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Aveda Coupons

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Aveda Deals

Founded in 1978, Aveda manufactures professional hair care, skin care make up and lifestyle products formulated from a plant based composition. However, Aveda stands out from other beauty companies because of its environmentally conscious approach to beauty.

Aveda’s principles promote caring for the environment and society, enhancing living and interacting with each other, and leaving the environment as it was found, for many generations to come. Aveda believes that beauty can be achieved while doing good and giving back to society.

When Aveda first opened, it produced a hair care line and a beautifying formula. Both lines were made with nature in mind, debuting a clove shampoo, cherry/almond bark conditioner and essential oil compositions. Due to the development of the essential oils, Aveda was the first company to use the term “aromatherapy”.

Aveda soon thereafter developed many new products, such as styling products, a skin care collection and, in 1987, even moved into the makeup industry, launching its first make up line, Aveda Indra Cosmetics. In 1989 the first environmental lifestyle store opened in New York City, and in 1990, Aveda opened its first spa retreat in Osceola, Wisconsin.

Aveda History

Throughout its history, Aveda has played a great role in helping the environment and communities around the world. Aveda was the first company to sign the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies Principles, which held Aveda to stringent environmental standards. When opening its new company headquarters, facilities were constructed to develop environmentally friendly manufacturing and research.

Aveda Coupon

Over the years, Aveda has also partnered with many groups such as the Yawanawa tribe in the Brazilian rainforest, a traditional women’s’ community in Maranhao, Brazil, and the indigenous people of the Madre de Dios rainforest region of Peru, all to develop products using ingredients native to these lands.

More recently, Aveda has become the first beauty company to use 100% wind power in its manufacturing. This wind power offsets all of the energy used by Aveda’s manufacturing facility, distribution center and corporate headquarters.

Aveda Today

Today, Aveda carries a vast array of products, from shampoo and conditioner to shaving cream and aftershave for men. Some of its best selling products are its hand and foot relief lotions, comforting tea, and the Shampure shampoo. Aside from the quality product, some reasons these products appeal to many is because Aveda uses recycled packaging and does not believe in testing products on animals.

In 1992, Aveda celebrated its first Earth Day event in salons. This event eventually gave way to the present Earth Month campaign that Aveda holds annually, promoting environmentally friendly practices and behavior. Aveda also contributes to breast cancer research, donating a portion of the proceeds generated from its pink ribbon products to these efforts.

Aveda currently has several specials and coupons available. Two free top rated samples plus free shipping is available with all orders from the Aveda website over $50.00. This special is available every day. Additionally, if one limited edition Aveda gift set is purchased, a free light elements smoothing fluid sample is available.

Aveda Gift Sets

Gift sets are offered at a special value price for a limited time. Aveda also celebrates your birthday, offering an exclusive offer on your birthday if a member of aveda.com. All of these specials can be obtained through the Aveda website. Additionally, some printable coupons can be found online at coupon deal sites.

Aveda Coupons

It is easy to put theses coupons to use with Aveda salons located across the globe. Aveda has locations throughout the United States and Canada, in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands, among other countries.

Jamaica hosts two Aveda destination spas; one in Kingston and one in Negril. Aveda offers a variety of different types of salons/spas, depending upon your needs. Lifestyle salons and Exclusive salons offer most products and services, while Exclusive spas and Exclusive Destination spas offer all products and Aveda signature services.

Aveda is a quality company with green principles, who strives to give back to the community. This, combined with the coupons and offers available on its website and online, make choosing Aveda products an easy decision.

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