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Hello, and welcome, fellow campmates, to the BlackRockRollerDisco wiki page for camp organizing. What is a wiki, how do you use it? This a web page you can edit! Just click on the edit tab, above! Look at this page to understand. -Jesus (a.k.a. Elvey) --Elvey


The purpose of this page is to help us self-organize, so we can have a great camp. Hopefully this wiki page will require less organization effort (i.e. 'leadership') than other methods, since anyone in the camp can edit the page directly, updating it with relevant info. This is intended only for people who have joined the camp. Please don't make anonymous edits to this page. Create a login (ideally, your playa name, though I'm breaking that rule) and use it.

Returning visitors to this page

Note the history tab, at the top of the page. Using it makes it easier to see what's changed since your last visit. I'm glad to see the page is a success!

Main Section

Here we keep track of vitals for each camp member. Let's try to keep things in a consistent format: Start with your playa name, surrounded by two equals signs on each side. Pay status (not authoritative). Your expected arrival-departure times, in MonAM (i.e. sometime Monday morning) format. In general, DON'T put your email address here; it'll get harvested and spammed, and we should all have each other's email addresses already. Everyone's required to be responsible for making several major contributions. In addition, everyone should contribute at least the following: bring a bottle to contribute to the bar, and feed the camp once. What else should we track here? Campmates looking for or offering a ride. Oh, yeah, include all the major stuff you're planning to bring that you'll make available to campmates - for example, a toolbox, generator, shade, coffee maker, waffle iron, spices, stuff for providing big meals, a keg, ... Indicate how certain you are to bring the thing - e.g. definitely - count on me....planning to...considering...could be asked to bring..... No need to mention the stuff everyone needs to bring that's mentioned in the Survival Guide. Feel free to add a photo of yourself. You can link to a photo already on the web (like Elvey did), or upload it here and then link to it (like Christopher did with the photo of his mobile DJ booth).

Paid folks followed by unpaid folks, alphabetically:


  • PAID.

Barrie 'HappyTrails' Hartman

  • PAID. MonPM-MonAM

~'I'm certain' *I'll bring lots of snacks to share, latex to bare, some hula hoops for shimmying with, liquid refreshments (for sobriety and non-sobriety) including lots of extra water, food to make for a camp meal, dancing shoes for the all-nighters, a mask for the naked skate, an open mind and a playful attitude. ~~'I intend' *to bring extra batteries for lights, trash bags for recycling, a camp chair or two, spices and condiments for our "camp kitchen", some extra costume pieces to barter with, and a good support bra for the trampoline jumping! 'I'm considering' *visiting the Gnome Camp to sign up for the "Give a Gnome a Home" project. Anyone care to join me?

    • Does anyone know of a free extra tent they could lend me for the week?? the one i've got is kinda small. mucho appreciated for any leads you may have.
    • Hi Barrie, this is Christopher. I have an extra tent. Email me if you'd like to use it.


  • Paid.

I'm bringing my mobile DJ booth/Art project, "Music Man". This can be used to play music at the rink, and often I'll be taking it on the Playa and having impromptu mobile and stationary dance parties.

MusicMan1.jpg MusicMan2.jpg

D. Miles

  • PAID.

Dan Burger

  • PAID. ThAM-TuAM.

I am bringing a very large shade, with the rope, rebar and posts to give structure. Jeff's container will serve as major support on one side... This will be shade for our arcade, chill spot, DJ area?, disco viewing, and Tom Jones. This is a special shade material that lets in some light, and will coooool the area under it much more than a tarp will.

Diea AnsZara

  • PAID.

Donna rae Watson

  • PAID.

I'm certain to bring-- A chill out space for everyone. Done in hot orange and pink with chairs and loungy pads. Tool box and bike repair tools.

I might bring-- Extra costumes and a dressing room.

Howard Cohen

  • PAID.

Jean-Pierre Fortin

  • PAID.

Jenny Huang

  • PAID.


  • PAID. MonAM-MonAM
I'd be interested in doing like we did in Camp Nose Fish under HoCo's leadership - get some 55 gallon drums and a pump (and a backup) for water needs. Need input from Jeff on hauling up this very heavy resource.
I'd be interested in helping do EarthGuardian-type stuff - help people with trash, burnable, water and recycling advice. (No, I won't sort or bring back your trash, burnables or recycling!)

I'm certain I'll bring'

  • lots of bacon
  • 10' high garage useful for attaching a shade structure (e.g. between it and the trailer.)

I intend to bring

  • trash bags (plastic) and burn bags (paper - it's impossible to empty plastic bags onto a burn pyre!!).
  • I set up and maintain this wiki.

Lyle Watson

  • PAID.

Sylvia Spiro

  • PAID? (Check with Rose.)

Sylvia 'MzWong'

  • PAID.

Tamra Bowman

  • PAID.

Tori "Toi Box" Bryers

  • PAID.

