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Accu-Chek Coupons

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Diabetes suffers know how hard it can be to find an accurate blood glucose metering system that measures their glucose levels without feeling like it's stabbing them in the finger. Accu-Chek test strips are part of a complete ecosystem of glucose testing and monitoring devices, and they're the only strips that fit these innovative meters.

Accu-Chek has worked had to make the lancing process less painful than competing brands, and their success is evident in their annual sales numbers and profit margins. The company is among the top brands for those who suffer from diabetes, and has been for at least the past half-decade.

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With that popularity comes a desire to save on the less painful, more accurate products that Accu-Chek sells -- especially their test strips. Accu-Check test strips coupons are available from a wide variety of sites, including the manufacturer's own site itself.

That's a great piece of information for those who will be testing their glucose levels for years to come and don't want to spend all of their disposable income on these innovative products.

The Accu-Chek Inner Circle Program

Diabetes is a serious illness that affects millions of Americans -- and more are coming down with the disease every year. Accu-Chek offers what it calls the "Inner Circle" to its customers.

It's a series of informative emails that the company sends to subscribers on a regular basis, and the content of those emails spans the gamut from recipes and helpful tips to special offers on the company's products and news about new meters and test strips that they've developed and brought to the marketplace.

Users simply need to provide their first and last names, email address, and home mailing address in order to sign up. They'll get their first email right away, and it will typically include a way to save on the company's test strips or one of their popular electronic glucose meters.

Following this initial email, an "Inner Circle" customer can expect to receive a weekly digest of emails and perhaps some in between these regular mailings.

Emails from the company will cover diabetes-friendly recipes, fun and easy ways to monitor carb intake levels, and self-care assessment quizzes that help diabetes patients take stock of their lives and habits.

Of course, sprinkled throughout these regular helpful emails will be coupons on the company's products and special promotions that bring down the cost of their test strips. It's a fun, easy, and helpful way to save on a product that is essentially a requirement for those with elevated blood glucose levels.

Other Excellent Coupon Offers

In addition to the company's official email program that delivers its own set of special deals, Accu-Chek regularly sends out print coupons that customers can redeem at their pharmacy or supermarket of choice when buying Accu-Chek test strips or monitoring devices.

These coupons are typically included in a local newspaper's Sunday coupon section and they can be redeemed immediately. They do carry expiration dates, however, and customers should make sure that they use these special offers before they become in valid -- typically in two to four weeks after they appear in the newspaper's coupon section.

For customers that don't subscribe to the newspaper, or simply missed any Accu-Chek test strips coupons in their Sunday local, it's still possible to save at local retail outlets. The company occasionally has a printable coupon or a series of coupons available on its websites, and third party coupon aggregator sites typically mirror these offers and allow customers to print them and redeem them in-store.

All this requires is special attention paid to the Accu-Chek website and your favorite online coupon community. It will pay off in the end, with the company regularly offering deals for up to 20 percent off its products as well as "buy one get one half off" deals on its test strips.

Health Insurance Copays

Older Americans who are covered by the government's Medicare health insurance program will find that Accu-Chek test strips coupons are inferior to their own special discount: they can pick up a box of test strips and have it covered by their insurance plan. They only pay the typical prescription drug copay when they use this helpful option.

In order to do this, they'll need to show their Medicare card to a pharmacy employee at prescription counter rather than the traditional checkout aisles, and they may need a note from their doctor. However, this is generally not a requirement or a problem for most seniors.

Best of all, any Medicare recipient is able to redeem this special offer, not just those on Medicare Part D prescription coverage.

Non-Medicare health insurance policyholders can sometimes get the same benefits as their older counterparts, but it may cost more per month and demand a far pricier premium. It's always worth looking into, however, as a slightly higher monthly cost may be offset by the subsidization of test strips.

If this sounds like a likely or worthwhile scenario, it's worth calling your health insurance provider to see if they offer this type of coverage. It's best never to assume that something is covered and get hit with a surprise bill after the fact -- that does, after all, negate any savings on test strips.


Accu-Chek test strips coupons are everywhere: the manufacturer offers their own discount and savings club, as well as online and printable coupons. And health insurance providers, increasingly aware that preventative care is better than reactive treatment, are now providing coverage for the test strips essential to the life of a diabetic.

The increased awareness of diabetes' risks and factors has served only to benefit the lives (and wallets) of those who live with this illness.

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