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Alijah Srinath

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Meharban Srimant Ranojee Rao Shinde


Meharban Srimant Ranoji Rao Shinde was the founder of Gwalior Dominious . A brave and gallent personality dedicated to establishment of Hindu Kingdom in North of the Narmada River. He, was the son of Sri Jankojirao Shinde ji who was, Patil of Kanherkhed ,in Maharashtra. The date of birth of Meharban Srimant Ranoji Rao is not confirmed yet. The closing years of Balaji Vishwanath peshwa's career were fraught with importent results tending to strengthen the maratha cause and ultimately lay the foundation of that vigourous policy which knew no defeat as long as the maratha confederacy existed .Ranoji seems to be in an obscure position in the peshwa's regime which was directed more towards the attainment of territorial aims by diplomatic skills rather then by an open appeal to arms. Little that is thoroughly trustworthy is known of the earlier years of Ranojirao , whose family was reduced to straigned circumstances during the internecine dissensions which raged for a long time between satara and kolhapur.

The birth of a star

Alijah Srinath Mahadji Shinde

a short term work done by-Neelesh I.C.Karkare

Address-Ramchandra Karkare Road,Chhatri Bazar,Lashkar,Gwalior

also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahadji_Shinde

Ranoji shinde was son of Janakoji rao shinde In 1730 ranoji become father of his fifth son MAHADJI

MAHADJI was the brave boy since his child hood He took all the arms education and war strategies since his childhood . His first participation in a war was in the age of only ten (10) He was a brilliant student of Farsi and Sanskrit also. He used to read all his accounts himselfs.,unlike other rulers of medival India.

he was the most powerful of the state

Pillar of the Nobility

High in Prestige.

Agent of the Kingdom

victorious of the age.

earlier work on Mahadji Shinde Srinath Bahadur

Not much have been written about this great person writer Like vrindavan lal verma, , sri inamdar 'sri sunderlal , sri yadunath sarkar had worked a lot writer ingleram had written a book on him sri r.g bhide had also written on him. But here is some facts with details about great ruler of hindostaan the azimul iqtadar, maharajadhiraj srimant MAHADJI SHINDE Srinath bahadur.

I am very much Thankfull to Sri Rathoreji of Sadar bazar-Nagpur for their precious writting and publishing the book named THE GREAT MARATHA - MAHADJI SCINDIA "

Also thankful to Sanjay Khan's T.V. Serial-'The Great Maratha'and valuable suggestions of Sri Vijay Singh Ingle and Sri Kausar Ali Shah.

earlier history of Alijah Srinath Mahadji Shinde

In the year 1740, Srimant Dattajirao Shinde <age 16 years>,Trimbak Kinnad <age 20>and Mahadji <age 10 years>were sitting in the night discussing about the next day's plan for defeating the army of Nizam Hydrabad. Night was cold and only a hour before there was tremendous rain ,there was nothing to eat for Maratha army and most of the ammination was destroyed by the rains. Mahadji suggested to leave the place at the moment because on the next day at any time the enemy could have attacked and there was no 'barud ' left for war . Dattaji supported his younger brothers thought and asked the Maratha army to leave the place . On the left of the army there were mountains so the marathas sheltered there and this was the right place to defend themselves.The nizams army woke up late when there was not much army left of Marathas. Dattaji divide the army into three groups, one under himself second under trimbakji kinnad, and third under his young brother Mahadji. Mahadji Divided the Army of his into two groups One kept the eye on the arms and ammunations other took active part in the war.all these three leaders fought bravely and defeated the Nizams army. on the next day morning.Dattaji used big Rocks of the mountain as their wepons against the nizan's canons . Trimbak Kinnad was a brillient soldier and he decided to wear a Silver Ring inThe foot of his Horse for the war. Next day was the day of luck for the Marathas and the war was won by them.

