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Last year's organizing page is here: BlackRockRollerDisco2006, and includes the complete page editing history. It includes a place to discuss the burn: BlackRockRollerDisco2006#Afterburn Report

This page is for organizing Burning Man 2007.

Edit me!

Hello, and welcome, fellow campmates, to the Black Rock Roller Disco wiki page for camp organizing. What is a wiki, how do you use it? This a web page you can edit! Just click on the edit tab, above! Look at this page to understand. Wanna keep up with changes here? Then sign up for an account, click the watch tab, and set your preferences to email you on page changes. -Jesus (a.k.a. Elvey)


The purpose of this page is to help us self-organize, so we can have a great camp. Hopefully this wiki page will require less organization effort (i.e. 'leadership') than other methods, since anyone in the camp can edit the page directly, updating it with relevant info. This is intended only for people who have joined the camp. I'd prefer if folks sign in before making edits to this page. Create a login (ideally, your playa name, though I'm breaking that rule) and use it.

Returning visitors to this page

Main Section

Here we keep track of vitals for each camp member. Let's try to keep things in a consistent format: Start with your playa name, surrounded by two equals signs on each side. Pay status (not authoritative). Your expected arrival-departure times, in MonAM (i.e. sometime Monday morning) format. In general, DON'T put your email address here; it'll get harvested and spammed, and we should all have each other's email addresses already; phone #'s are somewhat safer. Everyone's required to be responsible for making several major contributions. Examples: Being Jeff or D, Arriving early to help with setup, and feed the camp once. Also helps: contributing to the bar, helping at fundraisers, providing communal equipment... What else should we track here? Oh, yeah, include all the major stuff you're planning to bring that you'll make available to campmates - for example, a toolbox, generator, shade, coffee maker, waffle iron, spices, stuff for providing big meals, a keg, ... Indicate how certain you are to bring the thing - e.g. definitely - count on me....planning to...considering...could be asked to bring..... No need to mention the stuff everyone needs to bring that's mentioned in the Survival Guide. Please add a photo of yourself. Paid folks followed by unpaid folks, alphabetically:

BMGroupsmall.jpg GodFatherBurningMan.jpg

Mailing list

I set up a mailing list; I sent an invitation to join to everyone whose email was handy. If I missed you, go and sign yourself up. -Jesus

From the GodFather

Info from D at cora.org http://www.cora.org/BlackRockRollerDisco2007.html

We hate to set deadlines, but we need folks to get their $$ in so we can start buying shit in advance. Sunday, August 19 is the deadline to get in your $75 contribution to the camp. Please send it by mail to D. Miles at 830 26th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121, or give it to Rose. If you have a paypal account, you can send the $75 to D. online at sk8godfather<at>earthlink.net.

Were sitting at exactly two weeks before we leave for the playa. We will be in the sweetest of sweet locations on the Explanade at Center Camp. Our camp is on the electrical grid meaning we won't have that constant roar of the generator 24 hours a day. We have the roller derby gamy on Thursday. There's DJ's lining up to play at the roller disco. We will have a great camp, the greatest!!!

This Saturday, Aug. 11, we will be having a final preparation gathering at my house. This will be from noon to 7PM. We have to make BRRD buttons, paint the BRRD sign organize the skates, prep the art car and other tasks.

There is a good chance we will not be taking the art car this year. It costs about $600.00 to get the vehicle to and from the playa. We simply do not have the funds to rent a trailer and haul it up. We have the permits from BM DMV. No one has been able to switch the power system from the batteries to the small generator as of yet. I guess we will ahve to see what develops between now and Aug. 21.

So far, we have about 50 new pairs of roller skates and about 15 new pairs of inline skates to take to Burning Man this year. We have a new sound system that will totally rock the playa, We picked up some rope lights, button materals, materals for a new BRRD sign and more. We have the materals to build the racks to put the skates on. Maybe we can do that this Saturday as well.

