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Band Trip 2007

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Band Trip 2007 was an event for some VGOC members that took place in March, 2007, to the Fernie ski hill and resort. It has been described as the last big trip that many of us will take with so many members (Nathan said something like that :P)


Many VGOC were in attendance of this grand band event, including:

  • Chun Huang
  • Nick Spooner
  • Seanacton
  • Jiajia Sun
  • Nathan Wagner
  • Bonny Xiao
  • Wayne Liu (although he was at that time still not VGOC)
  • Stephen Davis (Honorary VGOC)

In addition, now refered to as the "Big Shame", prominent VGOC member Michael Zhang chose to skip the Band Trip, instead attending a venue for Junior Achievement. Although he is forgiven VGOC members would have preferred to see him attend the Band Trip. In relation, Master Ken Jin was also not present, a continuing trend for the Great One.

The all VGOC room this year consisted of Hope and Nick on the left bed, and Seanacton and Jiajia on the right bed.


Bang Bang Monkeys

VGOC member Bobby Xiao has always been known for his quirky sayings, including, but not limited to:

  • Maumau!
  • Foolish Humans!
  • Human!
  • Consume!

However, most prominent of these sayings happens to be "Bang-Bang", and "Monkeys". This led the VGOC room, primarily Seanacton, to speculate upon the noises Bobby would make during intercourse. With feedback from the rest of the room, it has been decided that Bobby will continuously shout "Bang" as he thrusts, and "Monkeys" upon orgasm. Consensus has been reached that Bobby Xiao's first time will sound more or less like this: "BA-MONKEYS!" *Snore*

A volunteer has not yet been found for VGOC to test these claims.


While Nick was having a cleansing shower, Jiajia thought it would be hilarious to use Soul Caliber's "Create-a-Fighter" mode to manifest a scantily clad Seema for the terror of all. Upon attempting to enter the name as "SeemaNightmare", Jiajia discovered that only ten letters could be used. This resulted in a ugly goth dancer named SeemaNight, who, due to some flaw in nature, defeated Nick's own character Xan in battle.


As conversations invariably go, ("all conversations come down to shit" ~Michael Zhang) the VGOC room found itself discussing the issue of ugly females. To the horror of all present, known disturbers of visual peace Kriti and Seema were combined into one single terrible entity, christened "Kriteematza". For reasons unknown, Wayne's ex-girlfriend Litza was also dragged kicking and screaming into the mix. It is acknowledged by all that Litza deserves no part in any of this, but she does kind of look like a Praying Mantis.

Known powers of Kriteematza include a gaze which causes the male member to turn to stone. This gaze is also known to cause temporary insanity to those under mild exposure, ranging to death (caused by lack of will to live) after prolonged suffering. Kriteematza is known to cure homosexuality in females, and cause it in males.

Other parts of Kriteematza include a vagina located near the neck. The properties of this anomaly are as of yet unknown, but few are willing to find out.

Recently, Kriteematza has sprouted buds, as a form of asexual reproduction. Two of these buds are currently known to be in existance, referred to as "Kriteeniminishi". All these beings are highly dangerous, the only one capable of withstanding their terrible power is Master Ken. All VGOC, approach with caution. Unless you are the Divine Master Ken. If you are, find our what that neck vagina does, so we know what to expect in the event that we are attacked.


As previously mentioned, the VGOC room consisted of Jiajia, Seanacton, Nick and Hope. Unbeknown to us, Mr. Pittman's head happened to be about six inches away from Seanacton's, separated by thin Hotel walls. He rang our doorbell at 3 in the morning, complaining that he was unable to sleep due to "Sean's high voice carrying through the wall". It is unknown if he later suffered dreams of Kriteematza.

On the last evening, Hope was determined to find porn on the television. After watching the majority of Robocop, Hope finally discovers a documentary. Jiajia briefly remembers something about "tightening the muscles of the vagina", and "virginity reconstruction surgery". Hope shakes Nick awake, inquiring whether or not he would like to watch the porn-umentry, to Nick's answer of "No."


On par with Band Trip tradition, swimming took place as the entertainment for one evening. Attractions included a Swing Rope, Waterslide, Hot Tub, and Sauna. Seanacton was known to have exposed himself on the Swing Rope, due to a large unknown hole in shorts. It is generally accepted that he was raped by Jordan Kapphahn in the change room shortly prior to entering the pool.

Hope and Jiajia spent the majority of the evening competing for the fastest time down the waterslide. Hope was in the lead for the majority of the evening with a time of 10.03 seconds, but was beaten by Jiajia in the last 10 minutes with a time of 9.10 seconds. Other competitors attempted, but did not match the times of the VGOC champions.

Nathan Eats Spices

VGOC member Nathan, falling victim to peer pressure, consumed a large quantity of Pizza Hut spices. Under the conditions that someone (Michael Kucher?) would buy him a chocolate milk at the next gas station, Nathan placed the volatile spices in his mouth and chewed them for 10 seconds. However, without the chi offered by asian blood, Nathan soon found himself doubled over in agony as the contents of his stomach were forcefully ejected from his body through his mouth. A few hours later, on the bus, a similar situation manifested, with the exception that the orifice now expelling spicy wastes was his anus. The resultant odour nearly intoxicated the rear half of the bus, and the air freshener Nathan sprayed to mask his mistake nearly killed Mr. Pittman.


  • Bobby: "Sean, do you have undescended testicles?"
  • "Kriteematza! Auuugh!!!"
  • Random bothering of Amy
  • Nick: "It is not an improvement!" took place one morning, after Jiajia pointed out Soo spent the majority of the previous night curling her hair.

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  • A massive 17 player game of Mafia was played. Sorry, I forgot who won. Nneonneo 22:10, 31 March 2007 (EDT)
  • Another Mafia game was played in which Bobby the villager pretended to be mafia. It was fucked up, resulting in a Mafia member dying after the first night.
  • A game was played where Nathan was cop. He attempted to buy the votes of villagers by taking orders on who to investigate. Jiajia and Tara were mafia. Jiajia tells Nathan to investigate Tara. In the middle of the night, Nathan is murdered. In the morning, Nathans partner (Fafa?) randomly accuses Tara. Needless to say, Mafia won.

In news totally unrelated to all else, YiDong was seen at the Mall. No VGOC members found it necessary to give a shit.

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