in the same year first Bajirao died .and in the year 1742 a war took place in berur and belur against the maratha . Balaji peshwa son of bajirao (i) forwarded Ramoji rao Brahmin (age 84) , vitthal ji (age 80) , laxman pant punekar-? (age 77),abajirao jagdale (age 73), moroji and visaji pant brothers age approx (68) and (64) resp along with Mahadji<12 years> and Jyotiba Shinde<age 15 years> to handle the Matter . Both the Shinde Brotheres along with only 1500 army reached berur and defeated the enemy next day morning the army under Sadashiv rao bhau rechead there and Mahadji had already set a camp for them . There was meeting between Mahadji, Jyotiba ji Shinde and Sadashivrao Bhau . Bhau ordered both the Shindes to capture the enemy army at belur. So Mahadji and Jyotiba Shinde reached brlur to decide the matter finally and succussfully won the war.

north india

in the year 1745 Maharaja Ranojirao Shinde Died In Shujal pur in Central India. There after the elder son of Ranoji ,Srimant Jayappa rao Shinde was the heir of Family. Various events took place between 1745-1761 and Srinath Mahadji Was one of the Brightest person in the period.he took part in almost all wars in that particular time and thius was the foundation period of Mahadji. approximately he fought 50 wars <including, war in malwa, rajputana, bundelkhand, brij, doab, rohilkhand, delhi, Kunjpura, And Panipat.>in this short period of only 16 years. some of the fights are written here

1.chandravati ganj 1746 feb

Srimant Sardar Jayappaji Rao Shinde was commander in cheif of Maratha army and with his all power he conqured the palace of chandravati ganj,Srimant Bahadur Dattaji rao Shinde,Jyotiba rao Shinde and Alijah Mahadji Shinde were among the other generals who took active part in the war.

2.fatehabad 1746 march

Srimant Sardar Jayappa ji Rao Shinde took his sword to fatehabad and there the maratha army surrounded the enemy. Commander in cheif of the maratha army Srimant sahib Sardar Jayappaji rao Shinde divided his army under four groups

1.Under Srimant Dattajirao Maharaj Shinde :army for attacking the enenmy force

2.Under Srimant Jyotiba rao Shinde:army for attacking the enemy force from another side<backward>

3.Under Alijah Srinath Mahadji Shinde:for getting the "rasad"-"paani"-"Chara" and ammunations from near by area.and checking these things for the fatehabad ruler.

4.Under himself.,: for keeping vijilence on all the other three groups and giving help for any group in need.

3.badi sadri 1747 jan

raja of badi sadri fought with his whole power but Jayappajirao along with his four brothers

Dattajirao,Mahadji,Jyotiba and Tukoji started the war . after two days the enemy showed white flag and thus marathas won again.From here Jayappa sent Dattajirao to

Udaipur along with srimant swaroopjirao shinde < son of srimant Kedarjirao Shinde and grandson of Srimant

Changojirao Shinde>,later on Dattajirao shinde won politicaly and marched his army to Eklinghji there he

stayed for three days and won the bhilwara force near kotari river. Srimant Jayappa ji rao alongwith Tukojirao Shinde marched to Marwar. Srimant Jyotiba Shinde took his army to bhilwara and stayed there. that time

Alijah Srinath Bahadur Mahadji was fighting near Khari river

4.marwar 1747 apr

War continued for two days but atlast Srimant Jayappaji rao alongwith his younger brother Mahadji entered

the fort in noon time and conqured the fort Srimant Dattajirao Shinde was a very talented general in the army of his elder brother Jayappa rao,and he was

guiding the army this time till the victory came.

5.himat nagar 1748 feb

Srimant sardar Jayappajirao Shinde forwarded Alijah Srinath Mahadji Shinde with his army to himmatnagar

along with Srimant sardar Appajirao Shinde <son of Srimant Manajirao Shinde and Grandson of Srimant

Khalojirao Shinde aka. Raoloji> there the maratha army of Gaikwad also joined them and the victory was very

easily achieved.

6.bilada 1749 apr

Mahadji returned earliest to his Brother Jayappajirao and started war against Bilada jat. one night when Jayappa asked Mahadji...

