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Baktoid Armor Workshop

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Prior to the Invasion of Naboo, Baktoid Armor Workshop was a Trade Federation-owned design firm that specialized in developing rugged all-terrain ground vehicles for use by civilians. Wat Tambor was one of (or possibly the) Baktoid's executive officers. Raith Sienar was an acquaintance of Baktoid's chief designer, a man who was obsessed with tanks.

A Baktoid design tended to be heavily armored, with delicate or important components placed in secure, well protected areas near the rear of the craft. Early Baktoid vehicles were rarely manufactured with weapons, but they did possess standard weapons emplacements allowing combat modifications to be made after purchase.

In order to build its secret army, the Trade Federation provided Baktoid with funding for a complete line of ground assault vehicles and transports. It is also rumored that the Trade Federation arranged a merger between Baktoid and Haor Chall arms merchants, although Baktoid denied this claim. Nevertheless, with the Trade Federation's support, Baktoid began work on several new craft, including the fearsome Armored Assault Tank and the nearly unstoppable Multi-Troop Transport. During development of these vehicles, the company made a conscious effort to adhere to a unified design style, resulting in a line of vehicles reminiscent of large and dangerous animals.

After the Invasion of Naboo, the Trade Federation tried to distance itself from the Baktoid Armor Workshop, which was accused of providing the front line assault vehicles used in the capture of Theed and other settlements. The Trade Federation dramatically dissolved Baktoid, only to quietly transfer many of the company's manufacturing facilities and designs to other Trade Federation subsidiaries, including Baktoid Combat Automata and Baktoid Fleet Ordnance. Baktoid products and vehicles would form most of the CIS] military during the Clone Wars.


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