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Welcome Section /home/

Multiple windows.png


Anyone here??? Welcome to AniChan!

Click [edit] to edit any section! Make new sections by typing TWO equal signs (=) in a row!

This place is like a place where like everyone can like edit like everything!



HELLOOOOOO :3 A little poem.

When you're a glowy bug Life is never glum Becuase when you're a glowy bug THE LIGHT SHINES OUT YOUR BUM D: < Lucy <3

OMG BEST POEM EVER!!! A+++++ (Pocky)

The revolution has stared!!!! down with the 2 faced cowards!!!!

Random Section /b/

Multiple windows.png So like this is another section We should probably put some stuff in here xD

lolz, like food?? (NM)

Yes like food!! (Pocky))

Yes Food Is The Best.........Until It Has To Go Out,If You Know What I Mean (DR)

LOL thats nastiful (Pocky)

...Bow chicka bow wow. (Kage)

ooo someone used to say that on Ani-Pock. I think it was Jess! (Pocky)

Kage, nice corny porno music XD You know what is random? Me. (Yuki)

Wow I did not know that O_o (Pocky)

I like to yell TIDDLYWINKS!Rin *giggles* (Rin)

XD At the office or where do you yell that (Pocky)

  • laughs* I yell it hanging with friends or at home, or if like people are being stupid and need a break from being stupid. A lot of weird things happen at the lunch table at work we're called the "Lunch Bunch" so I wouldn't be surprised to hear me yelling it there. Have you ever had a toxic sugar flower? I've had 5. XD Should I worry that I fit into this section too well??? >XDDD (Rin)

I have half a sandwhich in my backpack. I'm going to eat it now 8D (Pocky) TOO RIGHT. (Loo)

Whee!!! Seems everyone on ani-pock kept confusing me with another Rose, lol (Rose)

Cute Section /c/

Multiple windows.png Post links to cute things? Maybe its possible to put pictures down here too...

Cute Sony Robot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33a33XEVHKE&

Cute Section? I'd like to contribute if I could... but I have no clue how to add pictures of myself on here... I apologize ^_^ (Kami...)

I think if you paste an image URL and put it in brackets (no spaces) it will link it to it. (Pocky)

Waaaii, I have so many cute things like customized Rin stylz backgrounds, but ;3; I am still figuring this whole thing out...At least I am here though! (Rin)

Food Section /f/

Multiple windows.png Talk about your favorite fooooooods!

YAYZ!!! i like this place Pocky!!

lol (Pocky)

So my favorite food is POCKY. Chocolate flavor and strawberry (Pocky)

I dont like the almond kind of pocky (Nightmare)

It is crunchy though! Has anyone else tried Cheesecake Pocky? (Pocky)

No, but i want to!! (Nightmare)

OMG! A pocky I've never heard of?! D= I must find it Q(>_<Q) -shakes fists- (Yuki)

I've tried the cheesecake. Not one of my favorites though. I would have to say, I really like the Strawberry (especially the kind that they put EXTRA strawberry in) and Coconut the best, so far. (Jent-sama)

Awww what about caramel flavor??? (Pocky)

Pumpkin Pocky! Always a good give away during Hallowe'en! (Kami...)

I haven't found the dutch Pocky yet... T_T The supermarket known for it's international foods doesn't have it~ (Purly)

Oh noooo Purly! Well do they have any Pocky at least? Cuz then we can tradeeeee! (Pocky)

I believe it's under a different name in the Netherlands... no? (Kami...)

I LOVE CHOCOLATE AND StRaWbErRy Pocky especially with the crunchy strawberry bits, and OOO chocolate and toasted almond is very yummy too, and of course there's PINEAPPLE POCKY that Kip so lovingly got for me. It was very good and I shared it with some friends so that they could smile too and enjoy the ness of teh pock. (Rin)

strawberry pocky is good when u dip it in pudding.... (Kiba)

Pocky and Kami: Yes, it's under a different name. It's called Mikado by De Beukelaer. It's still originally by Glico, the logo's still there~! That's what I meant with the dutch pocky, pocky-kun~ So no, they don't have any pocky at all~! (Purly)

Strawberry Cheesecake *mouth waters* yum... (Rose)

Flash Section /ff/

Multiple windows.png Post links to your favorite flash stuffs!