" you are my younger brother but tell me how a person can achieve the real spirituality." Mahadji replied-" Dada saheb there is only one way the patriotism, which will lead us to the way of spirituality., the Yog marga and bhakti marg are only possible if we unit the whole india against invaders and establish a full

hindvi swarajya ,like once upon a time Kautilya Chanakya did ." Jayappa said-" Our father Maharaja Ranojirao Shinde always kept the promise they gave to Bajirao peshwa and

worked like a true hindu established a hindu state in north india<hindostan>,so we the sons of great Ranoji

will also work in same direction," "and yes we will do it ,we will complete the thinking and imaginations of great Shivaji raje."-replied Mahdji.

7.medtya 1750 jan

the whole army of Malharrao holker joined to Shinde fauj. won the medtya.

8.ratan garh 1750 nov

Holker and Shinde defeated the Ratangarh sultan Mahdji and Jyotiba were badly injured in the war.

9.lal garh 1751 feb

Holker army surronded the lalgarh and Shinde fought very Bravely to capture the lalgarh Malharrao holker went to indore in between with few of his soldiers but kept a helping force near lalgarh. Dattajirao Shinde alongwith 500 horsemen and 15 canons fought bravely. Mahadji was having strict vigilence over the maintenance of horses,Bullocks their fodder, the arms and

ammunation, the economic condition of army and the "rasad-pani" for soldiers. Jayappa ended the war after winning lalgarh. as the marathas won over lalgarh the raja bikaner showed friendly

nature to Jayapa Shinde

10.Laswari 1751 dec

Mahadji Shinde showed the power of his sword and won the fort at laswari

11.Lachhman garh 1752 feb

Dattaji Shinde won the Lachhmangarh after a good fight given by the ruler of lachhmangarh

The Shinde sena <Mahadji joined Dattajirao here>returned after this to the Kumbher in 1752 dec

12.Kumbher 1752 dec-1753 jan

Jayappa ji rao Shinde sahib was waiting for his brothers to come and as sson as they came fighting against

strong kumbher fort started.

after along war shinde took hold on the strong kumbher fort. Srimant Jayappajirao Meherban sardar fought bravely and attacking policy was taken into consideration.

13.Deeg 1753 march-april

Another strong quilla was this.

Jayappa divided the work into Dattajirao,Mahadji and tukoji shinde it was very difficult to manage the shinde force for the deegwalas.

later on Mahadji took full advantage of a small mistake of a soldier,from deeg and entered in thr fort with only

400 soldiers and started a great war inside the fort.

few soldiers signalled Tukojirao Shinde to come inside along with his army , so Tukoji went ahead but unfortunately a

strong gunpowder exploded in front of tukoji he was badly injured and taken in the camp .

Dattaji went to take care of tukoji.

Mahadji was fighting inside the fort, but slowly the marathas were on the backseat. so mahadji shinde ordered

to all of his soldiers to get down of the fort through the wall of fort with help of those ledders which were used

to get into hte fort. by mahadji.

in this battel Mahadji was surronded by enemy and he was having only 30 maratha soldiers at that time

other 150 soldiers were engaged far from Mahadji.

next 150 Soldiers were going down from the fort to ground

and in past 70 maratha soldiers were killed

it was very difficult position for Jayappaji rao to save his brother from enemy soldiers as he was outside the fort

and almost 100 yards away.with his force engaged in giving reply to the fire and canons of deeg

Srimant Mahadji rao Shinde Srinath Bahadur once again showed his brilliency over the enemy and insted of

coming down he forwarded in the opposite direction so, the bodyguard maratha soldiers also went ahead.

Alijah Srinath Mahadji rao Shinde fought with intelligence and reached near the main gate of the deeg quilla.

Here the main force of deeg was standing and whole arms and ammunations were kept here ,Srimant Mahadji

destroyed whole ammunation, gun powder and opened the gate of quilla only four person including Mahadji

were lucky to come out and others .........................................................................................................................

But due to this Jayappa got a scope to defeate the enemy and atlast Marathas won the war.

14.Mathura !755 Jan.

