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Black White Society

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Black White Society is a short independent film produced by Jinix Entertainment in 2006, in collaboration with VGOC. It stars Ken Jin, Jiajia Sun, Michael Zhang, and Victor Li. It is set in modern Beijing, but filmed entirely in Saskatoon, and portrays the aftermath of the death of a mafia ring leader and his three sons' struggle for power. It is one of VGOC's most successful theatrical works to date.


To select roles for the film, mini-auditions were held to see the appropriateness of each actor to each role.


The film was shot entirely in Ken Jin's house, with some stock footage from a Hong Kong action film to demonstrate the scene where the "father" presumably died at the beginning of the film.

Filming was completed with Ken Jin's digital home camera.


Set in Beijing, China in 2007, mafia leader (who is known simply as the "father") dies from an apparent police raid, which sees police surrounding a warehouse, where the father presumably had no escape. Second brother (Jiajia Sun) receives this news. He promptly informs Third Brother (Ken Jin) at the family house. Third Brother then remarks that it's good the "old man [his father]" had died, and talks about First Brother now taking power in the mafia. It is revealed both brothers feel First Brother is inadequate to be leader of the mafia because of his good nature and rigid ethical behaviour.

First brother (Michael Zhang), the heir presumptive, assumes power after his father's death, and is shown telling his servant (Victor Li) to expect rewards when he gains power. His servant prostrates and thanks First Brother. The scene is interrupted by Second Brother and Third Brother arriving to pledge allegiance to First Brother on his new leadership role. The two younger brothers then ask First Brother permission to temporarily borrow his servant because of his skills in tea-making. In his naivete, First Brother assumes that this is for good reasons, and graciously offers the servant to his two younger brothers.

At Second Brother's den, the servant is called upon to serve his two new masters. The servant routinely asks whether the two brothers want black tea, green tea, or jasmine tea. Second brother says they don't want any of the choices presented, but alludes to a "dark tea". The servant is dumbfounded and doesn't know what to do. He is subsequently coerced into using this dark tea because of a bribe of significant amounts. Once the servant leaves to get the tea, the two brothers reveal that they do not plan on keeping the servant.

The scene returns to First Brother's living room, where he is seen reading an English newspaper on world news. The servant brings the "dark tea" to an unsuspecting First Brother, and almost stumbles in his delivery to what kind of tea it is. First Brother then drinks the tea, and then is quickly poisoned. He then dies.


The film has been accused of being racist towards Russians.

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