There She Is !! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/161181 (Pocky)

There She Is!! Step 2 Cake Dance http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/224148 (Yoshi)

There She Is!! Step 3 Doki & Nabi http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/442805 (Rose)

There She Is!! Step 4 Paradise http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/456643 (Rose)

There She Is!! Final Step Imagine http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/474311 (Rose)

Hoy te amo http://vinnieveritas.com/Flash/hoyteamo.html (Yoshi)

Shii's song http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/shii.php (Yoshi)

Nightmare City http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/355421 (Rose)

Nightmare City 2: Catastrophe http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/355430 (Rose)

Nightmare City Secret Ending: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4v8qq_nightmare-city-secret-ending-subbed_creation (Rose)

All About Maryn http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/211317 (?) (Kip: Oooh, that's what led me to Ani-Pock first)

Final Fantasy A+ http://uploads.ungrounded.net/164000/164193_FFA_.swf (katsuhiro)

Here's one that made Ani-pock Famous http://homepage.mac.com/pockyrevolution/nanaca_crash.html (Yoshi)

Here's one that has many games on http://www.eyezmaze.com/ (Yoshi)

EyeMaze is awesome, except Grow is weird (Pocky)

Yet another day http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/268787 (Kiba)

Bleach Training: http://www.yogames.net/yogames/bleachtraining_game.html (katsuhiro)

Jent's Section /j/

Multiple windows.png I have absolutely no idea what to put here yet. :P Everyone, link your dA accounts here.

Mine is : http://jently.deviantart.com

HI Jent! I have a DA but I forgot the account name XD (Pocky)

I found it!! Mine is : http://anipock.deviantart.com/ (Pocky)

Hi again Jent!!!! XD (Pocky)

Kiba's Section /k/

Multiple windows.png hey every1! go 2 www.ani-pock.net! its da best! ~ mustluvkiba ?

yay XDDD I recommend that site too!! (Pocky)

Ani-pock.net Ish The Sizznits(DarkRiku)

So are woflie pancackes! (Pocky)

WAFFLES! Wolfie Waffles! (Kami...)

woo wolfie waffles growl at u when u poke em' with your fork. 0.0 (Kiba)

Kip's Section /kip/

Multiple windows.png

===>Leave your email and a date if you have news for the A-P Newscast and I'll contact you!<=== (Kip)

Ani-Pock World News Now is my favorite news programme ever!!! (Pocky)

Kira's Section /kk/


...I'm Kira...ummm...Welcome to the penultimate review dialogue run by yours truly, Kira-neko Erin Yarren. My job will be to do whatever it is I do and deliver a report. Whether it's discussing politics or dating advice I'll talk. Manga or anime or even your average movie, if I care you'll see it. I'll have ratings and reviews that are always right, because my opinion is the only one that matters to me.

xD (Pocky)

'Erin'? :O Are you an Erin tooo?? *GLOMP* Hiya Kira-chan my lovely Kira-neko!! *pets* I'll leave a shiny star gem here for you to play with when you're bored. How's the forum RP going? It was a good idea, perhaps if you're interested we can co-write a short story together. XDDDD It's so much fun,well anyway :3 I definitely miss seeing you around. (Rin)

Get out of the hospital soon please!! (Pocky)

The middle name is Erin people. Anyway, for the first review I will review... Azumanga Daioh. It is easily found and watched on youtube and google so It's access is great. The characters are entertaining and funny. Don't expect to come out of it unscathed, brain cells will die. But it's still cute. Animation **** Manga/anime relation **** Characters ***** Storyline *** Total rating ****

When I am out of the hospital I will report on 300 cause it looks cool.

      • Update***

The 300, I'm not out of the hospital but I cheated and saw this movie. All legal cheating of course, if you want to know how, e-mail me. Oh my god. I love it. Usually I can't take crazy bloody violence but this was awesome. The movie was sexy awesome. It's got everything any legally aged person could want. For me and the rest of us chicks, hundreds of extremely ripped guys half naked For the guys, a dozen or so half naked girls. Most were kinda creepy looking though. For all, super insane bloody violence. The 300 Rated R Special effects ** really corny Characters ** kinda shallow and stereotypical Storyline ** nothing new Acting **** these guys are good Total rating ** overall the ratings aren't good but if it was based on how much I loved it it would be 100 out of 5 stars

"Fatal Frame" This camera has three settings: indoor, outdoor, KILL! (Kip)

yeah, I want it soooo bad

Kawaii Kon News


Christine Auten

Greg Ayres

Steve Blum

Luci Christian

Robert and Emily DeJesus

Brittany Karbowski

Vic Mignogna voice of Edward Elric Leader of the Risemboll Rangers

Monica Rial

Jennifer Sekiguchi

Michael Sinterniklaas

David Williams

Travis Willingham voice Roy Mustang the Leader of the MSA (Mini Skirt Army)

Day one

During the AVD Panel Michael Sinterniklass announced that the company has the rights to Air TV, its extras and the Movie.

