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Block quote

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If you're quoting more than one sentence, it's often easier to read if it is set off in a block quote section. This indents the quoted text, surrounds it with a black box and a gray background. It can also be used for shorter quotes, or other text that you just want to set off by itself. You must post in "Auto Format" or "HTML Formatted" mode for this to work.

Before your quoted text, enter the tag: <div class="blockquote">

After your quoted text, enter the tag: </div>

For example:

<div class="blockquote">Leading authorities agree that lengthy quotations are better treated as a block quote. It's easier to read that way.</div>

(Because this FAQ uses slightly different formatting than the actual McCovey Chronicles site, the actual display can't be easily reproduced here; however, examples are easy to find in Grant's front page postings, such as this one.)

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