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Alias Unbound

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Alias Unbound is a privately written literary crossover in the style of a play. It uses the cast and setting of the CIA LA division of ABC's television show Alias, but quickly diverges from the established timeline. The play opens during what would have been Alias's third season, quickly establishing its own timeline and series of events. To date, characters from Star Trek, Charmed, Foundation, Stargate SG-1, Starcraft, Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Dawson's Creek, Red Dwarf, Fantastic 4, The Matrix and Babylon 5 have joined the setting. In Act VI it was revealed that individuals emerge into Alias Unbound Earth through localized, shimmering distortions, though the motivator behind this has not been revealed as of yet.

Main Organizations in Alias Unbound

   * CIA
   * Degree Absolute
   * Karma
   * Bureau of Anomaly Investigation
   * The Gazelles
   * The Avatars
   * The Source
   * The Everwood Resistance Front

Main Characters in Alias Unbound

   * Amy Abbott
   * Harold Abbott
   * Grenitch Agrippa
   * Avatar Alpha
   * Senator Bailey
   * Alfred Bester
   * Sydney Bristow
   * Jack Bristow
   * Andrew Brown
   * Ephraim Brown
   * Samantha Carter
   * Marcus Dixon
   * Dr. Doom
   * Gul Dukat
   * Marshall Flinkman
   * Elim Garak
   * Holly
   * Daniel Jackson
   * President Jones
   * R. Daneel Olivaw
   * Jack O'Neil
   * Julian Sark
   * Smith
   * Teal'c
   * Cole Turner
   * Michael Vaughn
   * Gerald Wastivslikoy
   * Eric Weiss
   * The Source of All Evil

Plot Description

Act I dealt with the introduction of Garak to the CIA, the fall of the Covenant and the rise of the Squid. Also introduced were several disguised Changelings and R. Daneel Olivaw. Act II covered the continued growth of the Squid, and the CIA's ongoing struggle with them. Another threat was subversion of the CIA by a Changeling, disguised as Frederick Bleff. During this time Garak continued to covertly aid and assist the CIA.

Act III covered full-scale war between the United States and the Squid, ending in the Squid's annihilation. The Charmed Ones ally with the CIA during this period, and one of them dies in the final assault in Quebec. Near the end of Act Three it is revealed that Cole Turner has secretly been directing the Squid. Another theme of this act is the ongoing Dominion takeover of the United States, which is realized by the CIA as the act ends.

Act IV involves the CIA's attempts to expose the Changeling-President, with assistance from Mexican guerilla forces. Along the way the remaining Charmed Ones are killed and Garak continues to assist the CIA. In the end the CIA are successful in exposing and destroying the Dominion, although final victory comes only with the assistance of Cole Turner and R. Daneel Olivaw. In the last scene of the act, it is revealed that CIA branch director Marcus Dixon has been possessed by the Source of All Evil.

Act V deals with Garak's admittance into the CIA, and their struggle against Cole Turner, R. Daneel Olivaw and the Source of All Evil. By the end of the act the Continental Congress has collapsed and R. Daneel Olivaw and the Source have been defeated. In the process Cole Turner resurrects Eric Weiss, who founds the organization Karma as a tool of retribution against the CIA. The very end of Act V describes Dixon and Cole as still being at large and introduces SG-1. Additionally, it is revealed that Smith is planning a general takeover, operating through the sports team the Gazelles.

Act VI lacks the main unifying features of previous acts, and has no one single foe that occupies the Central Intelligence Agencies main focus. Rather, a number of more minor opponents are engaged and defeated, while several key figures continue to maneuver in the background. Degree Absolute is introduced and the contentious issue of magic-use is raised; while in the background Karma, Cole Turner, the Gazelles and R. Daneel Olivaw continue to maneuver. If acts one to five were about securing the freedom of the United States, act VI examines what the country is going to do with that freedom. [edit]

Memorable Quotes from Alias Unbound

  • Sydney: So, how 'bout them Gazelles?

  • Dixon: Sydney, you’ll lead a tactical raid of 5,000 agents.
  • Sydney: 5,000?
  • Dixon: Yes. That’s our entire division including me, desk workers, janitors and Marshall. I think the subtle intelligence strike is overrated. Let’s try overwhelming, lumbering brute force on this one.

  • Vaughn: Hey! My pineapple bushes are just as electrically conducted as your average Gorgon lead swimming pool.
  • Marshall: A usual mark of sanity involves not using metaphors and concepts no one else on earth would ever think of.
  • Vaughn: Oh.

  • O'Neil: Stupidity has an intelligence all of its own.
  • Jack: No--you're quite wrong.

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