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Bare Minerals Coupons

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Company Overview

Bare Minerals is the brand that revolutionized the way the cosmetics industry approaches makeup. The comprehensive cosmetics and skin care line began with its parent company, Bare Escentuals, launched in 1976 as a brick and mortar store in California. From the beginning, the company's mission was to provide high performance, spa quality products with natural ingredients.

The result has been an enduring commitment to researching and developing products that are free of harmful chemicals, yet create healthy, glowing faces. With their commitment to sparking the evolution of cosmetics, Bare Escentuals quickly earned a sterling reputation for purity and innovation.

Product Lines

The development of the Bare Minerals line of cosmetics was a natural extension of the company's ethos. Their calling card is a technologically advanced series of mineral-based foundations. Whereas traditional liquid and cream foundations drown their wearers in harmful mineral oils, silicones, parabens, and frequently toxic dyes, the Bare Minerals line delivers superior coverage and breathability with nothing but pure crushed minerals.

Skin care aficianadas, make up artists, and women who suffered from severely sensitive skin flocked to the line in droves. With the bold slogan, "Makeup so pure, you can sleep in it." Bare Minerals managed to achieve a veritable coup within the usually staunch world of cosmetics. The giants of the industry had no idea what hit them.

What was the secret behind this unlikely contender? The female demographic that usually buys high end cosmetics is an educated one. The surge in popularity of organic foods had bled over into body care and face care. Newspaper headlines were ripe with claims that dozens of the ingredients found in everyday lotions and powders are carcinogens (cancer causing).

Educated, middle class women began looking for less toxic alternatives. This trend ushered in the meteoric rise of Bare Minerals. The simple formulation of their powdered mineral makeup eliminates all unnecessary fillers and preservatives. The end result is a wildly popular product that is well suited for a variety of complexions.

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What Skin Types Should Use Bare Minerals?

One of the reasons Bare Minerals so quickly became a super star product line is that nearly anyone can benefit from its deceptively simple formula. Each skin type seems to benefit from it in a different way.

Hyper-Pigmented Skin

Hyper-pigmentation, or areas of excessive coloration in the skin, may occur in individuals who have used certain medications, suffered sun damage, or who are pregnant. These areas may be seen as lightly tanned or even dark brown or purple spots. Whatever the cause, those whose skin is affected by unsightly discoloration are happy to find a helpful product.

Bare Minerals makeup not only ceases to irritate hyper-pigmented skin (important since irritation can aggravate the problem even more), it's extremely gentle formulation allows skin to heal. Because Bare Minerals contain a natural sunscreen, the foundation powder aids in preventing further unsightly changes in pigmentation. The natural, but thorough level of coverage hides flaws discreetly while restoring a luminous clarity to the skin.

Acne Prone Skin

Women who suffer from persistent acne need a clean, non-oily product that allows their skin to breath. By eliminating common cosmetic ingredients known to exacerbate acne, Bare Minerals offers women a clear advantage. Gone are the pore clogging mineral oils, silicones, and other petrol chemicals. Instead, Bare Minerals contain only crushed minerals. The high concentration of pigment in the silky, feather weight powder covers blemishes beautifully with a minimal amount of product. The pores of the skin remain free of clogs, and the balancing properties of the minerals heal irritated skin. Acne sufferers are treated to a suddenly flawless appearance that also facilitates a clearer complexion when their makeup is off.

Oily Skin

Women with oily skin rejoiced when Bare Minerals launched their series of matte texture foundations. Not only does this groundbreaking product absorb excess oil, users reported that with regular use, their skin was actually less oily even when they weren't wearing makeup. The matte series of Bare Minerals foundations is truly a treatment product that goes beyond coverage, actually improving the texture and health of the skin.

Mature Skin

As women age, heavy makeup only detracts from their beauty. Most women with mature skin want a product that looks sheer, minimizes lines, and gives a youthful glow. Bare Minerals does all of those things thanks to its pure formula. Without toxic fillers like glycols and synthetic oils, the product covers with the sheerest application allowing the natural beauty of the skin to shine through. The powder, once applied, stays put, never migrating into creases. Bare Minerals primary ingredient, bismuth oxychloride gives the product light diffusing properties which create a flawless, airbrushed appearance, minimizing all lines and discolorations. Skin glows once Bare Minerals are buffed into the skin, leaving a creamy, hydrated, radiant finish.

The Bare Minerals line also includes a comprehensive skin care program, and an extensive range of colors for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. As their devoted clientele will surely attest, Bare Minerals is one of the most versatile, skin loving beauty makers in the industry.

Where to Find Bare Minerals

You can find Bare Minerals in major department stores, Sephoras, Ulta Salons, and at Bare Escentuals flagship stores in major cities. Special offers and coupons are offered regularly on all of their websites. Deals range from product discounts and gifts with purchase to free shipping for online orders. Check these websites for up-to-the-minute printable coupons and promotional codes.

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