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Antecedents/Logs and Reports

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  1. Game
    1. Session Logs
      1. Antecedents PI: Case Logs and Reports
      2. Orphans: Mishaps and Adventures
    2. Setting
    3. Character Generation
    4. House Rules
      1. Dreaming
    5. Atlantis Background
      1. Atlantian Confederation
      2. The Orphanage
      3. Dor-Manis Surrender
      4. Friends and Strangers
      5. The Bloodlines
    6. Antecedents Background
      1. Age of Aquarius
      2. Antecedents P.I.
      3. Dr Butler
      4. The Antecedents team
      5. Fundis
  2. Antecedents Characters
    1. Andrew: Leopold Arkenov
    2. Byron: Victor Cabal
    3. Ian: Robert Stane
    4. Richard: Corey
    5. Samson: Kai
    6. Jim: Royce
  3. Orphans Characters
    1. Andrew: Puyter the Archonian
      1. Puyter's Plan
    2. Byron: Wendy (Woody) Winter
    3. Ian: Mouse
    4. Samson: Vecna
    5. Jim: Piper Jake

Case Logs

Case: Frozen Stiff

Case Number API:b-27-01
Case Handle Frozen Stiff
Client Louise Lafayette
Contract Date 2027-04-27
Category Suspicious death
Lead Officer Robert Stane
Assisting Officers Leopold Arkenov
Victor Cabal
Geoff Chang
Kai Bernstein
Status Open/Active

  • Day 1:


Robert Stane- <view report>
Leopold Arkenov- <view report>
Victor Cabal- <view report>

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