Mahadji Shinde Loved the Mathura ,As he was a devotee of lord KRISNA BHAGWAN.the Mathura was under Moughal kingdom that time but Mahadji Shinde alone went with his army and conqured the Mathura. developed various old tempels, renewed them and established a center for Sanskrit learning,made various taals ,which were broken in the war.

15.Gwalior 1758 june

All the Maratha force under Mahadji Shinde marched towards Gwalior and reestablished their kingdom after His father Maharaj Ranojirao Shinde had conqured it.

Mahadji used to saw the jungle spred arround the fort and do meditation on the fort-hill here in gwalior. sant Dattanath maharao <of UJJAIN>was his spiritual guru.

16.vijaynagar 1759

Jayappa Shinde used to give ''Daan -Dakshina'' to Bhikshuks after his bath in the morning.

one day in the summer time near, horses of army , Jayappa shinde took a bath and surprisingly two beggers like persons who were gathering fodder of horses attacked Jayappa and killed him by penetrating short sized sword, or a long knife iin to his heart and stomach

Dattaji was nearby and came as he saw and heared the voice of his elder brother and due to this Dattaji cried but Jayappa said:

" why are you crying like ladies  ?,you should think where are you?"

"the enemy vijay singh jat is infront of you he had sent these two peoples to kill me ;


Srimant Bahadursalar Dattajirao Maharaj fought with fire for whole 8 months with vijay singh and atlast won the war and took the whole region of Ajmer to Agra

17.buradi ghat 1760 jan

This was the place where Najibkuli Khan,Rohilla and Kutubshahwali Killed the brave hero of our country Meharban Srimant DATTAJIRAO SHINDE along with his most lovely and favourate horse LALMANI

Marathas were having a strict vigilence over the Yamuna River under the presence of sipahsalar Janav Rao vable.

but from the other side of the river yamuna Troops of Pathans, rohillas, afgans, turks and Moughal under the command of Kutubsahwali and Najibkuli Khan attacked Marathi worriers .

great war started and pathans and Moughals burnt Marathas through their Canon firing.

Later on Dattajirao came and took over the charge of the battle . He was brutually killed here , but his braveness was spread in air throughout the country. His last few words were " Kyon nahi !!! , Bachenge to aur bhi ladenge ." "Har Har Mahadev "

18. anupshahr 1760 oct

19.delhi 1760 nov

20. delhi <outer areas> 1760 nov

After the winning of Kunjpura Srimant Jankojirao again fought very Bravely and his favourate elephant crushed several hundreds of Turks,Habshis,Moughals,Arabsand Yamanis soldiers who came here for looting the great nation

21.kunjpura 1760 oct

Srimant Jankojirao Shinde son of Meharban Srimant Jayappajirao Shinde Sahib fought Bravely and won the Quilla of Kunjpura ,Got plenty of food and wealth inside the fort and after collecting it the Bulls and horses of Marathas could get plenty to eat.

One good news was that Srimant Jankoji rao Shinde Bahadur found his lost favourate elephant ZAVERGANJ<a royal elephant of Royal Black color>Zaverganj was holding a record of participating in more than 30 crucial battels, each and every time lucky for Srimant Jankoji

22. delhi 1760 dec

Peshwa vishwas rao and Srimant Jankojirao Shinde were true friends and equally brave . these two marathas again took controll over delhi in december.

continuous battel and war was a type of routene, and it was in the habits of these brave soldiers to handle the situation. Srimant Tukojirao Shinde and Alijah Srinath Mahadji Shinde cut down as many as 200 rihellas in dec 1760

23. panipat 1761 jan

In pune darbar

Balaji peshwa of pune died on 23rd june 1761 so the peshwaship was given to madhav rao The second son of balaji As he was a minor so his paternal uncle raghunathrao took all powers of peshwa After the death of Maharaja srimant Jankoji rao shinde <II>(age 30 years>(grandson of Ranoji)the inheritance question remained undecided upto 1762 Raghoba announced srimant Kedar rao shinde as the heir of family later on raghoba named Maharaj Manajirao Shinde as heir . Meanwhile MAHADJI concentrated his attention on strengthening his own position in favour to save the country from foreign invaders like taimur shah of that time. Mahadji was having limited means to strech the maratha rule over the uttar hindostan i.e. north narmada At this time age of Mahadji was 30 years.-in 1760

period between 1760-1768

Mahadji experienced a period of uncertainty between AD 1760-1768 and this was the biggest unlucky period for India when great worriors died for sake of our great country Few of them




