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Anime Gerad

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Anime Gerad at animegerad.com is a site meant for interaction with people of a common interest of anime, manga, and blogging. With many users, topics, and features, it's a growing and always changing forum, collection of bloggers, and gallery.


Anime Gerad's forums were founded May 17, 2006 as a general media forum named Netherworld Void. After many changes to the forum and an addition of a website and many of it's features, it's become what it's known as today.

A collection of past and current banners can be found here

Anicyclopedia was a project for anime and manga definitions which was started as its own forum to collect new terms for a collection in a single page.

AGX Shourai was custom software once in the making to help give the site an edge over other sites. Ideas for it included a radio, online store, and a way to intergrate multiple forums of a different name with the Anime Gerad forum.


Userblogs - Create a blog with media intergration, RSS feeds, customization, and content blocks. Social bookmarking - Easy buttons on the main site and userblogs for adding the page as a bookmark, adding to social bookmarking sites, or to email a friend. Albums and gallery - Create your own gallery for images or browse through gallery areas already added. Youtube - Add Youtube videos inside posts. Social networking - Leave comments anywhere including profiles, blog entries, or in the gallery. Vocaloid radio - On the mainsite, there is a radio for many Vocaloid songs. Moods - Select a mood you're in and it will be displayed in image form in threads and in your profile.

Notable Members

Mainsite blogging staff: Serimorph, Jura, KT Samurai

animemeg (impactful member) - One of the founding members, avid video gamer, and most down to earth member of the forum.

EhNani (impactful member) - In the Navy. Yes, you can sail the seven seas. In the Navy.

ultimavirtues (impactful member) - User who helped to get content started on the forums


The off topic debate and personal life forum was once known as Perfectual Hospital, a building that was in the anime Boogiepop Phantom.

Past default user title for high post count was Beyond the Beyond, one of the titles of the manga of the same name.

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