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Previous years' organizing pages: BlackRockRollerDisco2008, BlackRockRollerDisco2007, and BlackRockRollerDisco2006, which include the complete page editing history.

This page is for the evolution of Burning Man 2009. This year the Black Rock Roller Disco will be located on Evolution (the Ring Road @ Center Camp) at 7:15.

I copied the page from [the beginning of '08]. Next, some major editing is needed, and some scavenging for anything good from the last version of '08.

Hello, and welcome, fellow campmates, to the Black Rock Roller Disco wiki page for camp organizing. What is a wiki, how do you use it? This a web page you can edit! Just click on the edit tab, above! Look at this page to understand. -Jesus (a.k.a. Elvey)


We are now preparing for Burning Man 2010. The Black Rock Roller Disco will be located at 2:30 on the Esplanade. Our neighbors will be Disorient and the Opulent Temple. This is a high traffic area and big time party zone, just like I like it!!! This promises to be a very exciting year as it will be the 10th year for the GodFather. Our area is about 150 ft. by 250 ft., much larger than what we had last year. We're not on the grid like we have been for the past few years, but we have great generators and are prepared for everything.

The purpose of this page is to help us self-organize, so we can have a great camp. Hopefully this wiki page will require less organization effort (i.e. 'leadership') than other methods, since anyone in the camp can edit the page directly, updating it with relevant info. This is intended only for people who have joined the camp. I'd prefer if folks sign in before making edits to this page. Create a login (ideally, your playa name, though I'm breaking that rule) and use it.

Returning visitors to this page

Elliot got folks emails, but some of them didn't come through. The following bounce (trailing bit removed to frustrate harvesters)

  • <jenniferchilds@earth...
  • <dancemoressue@gma...
  • <leapeatatte@ya...
  • <plphantom5657@ya...

Anyone have corrections, please contact me. -Jesus

Bulletin Board

For sending messages to the camp/people you don't have contact info for. For sending messages from the playa to people who haven't arrived yet. (But consider whether the mailing list would be a better way to communicate!)

Main Section

Here we keep track of vitals for each camp member. Let's try to keep things in a consistent format:

  1. Start with your playa name, surrounded by two equals signs on each side. Pay status (not authoritative).
  2. Your expected arrival-departure times, in MonAM (i.e. sometime Monday morning) format.
  3. In general, DON'T put your email address here; it'll get harvested and spammed, and we should all have each other's email addresses already; phone #'s are somewhat safer.
  4. Everyone's required to be responsible for making several major contributions. Examples: Being D, Arriving early to help with setup, and feed the camp once. Also helps: contributing to the bar, helping at fundraisers, providing communal equipment...
  5. What else should we track here? Oh, yeah, include all the major stuff you're planning to bring that you'll make available to campmates - for example, a toolbox, generator, shade, coffee maker, waffle iron, spices, stuff for providing big meals, a keg, ... Indicate how certain you are to bring the thing - e.g. definitely - count on me....planning to...considering...could be asked to bring..... No need to mention the stuff everyone needs to bring that's mentioned in the Survival Guide.
  6. Please add a photo of yourself. (optional) (If you added one last year, look in the history to copy it back over here. If your image comes up too big (Brooke) don't worry. Anyone who cares will fix it, or ask Jesus.)
    • Go here to find your entry from last year if you want to copy it and/or your picture.

Paid folks followed by unpaid folks, alphabetically:

Jesus (probably early arrival)

Toi Box ( paid )

  • Transportation - Coming in with a crew from sf
  • Expected arrival: Wed August 25th - Early Arrival through Arctica
  • Expected departure: Monday midday
  • Bringing:
  • Tent
  • Don't have the Camp Kitchen but I have a tables small butane stove
  • Roller Derby, Roller Derby, Roller Derby - The girl will be throwing down Thursday at dusk as usual


Lounger6small.jpg Yurt CAD1 1.jpg

  • Transportation - 1969 Wagon coming from San Jose, CA(arriving approx Sun. Aug. 29, 2010
  • Expected arrival: Early AM Monday ( as close to midnight as possible)
  • Expected departure: Monday mid-day
  • Bringing:
  • HexaYurt (one piece foldout!)
  • Trailer
  • Self Balancing Scooter
  • Bicycle
  • Camp Chairs ( 2 )
  • Personal Skates