Camp Members

So far we have the following people who have made their $75.00 contribution to the camp costs / will be in the camp

Barrie Hartman

Paid. ~~playa dust Monday to Monday for me (beginning to end). I'll bring some latex, face makeup, odds & ends of fabric for the creative types, and yummy snacks to share. plus libations for the bar!

Phil Dephtereos


Elliot Johnson




Tamera Bowman


Billy Williams


Cynthia White


Billy and I are the Cybill micro roller disco camp. We have two respective peronalities not sixteen. We will arrive on thursday the 23rd to build every and all things necessary to make it happen!! We have a mini van plus shade structure.

Construction tools/materials The essential counter sink drill bit for roller rink, drill, extra rebar(a few), and buckets of elbow grease.

Art/design: The trunk show will also provide many (and more) textiles. The brown and pink swirl one I think would be great for the bar.......the others can be used as we desire (atire or decorative frill). We will have the fundamental glue gun with many, many glue sticks, a staple gun, sewing kit, glow in the dark pens(for writing and design). As well as a few yards of el wire, a black light, small disco ball-all from a previous art car.

Entertainment and gifts Pick a card any card. Billy shuffles. Also beads and hair falls.





The Toi Box


I will be arriving Sunday afternoon and Leaving Sunday afternoon.

I will defiantly be bringing a 11x15 gazebo type screen house that I think would be great to use to step up a communal kitchen. I will also be bringing up enough Christmas tree lights and power cords to light the kitchen.

I can bring a two burner gas stove and a couple little bottles of propane and an electric mini "indoor" grill, plus pots and pans.

I need tables to put cooking equipment on for the kitchen.

I will also, of course, be bringing Roller Girls. The twin forces of mother nature will be tearing up the track Thursday night. Creation VS Destruction in the ultimate show down.

We have over 20 girls coming out to play this year. I can't wait!!

See in you 7 days

Toi, I have the little decorative black plastic hemisphere (hubcap) that goes on your off-road skates. Would probably stay in with a bit of crazy glue. Fell off when Rachel was using and I found it in a pocket. Trash it? Keep it 'till next year? -Jesus

King Mojito


Queen Mojito


Hello everyone....

Hope you like "Green" because we need lots of green ..... like fresh mint leaves.... for those yummy mojitos....

we also need lite rum.... sugar.... lemonade..... and limes... if you happen to pick some of these items... that would be greatly appreciated....

We are bringing the "BM Condo" so everyone please bring lots of pillows so we can have a comfy place to sit.... for those late evenings after those mojitos :)....

Also remember the green nail polish, and those green outfits, those green wigs... and those crazy outfits everyone loves...

I can't wait to see everyone there:)

Paulanation and Brownie Queen


Dan Burger

Not officially paid, but paid ~$100 for a new shade to replace the one I borrowed and we put a hole in last year. The good news is that the shade with hole is now Camp Roller Disco property, and worth much more than $100.

James Addison


Mike Bjorklin

Paid $40

Diea Anzara


Jeff Baker


Terri Walker


Patrick Noon




Dan N

Paid - sent check to D's home address. Hi everyone. D invited me to this amazing camp. I got to know D through my active volunteer efforts to secure car-free Healthy Saturdays. I moved to SF last yr. This will be my first time attending Burning Man. I look forward to contributing to the spirit of this camp and whatever else to make the camp smooth and fun. I am driving Sunday night or Monday. I can take others or stuff.

Great! How do we get in touch with you? (Or feel free to call the (415) phone #s below in the #Rideshare section.)

Donations from people not camping with us are:
Howard Cohen
Doug E Fresh
Carlos $ Jeanie

Fantastic Disco Ball from Craigslist. Check it out at http://www.cora.org/discoball.htm


OMG, that looks heavy. We're not planning on putting THAT disco ball 20' in the air, are we?
  • It looks bigger in the picture, but yes, we are putting it high above the rink. The light shines bright and will be seen from all over.

