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Astrowiki/Lalande 21185

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A red dwarf with two known planets, both gaseous giants, which are far away from the star. A third planet is suspected. Lalande 21185 is also known as HD 95735, BD +36 2147, G 119-052, PLX 2576, GJ 411, LHS 37, MCC 594, SAO 62377, LTT 12960, LFT 756, HIP 54035 or Proxima Ursae Majoris.The farthest out of Lalande 21185's is 11 AU away from it's star and is 1.6 times larger than Jupiter. The closest one is nine tenths the size of Jupiter and is 2.2 AU from the star.

Nearer to the star there would be room for rocky planets which could have temperatures suitable for life.All life on a planet orbiting Lalande 21185 would have to be an Extremophile because Lalande 21185 is a flare star , a variable star that goes through sudden , random and violent changes in brightness

Constellation: Ursa Major Age: 3 - 10 billion years Distance: 8.312 light-years Spectral class: M2n Visual magnitude: 7.5 Luminosity: 0.00568 * Sun Mass: 0.403 * Sun Diameter: 0.393 * Sun Radial velocity: -84.3 km/sec Right ascension: 11h 03m 20.2s

Apparent magnitude 7.47


Based on http://jumk.de/astronomie/near-stars/lalande.shtml which is under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Licence.

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