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Black Angus Coupons

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Company History

Black Angus Steakhouse prides themselves is providing premium, aged Angus beef to the consumers of the restaurant. The premium beef is seasoned and grilled to perfection in an open flame. The steaks are seared to the connoisseur’s preferences.

The restaurant served its first customer in 1964 under the leadership of Stuart Anderson in Washington. The first restaurant was located in a remodeled hotel, but the restaurant's atmosphere evolved over time.

Black Angus restaurant is award winning. It is one of the most kid friendly restaurants in America according to Opentable diner’s Choice Award. The restaurant is also suitable for large gatherings and special occasions. Many years, the Black Angus Steakhouse has won awards for the best steakhouse in Los Angeles, best desserts and the best steaks in 2010. Consumers can be confident that they will receive a quality meal from this popular steakhouse.

The server staff is high energy and eager to serve. The entire experience will be pleasant from the moment the patron enters the door to the moment your entrée is served. This is a wonderful place for an intimate dinner or a large social gathering.


This particular restaurant serves five different cuts of beef. From filet mignon to top sirloin, Black Angus Restaurant will provide succulent beef that will tempt the taste buds.

Black Angus

Center Cut Filet Mignon – This cut of beef is lean and has a fine grain texture.

Ribeye – Ribeye is a tender cut of beef. The flavor is prominent in this particular cut of beef.

Top Sirloin – This cut of beef is lean, but also extremely flavorful and tantalizing to the tastebuds.

Prime Rib – Prime rib is one of the most tender and succulent cuts of beef provided to consumers.

Center Cut New York Strip – This is a popular choice for connoisseurs that enjoy texture, flavor and a tender cut of beef.

The restaurant not only serves steak, but also fresh caught seafood such as prawns, fried shrimp, and salmon. Chicken, salads and sandwiches are also a part of this extensive menu. Side entrees are also offered as a complement to the meal.

Sauteed green beans, loaded baked potatoes with bacon are each offered to assist guests. The restaurant allows guests to select any two of the side dishes offered.

The menu also features Southwestern items such as steak quesadilla and other popular items.

Guests may look forward to monthly food and drink specials. Drinks may be as low as $3 during their coveted Happy Hours.

Guests may enjoy wine by the glass or a classic martini. Depending upon your desires, popular libations may be selected from the menu.

Popular Locations

Black Angus Steakhouse serves patrons in over 40 locations across the nation. The restaurants are primarily located in Southwestern states such as: Hawaii, Washington, California, Arizona, Alaska and New Mexico. Each restaurant make accommodate as many as 3000 guests per week.

The menus are fairly consistent across the nation. Guest can expect the same level of grilled perfection and freshness regardless of the location.

Inside the restaurant, patrons can enjoy free wifi in the bars, sporting events on the flat screen televisions and sports packages for large gatherings.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available in numerous denominations to assist consumers in the award-winning cuisine available at Black Angus Steakhouse. Most orders will ship within the next business day.

Prime Club

Patrons may receive a free dessert or a free steak dinner on your birthday by joining the Prime Club. On your first birthday after registering for membership, you will receive a birthday steak dinner for free. Club membership requires registration. The updates are periodically mailed to the email address provided.

Ultimate Coupons

Ultimate coupon offers coupons to consumers that are redeemable for free desserts, discounted Happy Hour drinks and appetizers or other free items on the menu. The number of coupons offered varies from time to time.

Black Angus Coupons

Coupons are often found on the restaurant’s website. Guests may enjoy between 15% and 20% on their first visit to Black Angus Steakhouse or on select entrees. Combination platters are often the most economical meals that offer the most variety for the cost.

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