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(? - 134 FS) Antares was a mysterious dragon infused with the essence of the fallen god Vivec. This magical indwelling transformed him into a being of arcane power, such that his original color became indiscernible. Soirse encountered him in 134 FS, in the ancient ruined temple he had made his lair. There she attempted to release the essence trapped coursing through him, thereby resurrecting Vivec. This ritual was interrupted by Ghaleon Ebonheart's Dogs of War and Malcolm's duergar war-band. In the course of the fight, Malcolm used a magical amulet to drain some of the essence of Vivec from Antares, fleeing with over half of it when his defeat seemed imminent. It is believed that Antares ceased to be upon the completion of the ritual and the partial resurrection of the god of magic, though it is known that the role of Scion passed to Soirse as she was imbued with the remaining essence.

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