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Portuguese English translation

Construindo no Trabalho o Homem novo,
(repeat previous two lines)


Angola, avante!

(repeat chorus)

Levantemos nossas vozes libertadas

Marchemos, combatentes angolanos,

Orgulhosos lutaremos Pela Paz

(repeat previous two lines)


O Fatherland, we shall never forget
The heroes of the Fourth of February.
O Fatherland, we salute your sons
Who died for our Independence.
We honor the past and our history
As by our work we build the New Man.
(repeat previous two lines)


Forward, Angola!
Revolution through the power of the People!
A United Country, Freedom,
One People, one Nation!
(repeat chorus)

Let us raise our liberated voices
To the glory of the peoples of Africa.
We shall march, Angolan fighters,
In solidarity with oppressed peoples.
We shall fight proudly for Peace
Along with the progressive forces of the world.
(repeat previous two lines)




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