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Advantage Coupons

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Renting Cars from Advantage

Choosing the right rental car company for a vacation or business trip is important. Vacations and business trips have a tendency to go one way or another – extremely well or very poorly. What many people fail to realize is that a lot of this often starts with the rental car. It’s the next step after your flight as well as the final step prior to arriving at your accommodations. In addition to that, your rental car is a vehicle you will rely on for the duration of your trip.

This makes the rental car you choose important. While quality is the number one priority, savings are also important. Nobody wants to spend more than they can afford in today’s economy. That’s why coupons for rental cars are so important. Almost every rental car company offers coupons for increased savings, but in this case, we will focus on a rental car company that offers coupons on top of already stellar prices.

Advantage Rental Car has had an interesting roller coaster ride since its inception in 1963. Originally, the company was based in San Antonio. The only reason they began their operation in San Antonio was so they could serve the military. Based on all the business they were getting it was an excellent decision. It didn’t take long for Advantage Rental Car to expand to other cities, states and eventually countries.

History of Advantage

At their peak, which was in the mid 1980s, they had locations in 33 countries. Everything seemed to be cruising along in the 1990s and early 2000s as well. It wasn’t until the credit crisis of 2008 when everything fell apart. People weren’t traveling for leisure much anymore, which hurt their business. They eventually had to file for bankruptcy.

However, in 2009, Hertz – the biggest name in the rental car industry – bought Advantage Rental Car and made it successful again. They hired back some of the people that had been laid off by and stuck with the low price theme, which customers always appreciated most. These two simple acts immediately put Advantage Rental Car – and Hertz – back into positive light. People started traveling again and business became relatively consistent.

Advantage Rental Coupons

Today, Advantage Rental Car has a solid reputation. They are known as the most affordable rental car company in the United States, if not the entire world. They have an overall traveler rating of 3.5 stars out of 5. Their customer service is excellent just like it has always been throughout the past 40+ years.

The employees behind the counter don’t attempt to push extras, which customers greatly appreciate. The only real negative for Advantage Rental Car’s service is that the shuttle bus service is often slow, but that is something most customers look past considering they’re already saving up to 50% compared to other rental car companies.

Coupons for Advantage Car Rental

Now let’s get to the good stuff, which are Advantage Car Rental coupons. The first coupon code for Advantage Rental Car that you should be aware of is 1884441. This coupon code will get you an upgrade. It might not give you out-of-pocket savings, but driving around in a nicer and safer car without having to pay anything extra is certainly nice. Another simple coupon code is 1805452, which will give you $8 off. That might not be the biggest savings around, but why not save $8 when all it costs you is typing in a set of numbers?

The $8 off is good, but how about renting an Advantage Rental Car for only $8 per day? Now that’s something you don’t see every day. This is possible through a site called rentalcars.com. If you feel more comfortable with travel sites, Hotwire offers Advantage Rental Cars for as low as $17.99 per day, Priceline offers them even lower for $14 per day and Travelocity offers them at the extremely low price of $13 per day.

Of course, these prices are only offered via Advantage Rental Car coupons. If you’re looking for weekly rentals from Advantage Rental Car, Expedia will be your best bet. The mid-size rental cars go for $119 per week, the compact cars go for $109 per week and the economy class goes for only $105 per week.

Saving 5 %

If you’re traveling for a few days, or just one day, use coupon code ADVAN to save 5%. If you’re traveling for one week, use coupon code ADVNWK to save 5%. The latter can also be had with coupon code 1875232, but the letters are easier to remember for most people. Regardless of how long you plan on traveling, it’s recommended that you sign up for Advantage Rental Car’s email program. They will send you discounted offers on a regular basis. This is a great advantage for regular travelers.

Other coupon offers that you can find via Advantage Rental Car’s website are a Last Minute $9.99/day weekend rental and a free upgrade for any rental over 2 days. Both are great offers, but the latter expires when the peak of the summer travel season begins.

Overall, Advantage Rental Car offers great service, clean cars and tremendous savings. Their savings are so far ahead of the competition that it’s almost like traveling for free. At least it feels like traveling for free. The next time you book a trip it would be a good idea to go with Advantage Rental Car and to use at least one of the coupons above for extra savings.

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