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Annual Doctoral School Skiing Weekend (2008)

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...looong time ago in Saas Fee

Looks like fun! ...... Hmmmmm, I cannot see Gleb's hands :D

...two years ago in Saas Fee ;-) a short video here
...last year in Zermatt (more photos)


I have ordered 16 places in Haus Azalea http://ch-saasfee.concentrator.net/show_appart.asp?RG=IT&ID=30001931 (our usual house was already booked), which is very close to the ski-lifts. We arrive Fri (Nov 28) and leave on Sun evening (Nov 30). The expected price is 50chf per person per 2 nights. The places I ordered for:

  1. Sharki
  2. Gleb
  3. Adriana
  4. Wojtek
  5. Sebastian Oana
  6. Irinka Ali
  7. Valka Neda
  8. Misiu
  9. Kasiu
  10. Simas
  11. Iuli
  12. Maxim
  13. Ivana R.
  14. FS
  15. Ivana J
  16. MacekRazvan


  1. Marcin
  2. Sheila


  1. Marko and the family ;-)

If you need to extend the booking - the contacts of the place are the following:

The contacts: Alois Bumann Haus Azalea 3906 Saas-Fee Tel:+41 27 957 16 46 Mail: alois.bumann@bluewin.ch

Hopefully Marko & Co, Slavisha & Co and Deniska & Co will join us as well.

Cheers, Sharki


Cao guys!

The time has come to announce the call for participation for the 5th Annual Doctoral School Skiing Weekend which will take place in Saas Fee (probably) on 29-30 of November 2008. If you are willing to participate, please inscribe into the list below so that I know how many places have to be booked (as usual I will try to find some inexpensive accommodation). Our tentative plan is to leave on Fri (Nov 28) and be back on Sun evening (Nov 30) with a nice fondue dinner on Sat ;-) Please reply by the end of next week - I will try to call and order a chalet next Friday.

Cheers, Sharki

List of participants

  1. Sharki
  2. Gleb
  3. Wojtek
  4. Sebastian
  5. Irinka
  6. Valka
  7. Misiu
  8. Kasiu
  9. Simas
  10. Audrius (provided the date was changed to December 6)
  11. Iuli
  12. Maxim
  13. Ivana R.
  14. FS
  15. Ivana J
  16. Natasa (*)
  17. Slavisa (* Natasa and me reserve an accomodation for the two of us as we might go for more/less days, but we join you for skiing and for the fondue)
  18. m&m (50%)
  19. Denis, Natashka & and the rest (75%, depending on Natashka's titre de sejour)

Transportation from Lausanne on Friday

Please mark whether you go by car or not and how many places you have


  1. Mi&Ka - 1 place (Simas)
  2. Ma - 2 places (Wojt, Marcin)
  3. Gl&Ad - 1 places (Sheila)


  1. Gleb (With Gleb)
  2. Adriana (With Gleb)
  3. Wojtek (with Ma)
  4. Misiu (With Mi & Ka)
  5. Kasiu (With Mi & Ka)
  6. Simas (With Mi & Ka)
  7. Maxim (with Ma)
  8. FS: by train from ZH. Left my equipment (skis, boots, poles) in Renens. Could s.o. bring it, please? :)
  9. Ivana J ? (we should fit you somewhere :)
  10. Marcin (with Ma)
  11. Sheila (With Gleb)

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