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Ashley Stewart Coupons

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Ashley Stewart is the premier shopping experience for trendy and beautiful plus-size clothing. In addition to inspiring new fashion trends, Ashley Stewart has made a name for itself selling business attire to top executives.

Because of this, its stores are a one-stop shopping experience for every article of clothing a plus-sized woman needs. Finding deals and coupons for Ashley Stewart clothing is quite easy and will be shared, but first some history.


The company was started in 1990 by Joseph Sitt of Thor Equities. Primarily, Thor Equities is a real estate development and investment firm dedicated to increasing the value of properties in urban environments. By increasing the value of these flailing urban properties and hiring local workers, Thor Equities hopes to breathe life back into high-traffic urban neighborhoods to create a higher standard of living for their occupants.

This real estate and investment firm owns and operates locations in several large U.S. cities: these cities are Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Norfolk, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. In addition to various U.S. locations, Thor Equities also branches out to Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Ashley Stewart Coupons

A Protector

Interestingly enough, Joseph Sitt picked the name “Thor” to represent his real estate and investment business because he loves the comic books about the hero Thor. Sitt concluded that just as the comic book Thor was a protector, Sitt’s company would also be a protector of these inner city neighborhoods.

In 1991 Sitt faced difficulties in bringing in outside companies to these urban neighborhoods. So he took matters into his own hands and started the company Ashley Stewart to serve a need and bring in jobs.

These stores sell fashionable plus-sized clothing primarily to African-American women, and gathers most of its workforce from the communities that surround each store. President Bill Clinton even recognized the stores for their contribution to the Welfare to Work program during his presidency.

The Popularity

The Ashley Stewart chain of stores spread quickly to over 100 cities, with some cities contributing more than one store. In all, there are 380 Ashley Stewart store locations throughout the U.S. today.

The name Ashley Stewart is a mash of the names Laura Ashley and Martha Stewart. Laura Ashley was a famous fashion designer and Martha Stewart is best known as a famous MacGyver-like ‘everything’ designer.

Extravagant Clothing

Even though the company started as selling plus-size clothing to African-American women, today the selections and designs are diverse enough to please the eye of any woman. The range of apparel that Ashley Stewart offers has something for every type of plus-sized woman. Elegant shirts and blouses are offered in a wide array of wonderful colors and designs. The tanks and camis selections offer stylish casual wear at great prices.

For the business woman, professional jackets are sold along with stunning skirts or bottoms that allow a woman to feel beautiful while at work. Plain suits and separates are offered as well for those uncomfortable in more flashy work attire. No matter what type of attire is desired, Ashley Stewart has it covered.

Additional Clothing Options

Active wear, swimsuits and intimates can all be found at Ashley Stewart as well. Be a fashionista while walking or jogging with Ashley Stewart active wear. For the avid swimmer or beach lounger, there’s also a wide range of swim wear. From tankinis to swim dresses, each article of swim wear is made specifically to emphasize the beauty of a plus-sized woman’s physique.

Sarongs are sold as well to give an elegant and covered look to any woman wanting to simply spend time on the beach. Intimates, such as the high waist trim shaper panties and paisley print bras, are offered as well along with comfortable sleepwear.


Finding deals on Ashley Stewart clothing is fairly easy. The website offers two sections where these deals are laid out.

The first section is the daily deals link. When visiting the main website, the daily deals link is second to last in the top category links. When clicked on, a drop-down menu unfolds that shows what items at Ashley Stewart are on sale for this particular day.

These daily deals range from mix-and-matching intimates to buy-one-get-one-free deals. Other daily deals lower prices on higher ticket items such as blouses, dresses, or jeans. The daily deals change frequently – on a daily basis as the name implies – so checking the website every day will yield different results.

The Ashley Stewart website also offers a generous clearance section with an extensive selection of items. Clothing and accessories in this section are at times 50 percent off of the ticket price. Though like the daily deals, the clearance section changes frequently and once the items are gone they’re gone for good.


Signing up for frequent Ashley Stewart emails will ensure that coupons and promotions are always easily known and available. Nearly every email sent by Ashley Stewart includes a printable coupon. Sometimes these coupons are for 20 percent off, while other times great deals are available with 50 percent off coupons.

Local newspapers also carry flyers and coupons for Ashley Stewart clothes. The only problem is that a newspaper needs to be paid for while signing up for emails is free. Regardless, money can be saved with these coupons.

Online deals and coupons are readily available on the Ashley Stewart website. Shop today using these tips to find the best deals.

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