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Alli Coupons

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Company Overview

Manufcatured by GlaxoSmithKline for over-the-counter sales in the United States and the United Kingdom, Alli is a drug designed to promote weight loss in overweight individuals by blocking the body's absorption of fats in every day foods.

By blocking these fats, the drug inherently reduces a person's caloric intake and helps them to cut calories from their diet without forcing them to remove all of the "guilty pleasure" foods that they enjoy from time to time.

Drug Uses

The drug has been proven effective in promoting weight loss, although it should be noted that it is not an alternative to a healthy diet and a steady regiment of exercise and weight lifting. Indeed, while weight loss results were modest in patients who did not engage in physical activity or healthier eating, the drug was shown to significantly help those who changed their diet and lifestyle in conjunction with regular Alli use.

Proper Uses & Where to Buy

Alli Logo.

The only downside to Alli use for weight loss is that its blockage of fat also blocks the vitamins that are contained in fat. Despite the negative connotations associated with the word, it is quite true that fat is an essential part of the human diet and, in healthy doses, promotes a healthy body. For this reason, patients who are taking Alli are strongly encouraged to take a daily multivitamin in order to reduce the risk of deficiencies that could have adverse effects on the body.

Alli is genrally sold at most discount retailers, health stores, and pharmacies, and its nationwide reach in both the United States and the United Kingdom means that there are ample coupons and other ways to save when trying or buying the product.

GNC Gold Card Discount

GNC is a large group of nationwide health stores that operate under the franchise model. Chances are, if your town has a shopping mall or downtown shopping area, there's a GNC relatively close to your home. Because the products in these stores are geared entirely toward healthy -- whether losing fat or gaining muscle -- Alli is a prominent product at each location.

The company operates what it calls the "GNC Gold Card" program; for $15 per year, customers get an additional 20 percent discount on all products in the store during the first seven days of every month. Additionally, first-time buyers will get to use that 20 percent discount on their first purchase after they've joined the program. GNC also offers occasional, exclusive sales to Gold Card holders and, because Alli is only gaining in popularity, it is frequently a part of these special promotions.

Alli's popularity also means that it is frequently on sale at GNC locations, and those sales can be combined with a Gold Card discount for even deeper savings. As a bonus, Gold Card discounts can also be used at participating Rite Aid locations. A little savvy shopping can lead to a big discount on Alli products.

Online Pharmacies

Alli is produced by a drug company (GlaxoSmithKline) and is sold in just about every pharmacy in the country. For online shoppers, the king of all online pharmacy websites is Drugstore.com, which frequently has far lower prices than traditional bricks-and-mortar locations. The site is officially partnered with Rite Aid, although its prices are traditionally lower than what Rite Aid offers in stores.

First-time users can get free shipping and up to 20 percent off their first order. And, each other receives a 5 percent cash-back bonus that can be used toward a future purchase during the redemption period. Drugstore.com is also full of electronic coupons that can be added to a customer's shopping cart for additional savings on Alli products at checkout.

Traditional Coupons

Alli products are frequently discounted by traditional coupons found in most local Sunday newspapers. These coupon clippings can be used at any retailer that sells the Alli line of products, and can even be used as "double coupons" at most participating grocery stores. A savvy shopper can comparison shop at retail outlets that sell Alli products and use their coupons for the biggest savings over the regular retail price.

Online Coupons

If you don't subscribe to the newspaper, you need not feel left out of the Alli coupons game. There are ample ways to save with online coupons and, because the the product is offered at a lot of online sites, these coupons come in the form of both electronic coupon codes and printable coupons that can be taken to retailers just like their newspaper counterparts.

When using these printable coupons, be sure to pay extra attention to expiration dates. Printable coupons are typically valid for a shorter period of time than the ones you'll find in a local newspaper, and they may be valid at only certain retailers, rather than any store that sells Alli.

Rewards Cards

Most pharmacies have customer loyalty programs that calculate "rewards" based on the products a customer buys. For example, you may get a dollar on your rewards card for buying three skin care products, or something similar. These rewards can generally be used to buy any product sold in the store, so a savvy shopper should try to accumulate a good deal of redeemable rewards and then apply them toward an Alli purchase. With enough rewards dollars, it's quite possible that your next Alli purchase could cost you nothing at all!

Overall, the broad national reach of Alli products means that there's always at least one way to save money when stocking up. Keep an eye on coupon mailers, sales fliers for local retailers, as well as the prices at your local GNC franchise in order to get the best deal on your next Alli purchase.

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