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Almay Coupons

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History of Almay Cosmetics

Almay Cosmetics began because Fanny May Woititz was allergic to the makeup that was being sold on the market in the 1930s. Makeup was typically made with chemicals that were very unkind to her delicate skin. Fanny May was highly fortunate to be married to a chemist, someone who could help her with this dilemma.

Alfred Woititz did several experiments in order to discover which of the ingredients in Fanny May’s makeup were causing her skin to react negatively. Once he discovered what these products were, he was able to remove them from the makeup and create a version that would be gentle enough for Fanny May to use every day. The makeup company Almay had been born in 1931.

Almay, a combination of the names Alfred and Fanny May, has made it a point to be the very first cosmetics company to do several things. They were the first to offer products that were hypoallergenic. They were the first to make completely fragrance-free makeup and the first to list all the ingredients they used on their packaging. More recently, they have been the first cosmetics company to create a line for people who wear contact lenses.

In 1987, the big cosmetics giant Revlon purchased Almay. After this acquisition, Almay began to be transformed into a company that carries a full skin care product line as well as makeup. Their products contain ingredients that are good for oily skin, normal skin and dry skin; they were the first cosmetics company to create products for different skin types. Their full makeup line includes products for the face, the lips and the eyes.

Where to Buy

Almay sells its products in several different stores such as in Walmart and Target stores. Patrons can also find Almay cosmetics at their local drug stores such as Walgreens, CVS stores and Rite Aid. But it is not necessary to go to a local store to purchase Almay cosmetics; consumers can purchase their products online at the Almay online store. They can also buy their products at cyberspace versions of stores such as Walgreens.

Almay makes several products for the eyes. Their Almay intense i-color powder shadows have been color coordinated to match different color eyes. These eye shadows have three different shades for brown eyes, blue eyes, hazel eyes and green eyes. One great feature these eye shadows have is that they are guaranteed not to create creases throughout the day.

Cosmetic Coupons

Almay also has created an eye shadow line that will create the smoky look. This line is called Almay intense i-color smoky-i kit. These eye shadows are free of all parabens and are, of course, hypoallergenic. They can be worn all day, like the i-color shadows, and they are also pledged not to cause creasing.

Consumers have several choices when shopping for Almay’s foundations. Some target the issues created by fine lines and wrinkles. One of Almay’s products that help to decrease those fine lines and wrinkles is called smart-shade anti-aging makeup. This makeup has the honor of being the winner of the Natural Health Beauty award for the year 2010.

Additional Product Lines

Other foundations in Almay’s line were created to assist in keeping the skin well hydrated all day. Their line smoothing liquid makeup uses cucumber to keep the skin moisturized. They added teas to the makeup, green, red and white, which contain anti-oxidants; anti-oxidants help to fight fine lines and wrinkles and aid in diminishing their appearance.

Almay’s cosmetics also can help people combat their acne outbreaks. Almay has created its own acne-fighting substance called BlemisHeal Technology. Almay’s clear complexion liquid makeup contains salicylic acid, an ingredient that encourages skin to shed its dead skin cells that clog the pores. This makeup also covers up the blemishes the skin has and causes the redness associated with acne to disappear.

No cosmetics line would be complete without lip colors and Almay has these, too. The truly lasting color shades are guaranteed to last through the entire day, up to 12 hours. They even make the claim that women can eat their meals without having to worry that their lip color will fade. This product contains several natural ingredients such as anti-oxidants, aloe and essential vitamins.

Coupons for Almay

Almay coupons can be found online as well as offline. The first place to go for Almay coupons is the Almay website located at www.almay.com. Customers will need to register for an account in order to be notified when Almay is having a promotion. Almay will be able to send notifications to their customers’ inboxes with printable coupons or to announce sales they are having.

Coupons can also be found in the stores. One example is Walgreens, a store that has a $2.00 off coupon for Almay makeup remover towelettes. Another place to look inside Walgreens for Almay coupons is their Spring Beauty Guide coupon booklet. This booklet will contain Almay coupons that offer consumers $2.00 off of their purchases of one Almay product. A bonus is that these coupons can be combined with the manufacturer’s coupons for even more savings.

A typical place to look for Almay coupons offline is in the Sunday newspapers that have coupon books full of manufacturer’s coupons. Consumers do not have to wait for Sunday to come to find these offline coupons; coupons also come in the mail and practically every day. This mail is often considered to be junk mail, but this is not the case when people search for Almay coupons and find them there.

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