Peshwa VISHWASRAO 1761


Govind pant bundela NIGUDKAR 1761

And many many more patriotic worriors ………………………………………

It was but natural that the utter rout of the Marathas on 14th jan 1761 at panipat had its effect not only puon politics of the south but also upon the politics of north That destruction and defeat created a feeling that Marathas had become weak. Naturally the nizam hydrabad and haider ali maysore raised their heads The bundle rulers the rajputs the brij rulers the awadh rulers and the malwa rulers put there head against Marathas alongwith the pathans and rohillas of ruhelkhand.

“the role of MAHADJI SHINDE in the politics of the north “

the sole objective of madhav rao peshwa was to reestablish supremacy of Marathas in the Hindustan.the peshwa got ample proof of the loyality and ability of Mahadji during various wars when the maratha army came across the narmada in 1770 feb the jat king naval singh opposed them but in the battle on 6th april 1770 Mahadji defeated him and that scored highly.

Year 1770

Mahadji was sitting in his fort of Gwalior along with his known sardars <mantri> Mahadji said “we are on the route of the reestablishment of hindupad patshahi in that land which was under various mougal emperors.” “there are various holy places here in the awadh and duab areas which I will take back from the mugal rulers in favour of the Maratha kingdom”

In april maratha army captured the agra and mathura crossing the yamuana The army entered territory of ahmed khan bangash Zabeta khan son of najib khan attacked Marathas in doab at that time Mahadji was engaged in war against rohillas and pathans . Srinath bahadur Mahadji defeated them and took his sword in the direction of zabeta khan but in between he got news that the full army of ahmedkhan bangash had surrounded them ,Mahadji didn’t shocked but made a plan to tackle the force in east direction and escape from west safely . Next day the war started the sardars <mantries> and sipahsalars of maratha army worked as directed by Mahadji Shinde and successfully escaped from west. Next morning Shrinath bahadur Mahadji planned how to defeat the bangash army and divided his army in five main parts He remained infront of bangash army along with the only 1/5 th part of his army One part of his army was kept in reserve One part of his army was keeping eye on the west side of the main chhawni.In the leadership of Ranekhan bhai One part was on the right side of enemy,in the leader ship of commander lakhbadada Another part was on left side of the bangash , under the commander Ambaji Ingle The last part was send to the back side of bangash from the left side .this troop was under the controol of Sri Jiwba dada Baxi <commander in the shinde sena.>

War started commander in the army of bangash saw Srinath Mahadji with his telescopic instrument and attacked on maratha in only main direction not knowing that Mahadji had already set a trap.

Result came only after four hours and maratha won the war. The troops of Lakhbadada and Amboji Ingle attacked from sides and The Jiwbadada Baxi took control over the enemies who were running back from the war place . Evening was the celebration time for maratha army It was impossible to ahmed khan to face Mahadji and he begged his life and returned all the land which was of Marathas before panipat war Thus the maratha s could re establish their power and prestige in the doab