Day two

Well at the Commentary block of FMA after Vic left Travis treated us to a viewing of Vic's second video "The Fullmetal and Flame show". Later that day Vic had a concert where we sung "Soldier A" and some of his other works he also showed his video of the The Legend of Middle Tennessee.

well sorry folks I said that I'd be the reporter but I was having too much fun if anyone has questions feel free to ask at the bottom of this section and I'll try to answer it.

Meyume's Section /m/

Multiple windows.png Emblem-favorite.png


Is this the place where I get my sex change, Yume-chii? =O (Yuki)

LOL no thats in Y section below... or in b section (Pocky)

Meyume had a sex change, but it will be lasered off Monday aftermoon XD (Meyu)

O_O;;;;;; (PockY)

Meyu-channnn!! :3 *waves* I like Yumiland, it's all happehness and rainbows and OMG WHAT WAS THAT??? *tilts her head* Awww Meyu has pocky boxes with no pocky in it...ah wait there is one!!! @.@ Arrrrraaaaa it's all *pokes it* zomg it crumbled to dust. XDDD I guess Meyu is interested in different Pocky. >XD BTW, I love your drawings, they're so unique and pretty, I loved the "UWAH" one I just want to hug her in her cuteness so muchhh. *huggleshuggles*(Rin)

Click edit -------->

Manga Section /mm/

Multiple windows.png Name your favorite Manga!

Mine is... Death note!!! (Pocky)

Yoshi's favorite manga is Crono Crusade (Yoshi)

I also liked Love Hina Manga ^^; (Pocky)

I liked the Tsubasa Chronicle manga (Rose)

Crono Crusade's too sad~! I'ld rather read Absolute Boyfriend <3 (Purly)

Zaaaa...I have so many favoritesss, I can't just list one...SOOOO I <333 Rin's Shiny Collection of Manga. However, the one I am currently reading is "Ichigo Mashimaro". (Strawberry Marshmallow) It's very cute. (Rin)

It soundssss cute XD and tasty! (Pocky)

Black cat, some chibi vampire as well. (kira)

Northern Michigan Anime Con Section /NMAC/

Here is the press release!

Pocky and Purly Section /p/

Multiple windows.png muahahhaa

Oh ya, if you want to ADD a section, you have to click on the pencil/notepad icon in the top right corner of your window. Then follow instructions in /a/ section.

Hmm I need to embed this onto Ani-Pock some how...

yes, yes you do Pocky. (Nightmare)

You need to work on other fun things first! =O (Meyu)

Oh ya like the birthday reminder! (Pocky)

-chases Pocky to his section and smacks him- And My birthday is soon =o (Yuki)

Pocky maybe we could do the birthday section on here? (Rose)

Lawl!! *waves* OMG WE SO NEED AN ANI-POCK QUOTE SECTION...where everyone can post their favorite pocker quotes such as "IMMA CHARGING MAH LAZER"-Karl_Tyzanta. Or um.."I WANT ONE ;wwww;"-Lucy orrrr...you get the idea. XD (Rin)

We have a quote section but I could make an ani-pock quote section if Pocky doesn't mind. (Rose)

Quote Section /q/

Multiple windows.png Post your favorite quotes!

"its dot com"

~ www.homestarrunner.com

"Chayata runs a choice establishment. I've half the mind to buy it.Brothels are a muc sounder investiment than ships, I've found. Whores seldom sink, and when they are boarded by a pirate, why, the pirates pay good coin like everyone else." - A Game of Thrones

Rose's Section /r/

Multiple windows.png Yay! I have my own section that's all my own. I feel special now! This where you'll be getting to see my randomness come out. hehehe
Oh, and yep I'll be replying to anyone who posts in my section.

Hmmm...what else to say..oh I know, hopefully someone else will have a section after me.