Lost and Found

  • I forgot a small fluorescent blacklight at camp - I'd strung it up over the table soccer tables. Anyone have it?
  • Where the hell did this tiny blacklight get in here. Maybe someone left it at BM 2006. Yep, I have it



Arrival and departure

Who's going up early? Folks going up early need to be registered with the BM organization and bring ID... Please list this info with your payment status.


Bottom line is that we rack up a hefty sum of expenses to prepare for our fun in the playa. A group of us decided at one of our shindigs that we would again this year (2007 *sic*) ask everyone who camps with us to contribute $75 to offset our expenses. This will minimize the amount of $$ we need to fundraise b/c past experience has shown that our fundraisers are a lot of work for little return.

  • Our expected major expenses include:
    • $ 400------gas to/from the playa for D's van and trailer with all the gear
    • $ 400------speakers, wires, adapters, MP3 player
    • $ 300------new skates for the playa
    • $ 100------300 BRRD buttons - printing
    • $ 150------Rope Lights
    • $ 95------Propane - 12 small canisters - 3 big containers
    • $ 130------Disco Ball and accessories
    • $ 40------Floresent paint and brushes for signs
    • $ 25------Materal for signs
    • $ 15------battery for hot water shower
    • $ 50------wide head screws for rink floor
    • $ 25------Duct Tape
    • $ 165-----Black Light fixtures and tubes
    • $ 20------metal angle brackets
    • $ 30------shrink wrap
    • $ 35------10 ft. 2x4's
    • $ 140------screws, sign materals, misc
    • $ 500------trailer for art car transport
    • $ 100------misc stuff

Total expences = $2,720.00

Total income so far = $2,165.00


Jeff has built a bar and is bringing lots (enough?) alcohol. Pix (via Jesus): BAR-IMG 2419.jp2.jpg BAR-COVER-IMG 2421.jpg BAR-TOP-IMG 2420.jpg

Nice bar! There'll be lots of bellying up here, i can tell! Great job, Jeff, and thanks for taking on this project. Hppytrls



Any news?

What's going up

Skate "rental" area lighting, duties, and Storage Rack

King Mojito is going to fabricate a nice skate storage rack to help keep the skates organized and make it easier for those wobbly late night burners to find their stuff after skating. "Paulenation" has offered to help and Dee has some plywood we can use. Last year, there were a couple of folks that really worked hard, long hours keeping the skates together-Thank You!(Mojito-brain has clouded my memory of exactly who, but I remember how hard they worked, I was moved). This will again be a critically important responsibility for several people to share.

This year, by order of King Mojito, the skate rental area will be well lit, user-friendly, organized, and yet still somehow cumbersome enough to prevent wholesale chaos on the disco floor during peak times.


I've got a few cans of WD-40 I can bring. -Jesus

thank God for jesus. And WD-40 -Robbo

Giant Skate and Disco Ball

Plan B: It's 2 1/2D, like an old-school football goal post made of 1 1/4" EMT, but with a cross bar on the top, and a couple of diagonal struts. -Robbojito

Rob, you mean like this? The lower post will buckle w/o tie-downs. -Jesus

No, silly son of Deity. Old-school goal posts look like a capital H, very solid. The bottom legs of the "H" would be staked to the ground and two angle braces will rake back away from the skate floor in defiance of those nasty shear forces. -King Mojito

Ah, better. That has fairly good odds of staying up for the week if no one knocks into it. -Jesus
If they knock, we'll just invite them in ;<)
Damn, I saw a 2" x 18' steel pole lying in the gutter in Berkeley a couple months back and was talking to Lenny about how I bet it would come in use for Burning Man! But I didn't know how to move or store it... -Jesus

                          |  |___
_________                _l_O___O|_
|   |   |                |   |    |
|   O   |                |   O    |
|       |                |        |
|       |                |        |
|       |                |        |
|       |                |        |
|       |                |        |
|       |                |________|
|       |                |\       |\
|       |                | \      | \
|_______|                |  \     |  \
    |                    |   \    |   \
    |                    |    \   |    \
    |                    |     \  |     \
    |                    |      \ |      \
    |                    |       \|       \
    |                    |       ||       |
    |                                   -KM-