year 1771

On the two sides of Delhi the Marathas had two enemies ,the Jats and the Rohillas , Srinath Mahadji Mansoor i-Zaman, Sarkar with his forces advansed forr the capture of delhi in early 1771 . He wished to snatch it from Zabeta Khan . SrinathBahadur Reached Delhi and surronded it . Now the 'Ranekhan bhai started the canons on enemy army . One night Mahadji told Jiwbadada Baxi to Get in to the fort along with his soldiers and to open the doors from inside.Jiwbadada along with 'shivajirao ghatge, ram ji shende , vitthalji ranade, Madhoji pawar and other 200 soldiers entered the fort in night .In front of the fort's gate Lakhbadada 's troop was waiting with 1000 soldiers . Rane khan was behind the Jiwbadad taking 2000 soldiers and the Mahadji Shinde was in his Chhawni along with commander Amboji Ingle with almost 10000 soldiers. Jiwbadad succesfully opened the doors of fort and Rane khan also came inside behind the Jiwbadada's force. Ranekhan directly attacked the army of zabeta khan inside the fort. As the door was open the 1000 soldiers of lakhbadada entered in the fort from the main gate. Informers told the news of success to Amboji Ingle and he along with his troop of 5000 rushed to the delhi fort. Mahadji seized Delhi on february 10, 1771 and made jawan bakht ,the son of shah alam badshah ,occupy the throne . The badshah shah alam left allahabad for delhi on april 1771, reached anupshahar on nov 16, 1771 there he had meeting with Srinath Bahadur Mahadji Shinde and both of them left anupshahar and reached delhi on jan 06, 1772. Of the enemies of Maratha the only one who could venture to rise head against them was son of najibkhan , zabeta khan.

In feb 1772,Alijah Srinath Mahadji Shinde entered in doab to wage war against zabeta khan in rohilkhand On march 04 1772 Mahadji caaptured the Shukrataal Zabeta khan reached patthar garh and Alijah Mahadji chased him Maratha army of visaji krishna and Mahadji Defeated rohillas and pathans once again.

Sadashivrao bhau's Pretender

The Role of Alijah Srinath Bahadur Mansoor i zaman Mahadji Shinde Sarkar sahib

The man who posed as sadashivrao bhao was in custody in the fort of Ratnagiri . The Jailor Ramchandra Naik Paranjpe had released the pretender in feb.1776 and assured peshwa of his fidelity.. So,Nana fadnis <balaji Janardan> entrusted Alijah Mahadji with this job of warding off the dangers arising from the activities of the pretender.Mahadji Shinde and Bhimrao pense set out to arrest the pretender. The pretender was supported by British army. thus, the pretender reached Bombay and from the orders of Mahadji ,he was arrested by Raghuji Angre in nov.1776Mahadji took him and his supporters<british and other maratha sardars> by defeating them in a war.near kolabah.,to pune darbar.

It was proved beyond doubt that Mahadji was galant and loyal courtier because of the singular role played by him in this case .

Gaurakshak Maharajadhiraj Mahadji Shinde's KARVIR campaign A.D.1777-1778

Tarabai and Sambhaji were opposed to Shahu even after Kolhapur had a certain degree of stability, and took their arms against Peshwas and shahu . Inspite of English-Maratha war ,those from kolhapur started attacks upon the territories of the peshwas in 1776, at the instigation from Raghoba and militry support from Haider ali..

To fight this danger ,Alijah Srinath Bahadur Mahadji Shinde's Militry assistance was essential.,and on the request of pune court ,Mahadji besieged Karvir and made Canon attacks upon it.

Amboji Ingle,Sardar Jadhav,Shitole,Jiwbadada Baxi,Lakhbaji dada, Rane Kahn,Awadji,and many other great maratha worriors were in the army of Mahadji.,so there was no match of this Shinde army.,and ?Kolhapur army realized this and went for a treaty. Mahadji imposed 15 lakhs rupees as penalty.

and that they should returns the land captured earlier,

and sholud stop dabbling in peshwa state.

so,Mahadji's success avoided the possible conspirancy between Haider Ali and Kolhapur court.

The plot of Moroba:

Role of Alijah Bahadur Shinde ;1778

Moroba hatched a plot to eliminate nana fadnavis from the court and bring Raghoba to pune as peshwa . British army was helping Moroba along with some maratha sardars also including,Tukaji Holker,Manaji Phadke,Sadashiv Ramchandra chinto vitthal etc…

Mahadji Shinde was alone who on the honesty ,was taking his army to fight against the british army and moroba.

Mahadji Shinde caught Moroba ,Naro Ganesh ,and some others who were involved in this plan including Babaji purandare.

