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An Overview of Marketing

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Marketing Management Philosophies

Production Orientation

The firm focuses internally to see how they can improve the efficiency in delivering the product. The furniture industry is an example.

Sales Orientation

The firm focuses in increasing sales by forcing customers to buy. The belief that increase sales -> increase profit.

Market Orientation

  • Understand customer needs and deliver benefit to the customers.
  • Obtain information from customers, competitors and markets

Societal Market Orientation

The firm focuses on delivering a product that will not harm the society or environment, such as delivering rechargable batteries.

Differences Between Sales and Market Orientations

The Organization's Focus

Many firms focus on selling what the firm makes, but not satisfying customer wants.

No one comes to a webpage because it runs Java.

Customer Value

Focusing on customer service can help the firm to create value in their products. This includes:

  • offer products that performs
  • give consumers more than they expect
  • avoid unrealistic pricing
  • give the buyer facts
  • offer organization-wide commitment in service and after-sale support

Customer Satisfaction

Focus on not solving one problem for them but all problems for them.

Building Relationships

Focus on building long-term relationship with customers such that they become loyal to the company.

  • Since a personnel is the firm, it is important to have customer-oriented personnel.
  • Provide training to employees on how to satisfy customers.
  • Empower the employees such that they can solve customer problems on the spot. This gives customers the feeling that their concerns are being addressed.
  • Cultivate teamwork such that the organization serve customers as a team.

The Firm's Business

It is important to understand the firm's business: whether it is to create a product or satisfying customer wants. Understanding this allows the company to re-capture a market when the market shifts over time.

"The customers don't know what they want, they want what they know."

Those to Whom the Product Is Directed

Marketing include targetting to a specific market segment. This is because an average customer is not average and she will want specific products. It may help by creating products directing to those specific markets.

The Firm's Primary Goal

To sale is to raise profit. To market, firms satisfy wants. That's why nonprofit organizations may focus on anything other than profit.

Tools the Organization Uses to Achieve Its Goals

Sales-oriented organizations focus on sales only, marketing-oriented organizations focus on product, place, promotion and pricing decisions.

The Marketing Process

  1. Understand company mission
  2. Setting objectives
  3. Gather and anlyse information
  4. Develop marketing strategy
  5. Implement the strategy
  6. Design performance measures
  7. Make changes

Why Study Marketing

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