Oh, thanks Pocky for having me make my own section...I love my section!!! ^-^

You are welcome Rose!! (Pocky)

Yay!! *comes running in with streamers* Hiyaaaa Roseee!! :3 I'd like to see your randomness. SO how are you and things, I know you've been sick a lot and have had headaches, and I'd just like to wish for your betterness. ^.^ Oh and nice job filling in the Friend's Page on Ani-Pock, for awhile there I thought I was only one spamming it, but with you and others it's really cool!!! *smiles* If we were to have a Alice in Wonderland type of Tea Party which character would you be? I would be the White Rabbit of course, I'm always LATE, LATE, LATE!! :3 Eeee...I am writing too much. Okies...*hugs* Take Care. ^^.

I'm guessing that was Rin? (Kami...)

I'm doing much better now. I haven't gotten sick as much..thank god. I think me randomness has returned, yayness! (Rose)

hmm...perhaps I should post a link to the Lord of the Yen video here...

Request Section /rr/

Multiple windows.png Post a request here, like need help finding some information or got a question! Like if you need help using this site...

Does anyone know where I can buy a truck full of Pocky? (Pocky)

Just call Glico, and say that you want to be a distributor? (Kami...)

Labrador for sale. 1000 YEN. (Dog Seller)

For Sale: Truck full of Pocky. 1,600,000 (truck included) yen. (Salesman)

Rin's Section /rrr/

Multiple windows.png Hi hi!~~ Yay, I have my own section now, but I'm not really sure why. XD I'm just a wannabe. *scribbles over her section in crayons* Waai, waai, ooo there's a vending machine in mine!! Strawberry Lemonade pleeeeasee! *puts in her change* o3o It seems it's a vending machine with a sense of humor. *picks up a pack of strawberry lemon bandaids* ^^; I guess it follows "You don't always get what you want"" ^^ Ah well, well this is all fun and craziness and chocolate and sugar love. Ne ne...leave me a post and I'll write youuuuu backkkkk. <3333

Personally, I love having conversations with vending machines... It always gets funny looks... especially when people see the vending machine talk back. :P (Kami...)

hhehhee, you are silly Kami, just like me. <3 What does the vending machine say to you? XD (Rin)

Omg you nub. "Rawr" is my word...suckafish <3 (Rin)

Rin, I wanna write that story with you. (Kira-neko)

Rin, to answer your question sometimes I feel like Alice as strange stuff always like to happen to me. Though I could be the chester cat as well somehow.... (Rose)

Rin, could you let me know what's been going on at ani-pock since my long absence from there? Thanks (Rose)

Silly Rose, no one has used this since it was defaced by SOMEONE from London, England, as well as possibly the same SOMEONE using Rin's account... let's see... it ended on June 15th of 2007. (Kami...)


I luv my big sis! *huggles* (Rose)

Wallpaper Section /w/

Multiple windows.png Post your favorite wallpapers here!

Put the image URL inside brackets.

Pocky Wallpaper! [1] (Pocky)

It was this: [2] Now it's this: [3] (Kip)

Those images are awesome Kip! (Pocky)

Where do you suppose I got #3 from anyway? XD (Kip)

But wait, there's more! http://tokyoyakei.cool.ne.jp/ (Kip)

Yuki's Section /y/

Multiple windows.png Hokay. This section is MINE! You can't touch it, for it has an invisible electic fence around it! =3 This section will pwn all of yourswhen I get around to fancying it up >_> I will reply if you post in it =3

Moved to under q section >D (Pocky)

Waaaah! DX I don't like being on the bottom XD (Yuki)

Maybe someone will have a Z section soon. What starts with Z (Pocky)

It makes me think of the Dr. Suess book with the whole "Big Z Little Z" XD (Yuki)

Yuki-chi! What kind of pe*is do you want for your change? *eyes twinkle*(Dr. Meyu)

An internet one!!! It's be a gigantic monster!!! XD (Yuki)

I touched the Yuki Section! *runs off* (Pocky)

Yoshi's Section /yy/

Multiple windows.png Hey all you Pocksers tis I Yoshi. Yoshi is me, me is Yoshi. Yoshi is happy to be here. Yoshi would like to thank Pocky for this opitunity.

Old Japanese saying

"Momo kuri san nen Kaki hachi nen

Yuzu ku nen de narisagari

Nashi no bakame wa juuhachi nen"

Heh well be talking to you folks later.

Hi Yoshi! Nice section ^^ (Pocky)

Yay Oniisan has a section! *tackle* sry I had to do that I couldn't resist. Oniisan, Aishiteru! (I think I said that right). Laterz! (Rose)

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