Art Car - Status, A/C power issues

If we run the art car lighting as 12 volt DC direct from the battery,with no inverter, we will have much longer useful life, be able to get light even with the battery low, and can use common automotive lighting to be "street legal".-Robbo


We're placed in center camp / on the (biofuel-based) grid this year, which will mean we won't need to buy/bring generators or fuel!!!

Just pondering how cool it would be to have an (at least partially) clean-powered art car.

Solar: Big solar panels made for RVs go for around $5/W. That means a $8-900 panel (160-175W, here or here) would give us about 1/2 hour of runtime per day. Not very effective. Every place I could find unmounted cells, they were about 2wice the price of panels. I'll try to keep an eye out for deals.

Wind: One of these babies (400W, $800) could give us 1 1/2 - 2 Hr on a windy day. (Ooh - actually it's better than that. The wind blows all night. So maybe 3-4 Hr.)

My runtime estimates may be bogus. 5ish HP seems to be typical for golf carts, that's 3730W. I paid no attention to efficiency of the battery, motor, or DC-DC conversion. The motor should draw less than the peak power once the car is up to speed.

But whatever the precise numbers are, the fact remains that the wind unit would give us 6+ times the runtime for the same money.

Plus, it'd be F'ing cool to have a windmill on top of the car.

What if we had a sail for going downwind?

Hi, Christopher here. A sail would be cool, and as any experienced sailor knows, you can go upwind as well. Here's the bad news:

To provide enough power to move that size vehicle and several occupants, you'd need a REALLY tall mast and large sail area. Once you have that, you have a vehicle that WANTS to tip over due to insufficient width. To see what I mean, go to www.nalsa.org and see how some of the landsailers are oriented. Plus.... who wants to go cruising on a real windy day?

I spoke briefly with Robert about renting one of those huge generators that have to be towed. I think we need to bump up our power to the next level. This generator can be used to keep the art car charged as well as run the entire camp. I can be counted on to contibute substantially to this cost.


Maybe there is a company that would be interested in sponsoring our green art car at events and then we take it to Burning Man - nearly free?


Jesus' 2 cents: I doubt the problem was too little juice coming from the generators. I found a connection/short problem; the power strip would work in one of the plugs on the power cord with 3 plugs on the end, but not on another. With a power meter, we can identify the amount of power that each device draws, and not overload the system. It also shows if there's power or not, and other stuff... I've also done the calculation of how much power is lost in long extension cords; I'll dig that up. I've gone ahead and bought one. It works; anyone want to borrow it? I'll bring it to a Sunday or Midnight Rollers Sk8 if asked... It says "8 watts" or however many watts or current are being drawn, up to about 1800.

Freshie D says: As far as sail is concerned, I think that BRC has banned wind powered vehicles from within the playa travel maybe due to their lack of control of speed. Any thoughts of making a human powered art car??? I was thinking about making an art car myself, the travelling disco ball. I thought golf cart or lawn mower modified, but now I am thinking a modified pedal powered vehicle. Bring the disco all over the playa!!!


Campmates looking for or offering rides among each other. (See also: ePlaya)

'Garage' Tent

I don't expect to have room for my 10' x 20' white tent garage. If someone wants to transport it, they're welcome to; I'd be happy to split the space inside. It's in SF, I'd be happy to bring it to you in SF anytime. -Jesus (It looks like this: [[1]] ) It's great for keeping cool...

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Mikey (Mike Riddle)

...ride; got from Paulenation.

Paulenation offered a "ride to the Playa"

for one person with a "minimum" amount of gear and no bike (no room as I have two to transport). I will be leaving on Monday in the morning? Still not firm as to exact time.

