has a courtyard theme, and the atmosphere is fun, relaxed, and suitable for the entire family. There are vibrant murals and statues around the restaurant.

The statues are mainly important historical figures in the Mexican culture and history. Therefore, Abuelo’s pays homage to those people who made a contribution to the Mexican history.

Dining Experience

Abuelo’s has a large dining area, so it is very good for a large number of people. Catering is also available for those who have special events. There are private party and meeting facilities on the property. Patrons can receive custom menus, or they might want to go with the buffet style.

The menu at Abuelo’s offers quality menu choices that will fit the tastes of anyone who enjoys Mexican food. There are sizzling fajitas, mouth-watering enchiladas, and flavorful tacos. In addition, Abuelo’s often has prime rib on the menu to satisfy those who wish to splurge.

Abuelo's Coupon Codes

There are also exceptional steak, chicken, and seafood items on the menu. The restaurant has an array of appetizers available, such as first-rate queso dip, freshly seasoned guacamole, or the traditional nachos. For those who like to eat lighter, Abuelo’s provides a variety of soups and salads. Abuelo’s also offers excellent dessert options.

Abuelo's Pricing

Abuelo’s is very reasonably priced, and lunch specials are offered at Abuelo’s Monday thru Friday. The restaurant also has an outstanding menu just for children. Furthermore, there are menu choices especially for seniors. Each menu item is made from scratch, and they use only the freshest ingredients.

The Abuelo’s menu can be downloaded onto a computer or viewed online. Menu items for each location can vary, so guests will need to type in a location, so they can view the menu choices.

At various times throughout the year, Abuelo’s offers theme night. Theme night might include such things as Cinco de Mayo celebrations or just a Taco Tuesday. They will usually advertise when they are having a theme night.

Abuelo's Coupons

There are many places for people to obtain Abuelo’s coupons. Individuals can sign up to periodically receive e-mails from Abuelo’s. They will send patrons coupons that could include a drink or dining specials.

Abuelo’s also offers an e-club in which customers can sign up for. There are many rewards that go with begin an e-club member. Patrons can receive a free appetizer or dessert on their birthday. Or, they might receive something special for their anniversary. Some coupons could even include buy one entrée, get one free.

There are many other places that you can get Abuelo’s coupons online. People can sign up to receive coupons at couponcravings.com. Some other online coupon sites include 8coupons.com, [http:/friendseat.com friendseat.com], or unretailme.com. 8coupons.com.Couponcodesaving.com is also a site where people can go to print Abuelo’s coupons. Patrons can just print out the coupons and then take them to the restaurant.

Offline Coupons

There are many places to get Abuelo’s coupons offline. Sometimes, Abuelo’s advertises specials, or they might mail out brochures. Coupons which are mailed usually have a discount, such as $5 off or buy one get one free.

It is important for customers to read the fine print before using an Abuelo’s coupon. Some of them are for a limited time, so they could have expired.

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