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Auto Repair Coupons

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Auto Repair Deals

Coupons are a great way to save money on costly automotive repairs. Owning a vehicle is expensive. From fuel costs to auto insurance, consumers are bombarded by costs monthly. Auto repairs are just one major expense related to auto ownership. Consumers should seek ways to reduce expenses in any way possible. Coupons assist consumers towards this goal.

Currently, over 45 different auto repair companies participate in auto repair. Coupons may range from serious mechanical problems to routine maintenance.

Most often auto repair coupons may relate to oil changes, tire replacement, muffler repair, transmission repair, engine repair, diagnostic testing, tire rotation and other types of repair. Some coupons may offer discounts on towing services, if the vehicle breaks down on the side of the road.

Consumers may locate service repair providers by finding which companies offer deals and coupons. Many of the consumers offer deals directly on their websites for consumers as a way to increase business. This is great for consumers that need to save money on costly repairs.

Popular Locations the Redeem Coupons

Coupons are often offered by popular chain automotive service providers such as Aamco, Maaco, Smog King, Firestone, Kwik Lube, Goodyear Tire Center, Precision Auto Tune and a number of other local stores in America. These places frequently present offers to consumers that will help them save money on inevitable auto-related expenses.

Coupon Websites


RetailMeNot.com is a popular website that offers automotive repair coupons from all over the nation. For instance, at Inman Auto Care, clients may receive $50 off a repair of $200 or more. Alternatively, a client may receive discounted brake repair from Midas in New Jersey. Sunoco of Pennsylvania offers clients 50% off all shocks and strut repair.

Clients may also save on routine services such as oil changes and tire rotations. Oil changes may be as low as $19.95 or $39.95 for a combination tire rotation and oil change.

This particular website offers coupons to over 45 different automotive repair shops all over the nation. Most of the shops are located in California and the New England area. However, the offers change daily as the coupons and promotions expire.

Auto Answers is another website that offers coupons for consumers. These coupons are often geared toward local repair shops. Some of the best deals award first time customers between $50 and $100 off in savings. The customer’s repairs must be equal to or greater than $250 or $750, respectively, to receive the discounts. In tough economic times, these discounts are welcomed by consumers.

More Sites for Coupons

Prundo is another way dealers may save on their auto repairs. This website is slightly more advanced than other sites. Consumers may enter the type of service they need by the mileage indicated on the speedometer. Then, the options for service will appear along with repair shops and deals. Whether it is $5 off the service or $100 off the service, clients benefit tremendously from taking the time to peruse these options.

Your Tire Source offers a variety of coupons from free brake inspection to $10 off tire alignment services. These coupons are valid with a variety of tire manufacturers such as Michelin, Goodyear and Dunlap. If you are in need of tire repair, Your Tire Source may have a coupon that is helpful for you.

As with any offer, expiration dates do apply. Always check the dates to determine if the coupons are still valid. Some stipulations may also apply with the coupon redemption. Always read the small print to determine the terms of the offer before redemption. Otherwise, enjoy the savings, and the convenience of your vehicle.

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