They were kept in jail of Ahmednagar. The danger of british seizing power at pune by making Raghoba as their agent was averted owing to the honesty and vigilance by Alijah Srinath Bahadur Mahadji Shinde

Wadgaon-January 17,1779

Shrinath Mahadji(Madhavrao)Shinde realized that he will have to meet english army in Battelfieldas the english in Bombay were supporting Raghoba

warren Hastings allowed full freedom to mr.Hornby not only that he ordered officers at Madras to join at pune for war. The English officers made utmost efforts to win over or break away Alijah Mahadji but Alijah's Loyality to peshwa and Maratha Samrajya was impregnable.

in nov. 1778 british troops under command of col.Egerton marched towards pune. the sole responsiblity of this battel was on Srinath Mahadji

British army reached Wadgaon by crossing Khandala Ghat on 08 -01-1779 and after the army reached to Talegaonon next day.

To their dismay Mahadji was firing a lot from above the hill and from Backside Jiwbadada baxi and dadaLakhbaji sahib burnt out the food and fodder .Shrinath Mahadji's Army was including famous worriers like - Srimant Rayajirao Shinde Patil, Harirang Bhalerao, Srinarayan rao Shinde, Suryajirao Jagtap, Abajirao Mehendale, Mahadik, Madhoji Kasture, Sri Apte, Khandobaraya Sulke, Ranoji Chavan, Veerji Jadhav, Khadilrao Shende, Jogeshwarkar, Renge, Vinchurkar, Ramkhode and Sadashivrao Mohite.

Ambaji Ingle had taken his troops to the Nearest water source and kept heavy Canons there along with good horsemen.

so, the maratha won the battel and officer Holmes came to Alijah with white flag ,Alijah Srinath Bahadur Mahadji shinde informed them in very categorial terms that no talks were possible unless Raghunathrao was handed over to the Marathas .

Return of Sashti,Thane, and all the Gujrat

Holmes came again for truce talks on jan 15, there were talks on 17th jan . as per the treaty it was agreed that Raghoba should be handed to Marathas .

English should leave all the area fo Gujrat captured by them.

English should free Thane and other nearby regions.

and importently ,the army coming from Calcutta should withdraw as soon as possible.

and two officers wil be kept by Mahadji untill the conditions of truce are fulfilled.

British should donate the town of Bharuch to Maratha empire .

For the army of Mahadji British Should pay Rs-41,000/- as a penulty.

Capturing of Gardis and Raghoba

on 18 jan 1779 Mahadji Captured Raghoba,Chinto vitthal,sadashiv ram,their cavalry and 1,200 gardis.On the base of solid proof Alijah Mahadji defeated and arrested sakharam bapu and imprisioned him in the jail of Sighgarh. on 27 feb 1779

Escape of Raghoba and war 1780

Treaty of Salbai 17 may 1782

Alijah Srinath Bahadur Maharajadhiraj Srimant MAHADJIRAO SHINDE and the politics of DELHI


A reviewof the role played by Alijah Srinath Mahadji Shinde From A.D. 1769-1782 , the year of the treaty of Salbai , makes clear that after the defeat of Marathas in 1961 jan at Paniput ,Mahadjirao Shinde helped regain the lost glory and the lost territories of the Marathas .Mahadji get a lion's share of the credit.

During this period ,Mahadji Alijah Mahadji Srinath Bahadur successfuly steered clear the maratha intrest of the internal and the external dangers with his strength ,intelect and competent leadership. Particularly his role in Maratha English warfare is of great significance

It was on the strength of Mahadji's militry might that Shah alam (ii) had come to Delhi in 1772.After the English and Maratha war Mahadji Shinde's financial condition became very deplorable but he was having a strong desire that Marathas should controll over Delhi ,thus he requested pune darbar to give him a loan of 25,00,000 for the militry help,but Nana Fadnis rejected the request on behalf of young Peshwa, and asked for the previous details of accounts.

Therefore , Mahadji gave up asking loan.

