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Welcome to AstroWiki

Globular G1 m31.jpg

Astrowiki is a wiki that is about astronomy. We have (or hope to have) articles on astronomy concepts , major astronomers , Observatories and telescopes,astronomy related organizations , manned and unmanned space missions,informaiton on astronomy gatherings , astronomy tools & software, and celestial bodies of all kinds.




astrowiki/Big Bang

Types of Objects


Neutron star cross section.jpg

Red Dwarf

Brown Dwarf

Yellow Dwarf

White Dwarf

Black Dwarf


Variable Star


Hubble deep field.jpg

Spiral Galaxies

Barred spiral galaxy

Dwarf galaxy

Ring galaxy

Closest Stars to Earth

Sun in X-Ray.png

Sun 1 AU away

Nemesis (hypothetical) 50,000 to 100,000 AU away

Proxima Centauri 4.2 Light Years away

Alpha Centauri A 4.3 Light Years away

Alpha Centauri B 4.3 Light Years away

Barnard's Star 6.0 Light Years away

Wolf 359 7.7 Light Years away

BD 36 2147 8.2 Light Years away

Lalande 21185 8.3 Light Years away

Accretion Disk Binary System.png

Luyten 726-8A 8.4 Light Years away

Luyten 726-8B 8.4 Light Years away

Sirius A 8.6 Light Years away

Sirius B 8.6 Light Years away

Ross 154 9.4 Light Years away

Ross 248 10.4 Light Years away

Epsilon Eri 10.8 Light Years away

Ross 128 10.4 Light Years away

61 Cyg A 11.1 Light Years away

Sirius A and B Hubble photo.jpg

61 Cyg B 11.1 Light Years away

Epsilon Ind 11.2 Light Years away

BD 43 44 A 11.2 Light Years away

BD 43 44 B 11.2 Light Years away

Luyten 789-6 11.2 Light Years away

Procyon A 11.4 Light Years away

Procyon B 11.4 Light Years away

BD 59 1915 A 11.4 Light Years away

BD 59 1915 B 11.4 Light Years away

CoD 36 15693 11.6 Light Years away

Other Types of Objects

Black hole.jpg

Black Hole


Supermassive Black Hole

Space Flight


Timeline of Space Flight

Earily Airplane Flights

Wright Brothers' Flight

Manned Space Missions

Apollo Missions

Space Shuttle


Editing This Wiki


Citing Sources


What Not to Post On this wiki

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