  • Transportation - Prius coming from San Jose, CA(arriving approx Sun. Aug. 31, 2009
  • Expected arrival: Early AM Monday ( as close to midnight as possible)
  • Expected departure: Monday mid-day
  • Bringing:
  • Tent
  • Camp Chairs ( 2 )
  • Personal Skates
  • Bicycle
King and Queen Mojito

King Mojito

  • Transportation: "Dotty" our Classic '77 American Clipper loaded to the gills with fun, adventure, and my lovely Queen
  • Expected arrival: Late-ass on Friday (Early Arrival)
  • Expected departure: Temple Burn
  • Bringing: The Full Mojito Scene, and it's a mean chili bean!, tools, spare parts, Battery Charger, blender,our favorite skates, and the whole Mojito Lounge.

Saucy/Sacha (Paid)

  • Transportation: Driving from SF with Dan.
  • Expected arrival: Saturday or Sunday- early arrival if possible, if not, will arrive Monday mid-morning, after a good sleep.
  • Expected departure: Monday afternoon

I have an extra mister sprayer that is perfect for use in the kitchen when washing dishes and will bring extra camp chairs for the common area. I will also bring some paper plates for the kitchen, I will bring some shower gel for the shower for people to use, not sure what else, but will check in to see what is needed. I will also have extra costume type stuff, so if you need some sparkle on the playa, just ask. Can't wait to see you all!

DAN (unpaid)

  • Transportation: Driving from SF with Sacha.
  • Expected arrival: With Sacha. See above.

Laura Expected transport - something big. Expected arrival - 8/31.

D. Miles Jr. - The GodFather of Skating (arriving on Sun. Aug. 23, 2009)


Hi Everyone,

I have already registered the Black Rock Roller Disco for 2009. The info is posted at http://www.cora.org/BlackRockRollerDisco2009.html There were offers for us to merge our camp with other camps and villages, but the consensus was to keep the BRRD as its' own camp. We will be making some improvements on our shade structure and lounge area as well as enlarging the size of the roller rink.

The camp fees for the Black Rock Roller Disco camp are $75 per person. This is the same as last year, but there are some changes. I will be arriving on the playa on Sunday, Aug. 23, 2009. Anyone that plans to leave the camp going home on or before noon on Sunday, Sept. 6 Sept. will have to pay an additional $25 or agree to take a load of garbage with them.

My goal this year is to have the skate floor and shade structure built and ready to roll by Thursday, Aug. 27. Camp building is very hard work and I want to have some time to just relax and watch BRC come alive. I also want to throw a party for the people before Burning Man opens to the BRC public.

If you are planning to camp with us, please sign into the WIKI. Those of you that have never been to BM really need to do the research so you can be prepared and we are here to help you.

We hate to set deadlines, but we need folks to get their $$ in so we can start buying shit in advance. Aug. 16, 2009 is the deadline to get in your $75 contribution to the camp. You can make your payment in cash or check or PayPal. If you have a paypal account, you can send the $75 to D. online at Sk8GodFather@earthlink.net. click here to PayPal D $75 Otherwise, send it by mail to D. Miles at 830 26th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121.

Get yourselves ready for the best Burning Man experience ever!!!!!

Keep Rollin',

D. Miles Jr. The GodFather of Sk8 http://www.cora.org http://www.skatinplace.com http://www.SkateGoldenGate.com


We are planning a big roller disco fundraiser on Friday, July 17, 2009. We expect to raise $1,000. This will help in our expenses. Bottom line is that we rack up a hefty sum of expenses to prepare for our fun in the playa. A group of us decided at one of our shindigs that we would again this year ask everyone who camps with us to contribute $75 to offset our expenses. This will minimize the amount of $$ we need to fundraise b/c past experience has shown that our fundraisers are a lot of work for little return.

  • Our expected major expenses include:
    • $ 400 gas to/from the playa for D's van and trailer and setup equipment
    • $ 300 alcohol for the bar
    • $ 100 shade structure improvements
    • $ 350 disco lights, rope lights & black lights
    • $ 400 masonite, plywood sheets & waterproofing
    • $ 60 500 BRRD buttons - printing
    • $ 150 http://www.fatwallet.com/top-deals/asus-701sd-netbook-linux/ - D: good idea for music? -Jesus

  • Our expected income includes:
    • $1,875 $75 x 25 members

Projected funds = $1,875

  • Our actual income so far: $1,050
    • $ 10 people have paid $75.00 each Some donated extra.