Wining Malwa and Bundelkhand

After the growth in power of Malwa sardars and landlords of Bundelkhand,Mahadji decided to teach alesson .

for this Mahadji sent his Army to following states 1.Bhopal 2.Datiya 3.Chanderi 4.Narwar 5.Salbai 6.Gohad

and the whole Malwa was conquered by him, there was only one state of Indore that Mahadji never tried to get because it was a Maratha state.

Victory over Chanderi

Mahadji attacked Chanderi in April 1782 . He stationed his forces between Gwalior and Gohad. He sent Gosavi troops to Attack Chanderi under Command of Sri Balwant rao Dhaonddev Naigaonkar

The result was alredy known Mahadba won the war and then he turned his attention to Gohad.

The Conquest of GWALIOR and Gohad

At this stage ,the invincible fort of Gwalior was in the hands of Chatrajit <rana-Gohad>

Mahadji Stationed his Forces in Bawan burji and conquered the nearby ares

In feb.1783 Mahadji besieged the fort of GWALIOR from the hands of Gohad the siege was continued for

atleast six months

Mahadji ensuered the administration of Gwalior to Khanderao hari Bhalerao. The english officers pleaded with Mahadba on behalf of Chatrajit but were unsuccesfull . After the celebration of conquest of Gwalior Mahadji Shinde took a meeting of all his loyal officers in the Fort.

that time SriAmbuji Ingle,Sri Falke, Sri Arjun Shitole, Sri Ladoji Deshmukh,dada Lakhbdjirao,Sri Devji

Gawli,BhaiRaneKhan,Sri Patil Rayaji Shinde,Sri JiwbadadaBaxi, Sri Khanderao Harirang Bhalerao ji, Sri

Jadhav, and few more were present.. After getting hold over Gwalior Mahadji turned his attention to Delhi.

Darbar of Shahalam DELHI

There was a mourning of 3 days after the death of Mirza Nazafkhan .After that Shah Alam called all the generals and decided to elect a new leader.Mirza Shafi became uneasy when learnt about the appoinment of Afrasiyab khan as Mir Baxi,because he was also a claiment to the same post.So there was a conflicy between Afrasiyabkhan and Shafi

On Shafi 's side there were few big names like

Muhammad Beg Humadini, Khadim Beghum ,Kamaraddin etc.

while,Abdul Ahad, Najafkuli Khan, Latafat Ali , and JalalKhan Afgan were with Afrasiyab.

Later on Mirza Shafi Became Mir Baxi.

Meeting with Mirza Shafi 27th june 1783

Mirza Shafi was trying to establish friendly relations with Alijah Mahadji Shinde

On Shafi's request Mahadji With Minimal Troops Crossed The Great Charnavati River <Chambal> Tere Mahadji told Every body that this river Chambal is very prestigious for us ,it is holy river just like Kshipra and Ganga.

Mahadji used to worship the water of Kshipra, Chambal and Yamuna along with Ganga and Narmada when ever he passed through them respectively.

Meeting of Mirza Shafi with Mahadji was disliked by Humadini.

Muhamadbeg humadini and shafi

Hi im SAPI from Belur.. Working in Saudiarabia as Jr Mechanical engineer...]

I dont understand wht is this?

Any have hi 2 all

Regards, SAPI _____---

Afrasiyabkhan-Mir baxi

Warren Hastings and DELHI

Meeting of Alijah and Afrasiyab Khan oct 23, 1784

The Meeting of Alijah Srinath and Emperor shahalam (II)

Nov. 14, - 1784 Emperor Shah Alam Became totaly nervous after the death of AfrasiyabKhan .Shah Alam was at Agra .Mahadji sent KHANDERAO HARI Bhalerao to invite Sha Alam for a Meeting.

On nov. 10 ,

Shah Alam left Agra for Fatehpursikri to meet Mahadji. The Emperor sent his son Akbarshah in Advance to meet Mahadji. Here the Emperor awarded the Khillat to Alijah Srinath Mahadji Shinde.

Shah Alam said that "Mahadji Shinde is a real patriot saving the moughal kingdom alone,He is the Mansoor -i-Zaman,later on Shah Alam also called him a dependable nobleman.

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