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Benjamin Moore Coupons

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Benjamin Moore Paint Coupons

When it comes to paint, Benjamin Moore has been in business since 1883. They are known for producing some of the highest quality paints for both indoor and outdoor purposes. In addition to paints, they offer finishes for decks, staining for wood and much more. The brand is highly regarded for both personal and commercial use, making it popular in many different home improvement stores.

The company has steadily grown since its inception, adding new product lines that help both home owners and contractors with new styles and color choices.

In 1982, Moore introduced the color computer matching system so that consumers could actually bring in a sample of something and have a paint color perfectly matched.

Now, they are in stores all over the world. There is a zip code locator on their website so that consumers can find out exactly where the nearest store is. It is possible to search for ones that have a designer in the facility or where a specific line of paint is carried to ensure all services that are desired are available.

A single zip code can produce dozens of places, ensuring that the products are readily available to everyone.

Benjamin Moore Products

There are many different lines of paints that Benjamin Moore represents. There are indoor and exterior paints, some of which have an emphasis on being made from natural products or are made with an emphasis on environmental responsibility.

Paint Coupons

Beyond paints, the company also sells brushes, rollers and other sundries to make it easy to apply the paint to virtually any surface.

The website also features a paint calculator to help consumers with how much paint is needed on a certain area. There are many educational items on the site that can help with designing tips and much more.

These are all free, so rather than waiting for coupons on designing information from other companies, Benjamin Moore offers it free everyday on their website.

Community Involvement

Benjamin Moore is very focused on their community responsibility as well, focusing on philanthropy. This philanthropy is focused on supporting charities that are of either historic preservation, housing initiatives, color and design education, wildlife and habitat conservancy, diversity advancement and pediatric well-being. Many of these are within individual communities as well as across all of North America.

As a result of the philanthropy of Benjamin Moore, many of their special events and community involvement that they have annually will revolve around one of these. When something is going on in the community and Benjamin Moore is involved, they usually offer several kinds of discounts on their products.

Finding Coupons for Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore coupons could easily pop up in the local newspaper or magazine that is advertising the event in your local area.

One of the main coupons that are readily available from Benjamin Moore is for a free sample can of paint. These Benjamin Moore coupons can be found right on the company website: BenjaminMoore.Com. The coupon can be printed and taken in to any retail store and claimed for a free 2 ounce sample can of paint.

The benefits to this Benjamin Moore coupon is that you can see the quality of the paint as well as match up a specific color against a project that you are working on in your home. The value of this coupon is around $6 and you can almost always find this coupon online, right from the company.

There are many other Benjamin Moore coupons offered throughout different times of the year directly from the stores that sell the paint and stains. Some of the coupons are for a specific percentage or dollar amount off of a single paint can.

There is also a very common deal of being able to buy 4 cans and getting a fifth one for free. This is a great coupon should you want to repaint the entire inside or exterior of your home.

Benjamin Moore on Facebook

Benjamin Moore also has a Facebook page with information that is going on, new colors and much more. People who go onto the Facebook page can get Benjamin Moore coupons by choosing to “Like” the company.

Then there will be a coupon available for a specific kind of product, ranging periodically from their line of ArborCoat exterior paints to some of their interior paint lines, such as Ben or Natura.

Contests exist periodically for the company as well, such as a sweepstakes that gives someone a $15,000 home makeover. These contests can be found on the company website as well as their Facebook page.

They are often in conjunction with another retail store that offers furnishings and such. In the event of one sweepstakes, they have partnered with Elm in order to offer the contest to North American residents.

Finding Coupons Locally

There are many different Benjamin Moore coupons that change periodically. Many of them can be accessed right in local paint stores, such as Home Depot and Lowes.

The best way to find out about these is to either get the store’s circulars or go on to the individual websites and download them to be on the lookout for different specials.

A 10% discount on a paint can can add up to a $3 to $7 value depending upon the size can and what specific line that it is purchased from.

If there is a paint store near you, whether it’s a national chain or not, they most likely sell Benjamin Moore paints. If you don’t have anything near you, it’s possible to order samples of some of the paints directly from the website for a nominal fee.

There are often coupon codes available for these, especially if you keep on the lookout for them. Go through flyers and join the Benjamin Moore Facebook page for the best coupons on Benjamin Moore products throughout the year.

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