SUNpm - SUNpm

I am certain to bring: Hot Derby Girls on Skates! I am Organizing the Black Rock City RollerGirls. We will be holding a bout on the rink Friday at dusk (if this is a schedualing conflict with anyone please lmk) as well practice scimages and possibly a demo/whorkshop on The game of Roller Derby throughout the week. I need to know times people have events planned for the rink so I can schedual my girls for meet-ups.

I also intend to bring' blinky fun toys, christmas lights for whatever, games, fun fur, a love for cooking , a two burner gas stove and an indoor style mini grill for the kitchen.

I can be your ice hook up I am the assistant shift leader for the 12-3 crew at Arctica. while I can't get free ice (well not enough to supply the whole camp/bar) I can by-pass lines and if someone can meet at 3 everyday I can aid in quick and easy ice delivery

I need Anyone with with extra Skate protection gear to bring it. Most important is extra helmets, but wrist gaurds and knee pads are also needed. We suspect to have a few roller girls come out and want to scrimage with us that did not get one my various community spams and I would hate to leave them out of a scrimage because they didn't know in advance to bring their gear. We would also like to have something extra for anyone that wants to participate in the demo/workshop.

Warren Focke

  • PAID.

Folks who haven't paid

Toi Box asked if it's ok to mark yourself as paid. Yes, you can! (Obviously, just moving your name from the section below to the one above and removing 'UN' won't change the definitive list being kept by Rose Miles tracking such things...)

Arturo Montoya

  • UNpaid.

I will bring heavy duty trash bags, food to share, bar donation and good vibes.

"I need" ...or would like to share an RV with anyone who has room, I will pay my share and help with cooking or other duties.

Or an extra tent if anyone has one I can borrow.

email: vrbytes@gmail.com cell# 4086721721

Billy Molles

  • UNpaid.


  • UNpaid.

Carlos Paz

  • UNpaid.

Collette Holmes

  • UNpaid.

Curtis Randall

  • UNpaid.

Cynthia (Billy's girlfriend)

  • UNpaid.


  • UNpaid.

David Freeman

  • PAID.

David Lai

  • UNpaid.

Eliot Johnson

  • UNpaid.


  • UNpaid.

Glenn Young

  • UNpaid.

James Addison

  • UNpaid.

Jeannie (Carlos' girlfriend)

  • UNpaid.

Jeffrey Baker

See #Truck
Bartending. If anyone has a phone # for him, please call him, and ask him to check his email / this web page.

Katie Philson

  • UNpaid.

Kim (Skipper)

  • UNpaid.

Kim Johnson

  • UNpaid.

Mike Byjorklin

  • UNpaid.

Kwan Ng

  • UNpaid.

Laura Robinson

  • UNpaid.

Lenny Gibbs

  • UNpaid.

Leo Monney

  • UNpaid.

Lorena Cuevas

  • UNpaid.

Michelle Stransky

  • UNpaid.


  • UNpaid.

Phil Dephtereos

  • UNpaid.

Randal Genser

  • UNpaid.

Robert Wugraft

  • UNpaid.

Rod Pujuante

  • UNpaid.


  • UNpaid.

Tom Stone

  • UNpaid.

Info from D at cora.org

http://www.cora.org/BlackRockRollerDisco2006.html has lots of info (note - the 17th party is NOT at Cellspace -see below) It has:

  • LNT info everyone will abide by.
  • a picture of our art car (OMG it's huge!).

Song Requests

Hello fellow burners, Christopher here.

I've spent the better part of this year downloading music, getting ready for this event! If you have any song requests, NOW'S THE TIME. List your song requests here, and I'll see if I can grab 'em in time!

email Mailing list

Matthew - I have the list of e-mails but if I post it here, will everyone get spammed???

Yes, they will, so don't do that. D is going to email everyone shortly. If you want to send a message to everyone, post it here. How bout this: 2 folks (Jenny and D?) will keep master lists of everyone's email and other contact info - including folks that join the camp. D can send folks email updates highlighting what's new on the wiki. Also, folks can learn how to use the wiki's watch, notify, diff and history features. Elvey 19:27, 1 August 2006 (EDT)

Upcoming Events

Aug. 5, 2006 - Black Rock Roller Disco Fundraiser at Redwood City: http://www.cora.org/BlackRockRollerDiscoPartyRC.htm. Please sign yourself up to volunteer:

  • Unload skates/set-up/decorate (6-8pm) (4 volunteers)
  • Food sales
  • Ticket sales
  • Skate rentals
  • Clean-up/break-down/load the van (1-2am)(6 volunteers)

Aug. 12, 2006 - Pizza/Beer/Art decorating party at 12pm, D & Rose's place - 830 26th Avenue in SF. Got electrical skills? Have that decorating eye??? We need you!!! TODAY

Aug. 17, 2006 - Black Rock Roller Disco Fundraiser at T.B.D. (To Be Determined -- CellSpace is NOT AVAILABLE): http://www.cora.org/BlackRockRollerDiscoPartyAug.htm ***NOTE CHANGE***

Aug. 18, 2006 - we hate to set deadlines, but we need folks to get their $$ in so we can start buying shit in advance. We also have a waiting list now of folks who want to camp with us, with $$ contributions stuffed in their cleavage. If you haven't gotten your $$ in to D. by 8/18, you're more than welcome to come skate with us but there won't be room for you to camp with us.

