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Advair Coupons

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Advair Coupons and Savings

Advair, whose generic name is fluticasone and salmeterol, is a prescription drug that treats airway constriction and inflammation by preventing the release of substances in the human body system which cause the same.

Advair thus allows for an easier breathing and thereby treating or preventing Asthma symptoms. It should be noted that Advair is not used to treat severe asthma symptoms nor should it be used as an inhaler. This drug caters more to those patients whose symptoms are not yet controlled by inhaled corticosteroid.

There are generally two brand names under Advair: Advair Diskus which is for the consumption of asthma patients aged four and and up; and Advair HFA which is to be used by patients aged twelve and above. Most patients who are prescribed with Advair are those with non-severe symptoms of asthma (or uncontrolled by long-term asthma medication) or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Asthma Patients

For asthma patients, Advair is known to prevent asthma attacks. For COPD patients, the drug is known for preventing flare-ups or having the COPD worsen into having chronic bronchitis complications or developing into emphysema.

Typically, an Advair Diskus 25/50 (which is a drug approved for adults) would cost about US$ 224 for one inhaler which is equivalent to 60 doses, $448 for two inhalers, and $672 for a package of three inhalers or 180 doses. The Advair HFA would cost you around @220 for 45mcg/21mcg, $273 for 115mcg/21mcg, and $359 for the 230mcg/21mcg.

Because the prices of Advair can be quite steep, asthma patients are left to find alternative solutions, whether it be to resort to another cheaper drug or to make use of Advair coupons and take part in special offers and promotions. The coupons can considerably cut back the prescription costs.


If you're looking for Advair coupons, the best place to find them would be at Advair's official website: www.advair.com. They have a separate webpage that is dedicated to coupons and their special offers. Advair's official website offers two ways for the patients to get some savings on prescription costs, one of which is a printable $10 coupon.

Finding Coupons

There is a link on the Coupons and Special Offers page which gives you the option to directly print the coupon. The coupon carries a top banner which allows you a $10 discount on your next refill of the drug. You must present your prescription along the printed coupon (which has to be printed from the website itself) to your pharmacist in order to qualify for the discount.

You are only allowed one coupon redemption per month and the coupon has an expiration date (approximately two weeks after the date of printing). You can only use the printed coupon for one purchase and you are not allowed to combine it with any other deal or offer.

Breathe Easier Program

Another way to save on your Advair purchase is to join the Advair Breathe Easier Program. By signing up, you are eligible to receive not only special offers but also helpful tips on COPD management.

Registering for the program also qualifies you for a 30-day free trial offer. In the event that you are already using Advair medication, you can instead opt to get the other offers that you may use for succeeding Advair prescriptions.

You have to choose one of these options, though. You can't have both the first Advair prescription for free and at the same time get coupons and savings on future purchases. Signing up for the program is quite easy. All you will need to do is to fill out a standard form asking for your primary information and contact details.

You must be at least 18 years old when signing up for the program. The form will also verify if a doctor or healthcare professional has already diagnosed you with any of the following: Emphysema, COPD, or chronic bronchitis. Towards the end of the registration, you are required to read the program requirement details as well as the Savings Offer Consent.

If you find the terms agreeable, simply click on the "I agree" button and then submit. You instantly qualify for the appropriate special offer, depending on whether you are a first-time user or already using Advair.

Other Ways to Find Coupons

Apart from the official website, there are other drug coupon websites on the internet that will lead you to printable Advair coupons. Internet Drug Coupon and Hot Coupon World are two of the leading websites that offers Advair coupons.

Pharmacy Prescription Coupons, another internet company, claims to provide as much as 75% savings only our Advair prescription, valid at almost any pharmacy in the United States. These coupons and rebates may be redeemed via your local pharmacy. Pharmacy Prescription Coupons takes pride in being the only online source of drug coupons that don't expire. Most of these coupons will give you $10 off on your next purchase of the drug.

Some websites will require you to answer a brief survey before you can print out the coupon. Other websites will prompt you to register for email alerts and the like. There are some coupon sites which provide coupons that are good only for Advair Diskus and not Advair HFA.

This is one instance where it is more advisable to use the coupons which are right from the Advair official site. But if you require more than one purchase, then exploring the options given by these non-Advair coupon sites can also be helpful.

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