Dan N

I am flexible on eaving SF on Sun night or early Monday. I have room for one or maybe two people if packing light. I can only take people one-way so you'll need to ride back with others.

Camp Layout

The BRRD will be at :The Esplanade at Evolution Size:100 ft x 300 ft Sector:_______

We're limiting the # of campers this year at 35 burners. We have limited space so please be mindful of that as you make your plans - so, keep it tight! We're mapping out a layout plan that Dan posted below and folks can play with. If you plan on hauling out one of those big mother RV's, you have to sign up in advance to make sure we have the space for your big ol' butt.

LAST YEAR's camp map: Discocamp.gif

We need tarps, carpet, and couches. (preferably light-weight)

The layout above is just the general idea, not the end all.

It's special fabric for gardens that is the shit - lets in light, but keeps out the heat.


Should we have a communal kitchen that everyone contributes to? Who would prefer to do their own thing? Anyone have special food needs? (vegetarian, etc.) Perhaps breakfast and dinner be communal, and lunch not?

   Can someone bring an electric griddle (like we had in the past)?  (hppytrls)

Are you bringing a meal to feed the camp? Are you bringing any kitchen equipment, condiments, spices, plates, silverware. Lets get an idea on what we are bringing to make it easier on everyone. Top section for kitchen stuff, second section for communal meals.

Dan and Jenny will do a group b-fast (eggs & potatoes) and 1-2 lunches (pesto pasta, burgers) for the camp. We will also bring our large coffee maker as in past years. Pls bring your own coffee condiments, although I have fake cream. We're bringing the sandwich maker again too, so feel free to bring coldcuts, cheese, and bread if you'd like to use and make hot sandwiches.

Jenny applied to register our camp in the compost program and will be the compost police occifer for our camp.

I liked last year when we had communal meals and everyone chose a night to cook for the camp. It seemed to bring the camp together more, and isn't that the BM spirit: sharing.
I can bring condiments (ketchup, mustard) and coffee and tea. Plus lots of snacks. I'll also pack a medium sized pot w/ lid and a small saute pan, spatula and wooden spoon for the communal kitchen.
And in the spirit of the theme "green man", whatya say we all do our part and bring our own dishes/cups/water bottles/silverware and reduce and reuse. sound good?
- hppytrls (aka barrie, aka tinkerbell)
Great, thanks. I'll be bringing thin paper plates again, to burn after use (and paper bags for burnables). Shipping wash water there and back is probably about as environmentally costly. (If you're ok with dirty dishes, great! - That's probably the best for the environment!) I'll also be bringing _____ <TBD>. -Jesus

Cybill is will provide one hot meal( burgers) and several cold salads: cous-cous, asian noodle, south western bean and corn.

--- I really enjoyed the communal feel of the kitchen and spending breakfast getting to know everyone. I plan on bring a couple days of bacon and eggs (with salsa and cheese) and other breakfast stuff for the camp as I know I am always there and awake for breakfast since my ice shift is right after. I am also planning on purchasing a 10x10 gazebo like shade shelter that I was hoping could be put to use for the kitchen to keep cooking a little more away from the elements. I might need to pick up some fabric for walls though or does anyone have about 40x10 feet (4 10x10 peices) worth of something. For kitchen equipment I can defiantly bring a two burner gas camp stove, a small electric "indoor" grill (not griddle) and a small cast iron pan. I can bring large pots and even a wok if desired/needed. - Toi Box ---

Afterburn Report


Information about this page. This page can be found at http://www.rollerdisco.elvey.com and http://http://www.bluwiki.org/go/BlackRockRollerDisco . D will be setting up a webforward so www.cora.org/rollerdisco redirects here too. Keep in mind that this page is public. Anyone on the Internet can find and change it, and it's already been indexed by google (first hit for "BlackRockRollerDisco").

Don't forget to refresh your memory from the survival guide/make sure you've got all essentials. The burning man web site is full of great info/tips.


Thanks to Odio for the Wiki.

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