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  • Name: Arduri Faust
  • Nicknames: 4DUR1N (HuntersNet SN), Ard, Ardurin, Arty, Faust
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 28
  • Race: Renquizdt
  • Height: 8'3"
  • Eye Color: Heartless' eye yellow
  • Hair color: Crimson
  • Skin Color: Medium-dark tan
  • Home World: Azut
  • Player: Zent
  • Theme: Chop Suey! by System of a Down


Arduri is a bounty hunter whose main ties lie with the ISPF, although he also tends to hold memberships in other agencies (such as HuntersNet) for the sake of posterity. Arduri takes great pride in his work and abilities, sometimes excessively so, and therefore has a somewhat egotistical personality, much to the chagrin of those who know him well. Despite this, he is usually friendly and very willing to converse with whoever addresses him, and has a sensible code of honor. However, anything that has to do with the issues of his world are a sore spot for him and can easily sour his demeanor.


Arduri is a fit-built humanoid who wears a cloak over high-tech armor over various outfits, has no left arm, his complexion and eye color can get him mistaken for a Heartless Lord (a quite common trait with his race in general), his dark red hair is spiky and slicked back, and he sometimes sometimes puts it in a ponytail.

Combat Style

Unknown, hasn't been seen in action yet (but if his DBI version is any indication, he's probably quite proficient with ki and a sword)


Arduri was born on the world of Azut, during a terrible time in its history, specifically during the Renquizdt Genocide, in a prison camp. When he was about five, his parents attempted to escape the camp, with him in tow. Sadly, he was the only one who made it out alive, losing his left arm along with his parents. However, he was found and raised by one of the rebel armies, and eventually he had to leave the planet to escape the Inquisition, and found a new home with the ISPF and took up bounty hunting, and due to this, met Talon at an unspecified point in time.

His connection to Valgris didn't come until meeting Alisha Shatogi and Mecha Tails in a space station where he was searching for one of his most sought marks - the Nexian con artist, Gabriel Xoxim. Ali almost mistook him for a Heartless Lord, but her sensing of him prevented any confrontation. Eventually, he got information about his target when MT noticed he was looking at information on Gabriel. After some friendly exchanges, ways were parted...

And one day, he sent Talon a birthday card...

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