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Bakers Square Coupons

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Bakers Square supplies the bet pies on earth! The company provides the same quality foods as they did when the business commenced operation in 1970. Baker’s Square is now in its 40th year and they enjoy a fabulous reputation, especially for their delectable pies.

Company History

Baker’s Square opened in 1970 as a restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa. The establishment provided sandwiches soups of the homemade variety, and desserts. Even then, their pies were so great that they quickly garnered acclaim all over the country. Pillsbury heard about the wonderful pies and bought the restaurant. More establishments were launched.

When the market for the pies outstripped the restaurant’s ability to cook them, Pillsbury began doing the baking the at their own facilities. The company was purchased by VICORP Restaurants, Inc., in 1983, and is now owned and operated by American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC, in Denver, Colorado. The reputation of Baker’s Square has endured and their happy customers have proliferated over the years.

Bakers Square Logo.

Bakers Square Celebrates

The company is beginning its 40th year. Baker’s Square won the “Best Pie in America Contest,” and has placed at many other National Pie Bake-offs.

Menu Information


Baker’s Square produces many different kinds of pie. Some of their most popular are Chocolate Cream, Country Apple, French Silk, Strawberry, Lemon Supreme, and Caramel Pecan.

Other Specialties

In addition to its famous pies, the Baker’s Square has a complete menu of down-home favorites, such as Chicken Pot Pie, Butternut Squash, and Split Pea Soup. The company has a full menu on line, as well as a slideshow that features their scrumptious pies. The official website for Baker’s Square is:

Bakers Square Website


Baker’s Square has locations just about everywhere, throughout the United States. You will find a company locater function at the following link:

Company Locator

Baker’s Square Email Club

As a member of the Baker’s Square Email Club, you will receive information about valuable coupons, new programs and special events. You can sign up for the Baker’s Square Email Club at the following location:

Email Signup Club

Ways to Save


Baker’s Square issues many valuable coupons. For example, when you register for the Baker’s Square Email Club, the company will dispatch an email to you immediately and this correspondence will include a coupon for a Free Entrée. You will receive a free entrée when you purchase one adult entrée.

Gift Cards

Baker’s Square also offers gift cards for their pies and other specialty foods. The gift cards can be purchased at any Baker’s Square location.

It has become the custom of many to purchase a Baker’s Square pie for holidays birthdays, and other festive occasions. Pies can be ordered in person or on line. You can also order by telephone at 1-800-800-3644, or by email at:


Baker’s Square has grown over the decades, but they have maintained their comfortable service and family-friendly ambience, and this makes Baker’s Square eateries a traditional favorite.

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