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Ok first off, I won't be around all weekend, so for this to be a success everyone needs to spread the word.

I know the Vgoc has no life, as a collective whole, so there ought to be no problem getting here.

Heyhey, Just calling to say Project AssHo (zh:必和会议) (Basically a great big tribute to Douche Radiation) is go. My place, 8:30 Sunday (11th) evening (So ya'll should stay overnight or we get to do much.) and will go through monday till I dunno, whenever.

  • Invite List:
  • Basically everyone who wants to come can.

So far, I am expecting for sure:

  • Fulton (better be staying I want to watch Casino Royale)
  • Ken (not staying (will use his cousin as an excuse, just watch!!))
  • Oleg
  • Li (actually not so sure) - Coming ~ Li
  • Jiajia (not staying)

As I am sure I spoke to them

Everyone else should be there, maybe.

  • Hope
  • Jiajia (said he would come)
  • Rocky
  • Rachel (If you can find my house)(If you'd like to cheat the address is 813 14th st. E.)(thnx for ur great generosity in giving the cheat, don't know if i could've found ur house without it 9_9)

Zhang and Nick are both out of town, but all other Vgoc I have neglected to mention ought to be there.

Also John Mo: A free pizza to whoever drags him here.

Oh right, and Ken's cousin Fay-fay is coming (not his real name but he will be referred to as Fatty until I now it)

    • Background for Operation AssHo:

Well Shit. That should be pretty fucking obvious. Basically there are two horribly prominant assholoes in the school: The ever annoying Prashy D. who hits on everything that moves (Well, at one point in time it was everything that moved. Then I said, "why limit yourself?" he has since become addicted to furniture porn.--Jia² 20:55, 10 February 2007 (EST)) and couldn't keep his fucking trap shut to save his life, and the ever Douche-y hair smelling Howard Meng. Prasun, for those of you unfortunate enough to have classes with him, has begun randomly crying out "AssHo!!!!!" (kinda like Bobby and "Monkey!"), Howard similarly, is known as "Ho" and he is, basically, an ass. K, so, like, seriously, stop laughing at me, I don't always talk this stupid. SERIOUSLY, Like, come on. Anyway, I recently had the misfortune of sitting between Howard and Prasun in Calculus (I survived, thank you for asking), and this harrowing event insired me to host AssHo, a brilliant and fitting tribute to the growth of Douche Radiation worldwide. Enjoy. That, and Jiajia made up the name in the first place. Lets just not give him credit though. Rar.

  • Events and Shit:

MF will be bringing Deplomacy (i think) and his Wii I will be bringing food and other awesome shit Michael and I are currently debating as to whether we should watch Basic, awesome awesome movie, or Casino Royale, additionally awesome awesome. Oleg will be bringing his Xbox. Also, I may have a PS2 available as well, with a couple sweet games (through two player cap, so we'll prolly leave that) And Mafia, Fuck Jiajia's opinion (you say that after being villager 5 times in a row) I love the game (even when Rachel screws up, lol), so I think we should play a couple roudns (no more than 3 or 4)

Wii was played, Casino Royale was watched.

    • Disucssion: (It would great if anyone could post whether they can come r not here)


Congratulations to Seanacton, for having the messiest party Wiki to date.

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