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  2. Antecedents Characters
    1. Andrew: Leopold Arkenov
    2. Byron: Victor Cabal
    3. Ian: Robert Stane
    4. Richard: Corey
    5. Samson: Kai
    6. Jim: Royce
  3. Orphans Characters
    1. Andrew: Puyter the Archonian
      1. Puyter's Plan
    2. Byron: Wendy (Woody) Winter
    3. Ian: Mouse
    4. Samson: Vecna
    5. Jim: Piper Jake

Session 2


Today was the day when all the masters came to choose apprentices from us orphans. I made some notes about who was here, and which of us orphans they chose as their apprentices.- Puyter

Trades Assessment Day- Masters

1. Entranis Acumba

  • Cultivated Lady, groundskeeper of Ellonatus Royal Family
  • Apprentice: Puyter

2. Unknown name/function

  • Demon Wrangler- Chunky piecemeal armour, big swords, one dressed in green
  • Apprentice: Joarm the Pachy

3. Dinero Xeratas

  • Friend of above- Gladiator Master on Ryvon IV

4. Princess Elona

  • Of Ellonatus Royal Family

5. Dribiscus Nottal

  • Master Perfumer

6. Maxus Gamijus

  • Friend of Dribiscus and Elona; has 8-foot staff with ball of flame

7. Unknown name- Finnig Wainwright

  • Illusioner of legend- 3 eyes, hard to see
  • Apprentice: Vecna

8. Tromell Bro

  • Callous Gambler, Papa�s brother

9. General Zee

  • Marshal of All the Confederation
  • Apprentice: Piper Jake, Forran

10. Li A U�Ushu

  • Lord of Silent Deaths, master assassin
  • Apprentice: Mouse

11. Impossible Jones

  • Space captain and adventurer
  • Apprentice: Wendy, Tether

12. Unknown

  • Golem

13. Unknown

  • Asian woman

14. Unknown

  • Sculptor of the Ages; monk-like, one-step across yard

15. Deus

  • Demon Prince of the Abyss

Session 4

(from GM's e-mail)

Re-alta explained the Thrid had come and taken Prince Naz because he was, through his mother's line, a member of the Ilk bloodline. Re-alta didn't know anything about the Thrid though, or the Ilk. You were all taken back to the cabin and told to stay there as the insects had to go serve the Lord.

Puyter, however, left the cabin while Mouse was demonstrating her new skills and went off wondering in the woods by himself. Most of the party went off to look for him except for Mouse (Ms Goody-two-shoes) and Joarm. Joarm counselled mouse not to dob on the rest of you - see if you can guess whether she listened to his advice.

Off in the woods Puyter skipped from tree to tree before seeing a mysterious set of human tracks that lead to a small campsite. Putyer spoke to a woman called Grandma Zee who was the occupant of the site's 1-person tent. She was friendly and chatty and she requested Puyter not look at her. It took him all of 2.3 seconds to peer into the tent and was turned to stone when he took in her snake wreathed head and carvenous face.

Unfortunately those trying to find Puyter lost his trail in the forest and saw no sign of any other trails. Vecna did however spend some time desecrating the peace and tranquility of a lovely forest pool which ended up with him sporting a fair amount of his own fecal matter over his own clothes and body (don't ask - REALLY). When Vecna started chasing people around trying to smear them with poo the kids decided that, given the choice, beating the living tar out of vecna was a far better way of getting his poo on them than being smeared by the sick sick child.

After being lost in the forest for some time Foran found a tawny coloured cat that led the kids to the statue of Puyter, alas there was no campsite.

After trying to drag the 300lb statue of Puyter through the forest the kids decided to leave him webbed to a tree and to get back home - where they were bound to be in trouble - thankfully the tawny cat was able to direct the kids to the forest verge as they were hopelessly lost.

Back in the cabin various of the bugs had come in, Joarm and Mouse tried to cover but when Zoran came in specifically to fetch you to present you all to Lord Kipus the jig was up.

Shortly all the insects were in the cabin, fuming with anger, waiting for the kids to return home. Worst of all - ever minute the kids were not back was a minute the Lord was being kept waiting up in the castle.

When the kids finally returned, bruised, fecal stained, tired, scratched and sans Puyter there was hell to pay from all the insects. You were dragged in front of Lord Kipus, the Princess and Prince who were all griefsticked and full of unbridled rage at you all, mourning the loss of Prince Naz.

Each in turn rose, walked up to the line of children and struck you. Lord Kipus' punch to the head nearly knocked each and every one of you out. The princess gave stern slaps to the face and the young prince punched you in the guts.

You were dragged back by the insects to the cabin and promised that you would all be disciplined by them later.

The session ended in a three way punch up between those pounding Puyter for getting you all into this mess in the first place, Mouse for dobbing (although she proved very hard to hit) and Vecna because he was a crawly, bumlick fecalphile.


Oh I forgot something - before the punching from the Lord - Zoran wentand got the statue of Puyter from the forest and Meshunaldus, afterwaving her feelers over the statue, sprinked it with dust from her wingsto wake Puyter up.

The insects thought Puyter was making stuff up, talking about GrandmaZee, and accused him of making up stories to try and get out of trouble

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