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African library help

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This wiki lists book donation and library development projects in Africa. Please add more, but please bear in mind that the quality and variety of the support can vary:

'While a 19 ton book bonanza sounds great, from long experience in Faculty of Agriculure Libraries in the region, I have learned that if the titles to be donated are not selected by the end user, then it is vital to ask the donor for a list to choose from - my agricultural library has at times received hundreds of copies of the biography of a president's wife, .....of the Sociology of Aging, ......of the geography of a specific region of the donor country... the list could go on. A book may appear to be free - but if the information in it is not relevant or appropriate to our clients, there is a negative cost especially in precious staff time in merely hauling it from the airport, stamping it with the donor's logo and so on. May your bonanza be better!' (borrowed from Stanford University Libraries website)

Book donations and support for library development

If you are therefore seeking books from any of the organisations below please make sure that they can and will supply you with the books you really need. Submit your needs clearly and tell them (politely) if the books sent are not relevant, or if too many copies have been sent.

Africa Library Project

Biblionef South Africa or HQ

Books Abroad

Book Aid International


Books for Africa

Brothers brother Foundation


Darien Book Aid Plan Inc.

Friends of African Village libraries

Global Literacy Project


International Book Bank

Lubuto Library Project


Read International

Room to Read

Sabre Foundation

School Aid

Under the Reading Tree- projects in Uganda and Tanzania


Library and Literacy Projects in Specific African Countries

Many of the projects below are specific initiatives and may not be able to offer assistance to other libraries. However, there are some great examples of what libraries can do for local communities.

Ethiopia Reads

Link Ethiopia

Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc - able to send large amounts of books to Ethiopia, check quantities and relevance of titles before accepting a donation

Osu Children's Library Fund, Ghana

Community-based Libraries, Kenya

Slums Information and Resource Centres, Kenya

Kigali Public Library Project, Rwanda

Books 4 Tanzania, Tanzania

Family Literacy Project, South Africa

READ Educational Trust, South Africa

Project Literacy, South Africa

Children's Book Project, Tanzania

Kitengesa Community Library, Uganda

Uganda Community Libraries Association

Books Open the World, Uganda

And if you are in Asia ...

The Asia Foundationis recommended.

Computer Aid

Computer Aid International

Digital links International

Click here for links to free or low cost books and resources available on the web.

For guidance on best practice in book donations, click here

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