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Band Trip 2006

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Band Trip 2006 was an event for a few VGOC members that lasted April 5-8, 2006.

Trademark Rap

The Rap of Bobby Xiao was performed numerous times over the phone and live by Jiajia, Zhang, and Nick.



I'm Bobby Xiao!

I'm Bobby Xiao!

Bang Bang!

Mao Mao!

Bang Bang!

Mao Mao!

Bang 1, Bang 2, Bang 3, Bang 4

Bang More, Bang More

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang BANG!

Prank Calls

  • Trademark Rap
  • Mr. Pittman
  • Johnny Hall (Mr. Hall: We can do Calculus together. Amy: Yes! I need help with my fractions!)
  • Billy's Mom (This was particularly stupid, because first she had a very bad accent with a female voice, and it eventually turned into a deep male british-accent threatening tone.)
  • Hope's Mom
  • Bob the Trucker (and unintentionally Tara's Father)
  • Random Stripper


  • Nick: No, Jiajia!
  • Stephen Davis: So guys, are we still having an orgy?
  • Jiajia: Yes, Amy. <Sarcastic remark>
  • Nick (to Sean): Yes, and you can be "boy who looks like he will never reproduce"
  • Nathan: Faster Brendan, faster!
  • Jiajia: Woah look! When you look up the mountain it feels like your balls are falling!
  • Zhang: Now to literally 'pepper' my food
  • Zhang: That was a quite bloated comment right there.
  • Jiajia, to Zhang after making above comments: Shut up, you moron!
  • Nick: You do not interrupt my private hair time!
  • Jiajia: Hey look at that mountain! My dad says it looks like a watermelon that had a piece carved out of it!
  • Adjudicator (To Bobby): What, you into math or something?
  • Adjudicator (To Nick and Hope): You guys need to play more bawlsy, you know what I mean?
  • Adjudicator (To Stephen Davis): Listen to me. I don't know what you are in real life, but you're too nice.
  • Adjudicator (To Litza): Uhm yah, uhhh... Azhungma, play your part for me.


  • Bawls jokes.
  • The town of Banff is filled with signs that are incredibly blunt. Examples include a liquor store named "A Liquor Store", and a restaurant named "Restaurant".
  • "Hey! This ice bucket looks like a POTTY!!" "Yes. Lets fill it up with water and instant coffee"
  • Zhang was eating ice as he approached convenience store guy. "Uh yah, do you got any balls here?"
Guy: WHAT?!
Zhang: You know, bawls, the drink.
Guy: Oooooooohhh. Uh... no. Sorry.
Zhang: That's alright.
  • During South Park, a very disturbing picture was shown. Hope's immediate response was to switch channels. There the group ended up watching Peter naked from Family Guy. Dissapointing ending to South P

1f8e ark.

  • Nick: I'll bet you anything my award will be a spoon...
  • Nick: Hey I'm horny, want a spoon?
  • Zhang: Hey look Jiajia, that truck says "ER-B"
Jiajia: whahahahahwahahahah! muwhahawhahahahaha.
Tara: What the hell?
Jiajia: nothing. just ER-B is something really funny in Chinese.
Tara: What? What does it mean?
Jiajia: uh... nothing...
Tara: You suck
Jiajia: aw fine, I'll tell you! kk, basically, it means... "two vaginas"
Tara: What? Two virginias?
Jiajia: hahah. No! It means two vaginas!
Tara: Oh...
  • Useless Guy Who Moves Dirt With Water (UGWMDWW) (Pronounced uG-wum-Doo). In about one afternoon he moved dirt about 2 meters.
  • After Litza's comment, "Wayne is just like Bobby... except less annoying annoying..." Everyone clapped for Bobby twice, no one clapped for Wayne. (Awards Ceremony)
  • Jiajia (to Tara): Well I thought you were kneeling against the seat.
Tara: No I'm sitting up.
Zhang: Jiajia, stop fantasizing.
  • After Hope puts lotion on the shower wall, Jiajia decides to try the same thing on the mirror. Upon discovering the grotesque scene, Nick commented, "Hope! Why do you do this kind of thing?! Seriously Hope!"

Big Screw-ups

  • Zhang with the fridge and trying to fit in Chubbies
  • Jiajia trying to fix radio. Jiajia trying to get in front of line, being told to sit down every time.
  • Ms. Macbride: Is everyone here? 1...2...3...4...5...okay everyone's here that's good.
Hope: So is Kucher staying over?
  • Nick stands on balcony. Gets hit in the face with a can

Disturbing Things

  • South Park
  • South Park and Family Guy
  • Wayne and Litza <--I RESENT THIS
  • Wayne and Litza in hot tub <-- I REEEAAAALLLY RESENT THIS <-- But it's true!
  • Hope puts lotion on side of shower wall

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