Total income = $1,050.00



What's going up

Early arrivals

1.D. Miles 2.Daniel 3.Cherly Dunn 4.Christopher paypal $75 5.Don Norris paypal $75 6.Robert Wurgaft 7.Lorena Wurgaft 8.Patrick Noon paypal $200 9.Matthew Elvey 10.Tim Kramer

Other Campers

11.Katie Philson 12.Mike Byorkland 13.Bill Fuduka check $75 14.Diea Anzara paypal $75 15.Laura Robinson 16.Alastar Johns paypal $75 17.Sue B check $75 18.Elliot Johnson cash $75 19.Dan Tien 20.Sacha check $75 21.Kyle Thomas check $75 22.Paul Isaacs check $75 23.Katie Chaney check $75 24.Barrie Hartman check $100 25.Toy box paypal $75 26.Suzanne paypal $75 27.Kat Parkin paypal $75 28.Capello Casey paypal $75 29.Devin Mills paypal $75 30.Mike Phillips paypal $75 31.Natasha Seedorf paypal $75 32.Mc Guyver 33.Don 35.Lea Pea

Art Car - Status

  • The Soul Train was the hippest trip on the playa in 2008. Christopher is bringing it back in 2009 and will be adding an extra car to take on passengers.

Unfortunately I ran out of time and money again, so I'll have just the Soul Train. Fortunately, the lower part will be more rider friendly because the generators will be located in the front of the train, so no worries about breathing in generator exhaust. I'll still be able to take many people to The Man on the night of the burn.


Campmates looking for or offering rides among each other. (See also: ePlaya)

Not sure exactly how I'm getting there yet, but hoping to have a RV or tow a large trailer. I need someone capable of sharing the driving on either large and cumbersome vehicle. Hoping to leave bay area 8/30 or 8/31. Laura

Camp Layout

The BRRD will be located on Evolution (the Ring Road around Center Camp) @ 7:15 The area is about 100 ft x 200 ft

We're limiting the # of campers this year at 30 burners. We have limited space so please be mindful of that as you make your plans - so, keep it tight! We're mapping out a layout plan that Dan posted below and folks can play with. If you plan on hauling out one of those big mother RV's, you have to sign up in advance to make sure we have the space for your big ol' butt. Discocamp.gif

We need tarps, carpet, and couches. (preferably light-weight)

The layout above is just the general idea, not the end all.

It's special fabric for gardens that is the shit - lets in light, but keeps out the heat.


Let's have a fairly informa communal kitchen that everyone contributes to again? Who would prefer to do their own thing? Anyone have special food needs? (vegetarian, etc.) Expect that, like last year, there will be communal meals most, but not all the time.

QUESTION: If we volunteer to make some meals, how many people should we assume we are cooking for?
Anyone who cooked last year keep count of how many mouths they fed per meal? The better your food, the more folks'll eat, but extra food is annoying. I wasn't paying attention, but I'd guess it was well under 35. -Jesus
Keep in mind, the kitchen/meal prep has been and IMO should be pretty informal; everyone should bring some food for themselves for if they miss a meal, the chef(s) flake, food runs out, they want to take something with them, etc. -Jesus

Are you bringing a meal to feed the camp? Are you bringing any kitchen equipment, condiments, spices, plates, silverware. Lets get an idea on what we are bringing to make it easier on everyone. Top section for kitchen stuff, second section for communal meals.

Afterburn Report

See the mailing list archives.


Information about this page. This page can be found at http://www.rollerdisco.elvey.com and http://http://www.bluwiki.org/go/BlackRockRollerDisco . D will be setting up a webforward so www.cora.org/rollerdisco redirects here too. D set up a http://www.cora.org/BlackRockRollerDisco2009.html, which links here too. Keep in mind that this page is public. Anyone on the Internet can find and change it, and it's already been indexed by google (first hit for "BlackRockRollerDisco").

Don't forget to refresh your memory from the survival guide/make sure you've got all essentials. The burning man web site is full of great info/tips.


Thanks to Odio for the Wiki.

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