Past Events

Thurs 27 July 2006 - Benefit at www.Cellspace.org. See D's email for details. Thanks to everyone who helped, including D., Barrie, Laura, Jesus, Phil, Rose, Jenny, Tiffany, Dan, MzWong, Warren, Cynthia, Dan, Sylvana...


Bottom line is that we rack up a hefty sum of expenses to prepare for our fun in the playa. A group of us decided at one of our shindigs that we would again this year ask everyone who camps with us to contribute $50 to offset our expenses. This will minimize the amount of $$ we need to fundraise b/c past experience has shown that our fundraisers are a lot of work for little return.

  • Our expected major expenses include:
    • $ 300 Deep Cycle Batteries - AA Batteries - 9 volt Batteries
    • $ 400 gas to/from the playa for D's van and trailer and generator
    • $ 300 masonite - 30 4x8 ft. sheets - 17.00 ea (1/4" or 1/8"?) Purchased! - got a deal; got more
    • $ 425 Plywood - 25 4x8 ft. sheets - 17.00 ea Purchased.
    • $ 340 speakers, wires, adapters, MP3 player
    • $ 340 generator - 6000 watt Not yet purchased.
    • $ 400 alcohol for the bar
    • $ 160 500 BRRD buttons - printing
    • $ 325 rope lights,spots and Christmas lights
    • $ 150 benches or chairs
    • $ 180 Art Car Batteries
    • $ 100 2 foosball tables
    • $ 105 Propane - 22 small canisters
    • $ 135 hot water shower
    • $ 75 battery charger
    • $ 150 shade structure
    • $ 90 Disco Ball

Total expected expenses = $

  • Our expected income includes:
    • $2500 $50 x 50 members
    • $250 Cell space fundraiser (7/27)
    • $250 Redwood City fundraiser (8/5)
    • $250 Cell space fundraiser (8/17)
  • Our actual income so far:
    • $750.00 - 15 people have paid $50.00 each
    • $450.00 - Cellspace event
    • $145.00 - Beer Olympics

Total amount in the red - $ (YIKES!!)


Enlarge rink/surface

by another 20 sheets, replace old sheets with new ones and use old ones to floor the bar and change areas. (Purchased.)


Let's provide info to folks who will be involved and keep track of what's going on, and who's going to help with what.

Jeff - tractor, trailer, driving. I've no idea what Jeff's expectations are (hopefully, he'll edit this page to reflect his expectations.) Presumably, everyone must RSVP, bring, label, and help load, secure, and unload stuff. Thanks to Jeff, of course.

Jeff - could you please let us know what works best for you in terms of when and where we can plan to load the truck, limits on how much crap we can bring, when you plan to leave BM so we can help load it back up, and when and where we can plan to pick up our shit. It may be a good idea to limit the truck for bigger item things, so I don't wind up bringing, say 30 pairs of platform shoes? Thx Jeff, you da man

D says the truck will be arriving Wed and parking along Fulton St near his place for loading.

(Let's load boxes and densest stuff first, bikes last-on top of other stuff.)

Art Car - Evaluate and Repair

D needs help with the art car - electrical stuff - e.g. TJ - note on car. It might need a fresh coat of paint and decorations in some places too. C'mon fellow campmates, now's the time to show your creative side, no holds barred!

We're having an art decorating party on 8/12 at 12pm at D's house. For details, see #Upcoming Events and for pictures and video, see http://www.cora.org/SoulTrain.htm .

Camp Layout

The BRRD will be at 9:00 and Esplanade! Size:100 x 250 Sector:Delta

  • Neighbors: (same location; data source)
    • Trashistan
    • Castra Roto Thema Thematis (CRTT)
    • Cirque de Flambe
    • JubJub's Plastic Circus

Because we are soooo POPULAR, we're having to limit the # of campers this year at 55 burners. We have limited space so please be mindful of that as you make your plans - so, keep it tight! We're mapping out a layout plan that Dan posted below and folks can play with. If you plan on hauling out one of those big mother RV's, you have to sign up in advance to make sure we have the space for your big ol' butt. Discocamp.gif

We need tarps, carpet, and couches. (preferably light-weight)

The layout above is just the general idea, not the end all.

Headline text


Information about this page. This page can be found at http://www.rollerdisco.elvey.com and http://http://www.bluwiki.org/go/BlackRockRollerDisco . D will be setting up a webforward so www.cora.org/rollerdisco redirects here too. Keep in mind that this page is public. Anyone on the Internet can find and change it, and it's already been indexed by google (first hit for "BlackRockRollerDisco"). Would people feel more comfortable if this page was password-protected? It would be a big effort to set that up.

Hey I think I met this guy long ago... in the boy scouts. I was just a brownie at the time, but I noticed he had a real wild streak in him :)
Boy scouts and boas....my mother warned me about those two.....


Thanks to Odio for the Wiki.

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