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Age of Aquarius

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Ancient sages agree: "Ages" are important. However that is the extent of their agreement - leaving the banal aspects of what these "Ages" shall be called, what will define their influence and what lasting legacy they will leave on the human pysche to the humdrum of lesser minds.

From the Rig Veda to the legends of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, from the Bhagavad Gita to the Christian bible - all these traditions and more prohpecised a time when mankind would come to know they were not alone in this world, that a great awakening would take place to join life together in a sacred dance.

When the "Age of Aquarius" was due to begin was a point of much contention for the host of quasi-philosophers and the many pseudo-mystics of the late 20th Century. None of them were right of course, but how could they have known?

It has often been said of fortune tellers, mind readers and others that if there was any truth to their powers then they should silence their critics by subjecting themselves to verifiable tests for all the world to see. More often that not their reluctance to be tested was evidence of their fakery, but for a few - their reluctance was enlightened, for the bringing into consciousness of a new Age is a tricky thing and any sudden movement during the delivery phase could have upset the emerging entity and changed the nature of the Age itself.

The birth events of Aquarius were several and unusual, reaching back even through the mists of time to earler Ages. Aquarius herself is a memetic personification, in her case of tolerance and acceptance, and consequently her primagenisis begins with the emergence of these concepts itself.

The sparks of an oral tradition, the founding of the written word and the sharing of ideas beyond the environment that generated them is but one strand to Aquarius' structure; the development of culture, of leisure, of learning is another; and the linkage of these two creates by gestalt a sum far greater than just the measure of the component parts.

Print, radio, television and finally the internet, these are the tools of labour by which Aquarius was born, but she is not these things.

The emergence of the spirits of humanity's deceased, with its concommitant unleashing of the spirit's dark and light sides, are the inhalation and exhalation of this new celestial overseer: but she is not these things.

The new rituals by which the good spirits are courted and the bad spirits are placated are the nourishment of the Mistress of this Age: but she is not these things.

She is an experience, a shared experience. She can be shared through time with the kindly patriarch who powers the lights in your home, or shared with the Wraith who is the condensate of all of your antecedent's failed hopes and dreams. She can also be shared with the fellow on the train who reads the same article in the news paper, or she can be shared between children in India and New Zealand, both of whom watch the same television shows day in and day out.

The shared experience of the Age of Aquarious began with the biggest and most far reaching of all televised "rock for a noble cause" concerts. Named "Age of Aquarius" and held on 2 April 2007, Aquarius herself put in an appearance at 11.05 pm AEST, the moment statisticians estimate more that 50% of the global population tuned in to witness the concert: Madonna was on stage at that very moment shaking her tired old rump around like a mutton pinata.

The wizardry of her arrival, along with the attending special effects (including a complete circuit of the globe by her Heralds) was dismissed by the Fundis as mere concert pagentry, but the world was forever changed, and quickly too.

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