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Ana-me Nai

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  • Name: Ana-me Nai
  • Nicknames: Soulless (English translation of his Speech name)
  • Age: Unknown
  • Race: Empty (a creature born w/o a soul)
  • Height: 8'4" (humanoid form) or 666'6" (monster form)
  • Eye Color: Heartless' eye yellow in The Finale, may have changed
  • Skin Color: Black w/ red patterns


  • In humanoid form, a "man" in a large, tattered black cloak with crimson patterns and patternsthat look like eyes
  • In monster form, a gigantic human-ish serpent with no hind limbs, rather, a tail with several sets of spines and a pair of prongs at the end, has red patterns and a large "cloak" with four eyes at the front with more red patterns, hands have three-clawed digits, single horn on nose, spiked jaws with showy gums and sharp teeth
  • Now appears to have a form that combines the two previous ones

Combat Style

  • In humanoid form, wields a rapier that has the ability to harvest souls, seems to be skilled with the weapon
  • Possibly proficent with Square Magic


  • True origin is largely unknown
  • One of the possibly many dangerous beings sealed by Jonas Tirich
  • Managed to break through the seal slightly during the Heartless/Nobody War, used the war to break free of the seal during the Finale, defeated and escaped at the end of it
  • Current whereabouts are unknown, although he has spoken to Shadowfall recently.

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